2009-10 Best Premier League Players and Managers

During the past few weeks, over 58,000 soccer fans from around the world voted in the 2009-10 EPL Awards, a readers choice awards competition that recognizes the best in Premier League football — everything from players and managers to podcasts, blogs, commentators and TV shows of the 2009-2010 season.

Drum roll, please. Here are the winners of the 2009-10 EPL Awards in the general categories of best players and managers:

2009-10 Best EPL Striker

  • Best EPL Striker: Wayne Rooney
  • Runner-up: Robin van Persie
  • Editor’s Choice: Didier Drogba

2009-10 Best EPL Midfielder

  • Best EPL Midfielder: Cesc Fabregas
  • Runner-up: Frank Lampard
  • Editor’s Choice: Cesc Fabregas

2009-10 Best EPL Defender

  • Best EPL Defender: Thomas Vermaelen
  • Runner-up: Michael Dawson
  • Editor’s Choice: Thomas Vermaelen

2009-10 Best EPL Goalkeeper

  • Best EPL Goalkeeper: Heurelho Gomes
  • Runner-up: Joe Hart
  • Editor’s Choice: Heurelho Gomes

2009-10 Best EPL Manager

  • Best EPL Manager: Arsene Wenger
  • Runner-up: Harry Redknapp
  • Editor’s Choice: Harry Redknapp

2009-10 Most Improved EPL Manager

  • Most Improved EPL Manager: Harry Redknapp
  • Runner-up: Roy Hodgson
  • Editor’s Choice: Roy Hodgson

2009-10 Worst EPL Manager

  • Worst EPL Manager: Rafael Benitez
  • Runner-up: Brian Laws
  • Editor’s Choice: Rafael Benitez

2009-10 Best Player Of The Year

  • Best EPL Player Of The Year: Wayne Rooney
  • Runner-up: Cesc Fabregas
  • Editor’s Choice: Wayne Rooney

2009-10 Best Young Player Of The Year

  • Best EPL Young Player Of The Year: Alex Song
  • Runner-up: Gareth Bale
  • Editor’s Choice: Gareth Bale

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who voted in the awards. As you can see from the above list, the Arsenal supporters were out in full force and helped their players and manager win several awards.

14 thoughts on “2009-10 Best Premier League Players and Managers”

  1. Not a bad selection, best manager though Arsene Wenger, I think some of the voters may have been having a collective laugh.

    Harry Redknapp, Owen Coyle (did the business at both clubs) and Alex Mcleish are far better candidates, I also think Gareth Bale has eclipsed Alex Song.

    Robin Van Persie, runner up for best striker, he started the season well but was out for most of the campaign, stop being ridiculous, Drogba, Bent and Zamora had better seasons than Van Persie.

    I sense a little bit of Arsenal bias in the voting

  2. Seems like there were a bunch of Arsenal fans voting here…. Young Player and Manager???

    Other than that it looks pretty good. Always good to see what other people think.

  3. Drogba was best player and best striker. Drogba scored more league goals in fewer games and isn’t Chelsea’s penalty kicker compared to Rooney in both cases. Drogs also comes back to defend. Drogba is a total footballer.

      1. Yeah, there it is!

        Is the Rooney bias just because he’s English, or does it have something to do with the impending WC competition? Or is it racist? It’s been really confusing to me all season to see the way “analysts” gush over Rooney and pretty much ignore Drogba.

        Let me say, I think Rooney has been a fantastic striker this season, and responded well to critics who claimed that United were going to miss Renaldo. He certainly brought his game to a new level – but I think Drogba played at that same level this season, and even a little better. No disrespect meant to Rooney.

  4. Agree with most picks except best goalkeeper. Gomes has been terrific for Spurs but Pepe Reina has been even better in my opinion. Without him Liverpool would have ended up below 10th. There are only 2 goalkeepers in the world better than Reina, Casillas and Buffon.

    1. Fair play to Arsenal supporters. There’s definitely a lot of solidarity between them — much more so than supporters of other clubs online.

      The Gaffer

  5. Like it or not, we will always support our players and manager through thick and thin. We got out the vote and we wanted to win at least something this season. Most of these selections deserve their votes.Our team was as good as any team when we had the freedom to choose from our whole roster of players. But we had injuries and that is why we did not win the league. We spend much less than Chelsea, United, Spurs, Liverpool, and City and we have faced many long-term injuries, but our Manager has still done well. We have managed to go far in the champions league, came back and drew against Barcelona and were still a few points from first at the start of April. Alex Song was the most improved of all the players in his category and has really been a strong holding midfielder, one of the best in the premier league this season. He is only 22. Thomas Vermalean has been an instant success and there is no other transfer that has improved a team as much this season. Cesc Fabregas has had an amazing season. He is our dynamo general and has about 20 goals from midfield this campaign. Robin Van Persie has the best touch to goals/assists ratio in the premier league. When healthy he is the best striker in England, talent-wise. With our endless list of injuries, comparatively small transfer budget, our being in contention for the champions league and premier league so late into the season, Arsene Wenger is truly one of the best Managers in the world, every season. Dealing with so many injuries, a small budget, and being successful at finding new talent to sign and making nameless names heroes overnight, he has proven that he is a great manager. To the younger generation of supporters, he is modern-day Arsenal and without him there would not be a new 60,000 stadium(expandable to 100,000), one of the best training facilities in the world, and champions league football every year. He is arguably bigger than the team. We may be biased, but we will always support our team, our manager, and our players. That is what all fans should do.

    1. Your comment supports a claim that Arsenal is one of the best clubs overall, but it does not support claims that Fabregas and Wenger were the best at their respective roles in THIS season. There’s no doubt RVP and Wenger are one of the best, but the intended awards were for this season, not awards for who “I think is the best or my favorite”. If Rooney played for only half the season, I’m sure he wouldn’t have won the best striker award.

  6. Roy Hodgson loses out to Redknapp? Yes, Big Harry did a good job but look at the variance in quality between those two sides. What Hodgson did with almost nothing (Bobby Zamora FFS) is way more impressive than a guy who let Darren Bent go for lack of playing time.

    Agree about Benitez, though. As a Liverpool fan, he was godawful this year.

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