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Inter Milan 2010/2011 Nike away shirt

130617 Inter Milan 2010/2011 Nike away shirt

The white shirt for next season with "Il Biscione" on the left side

After winning the scudetto, the Inter Milan players decided to celebrate in the 2010/2011 away shirt, giving a sneak peek of the new shirt by Nike much to the joy of the Inter supporters. On the Inter Milan site it says that the away shirt will be available monday May 17th (tomorrow) in all Nike stores, specialized resellers, and at

The design of the shirt is very much based around “Il Biscione”, or the big snake, one of Inter Milan’s main symbols. It is represented along the left side crawling up the waist up to the left shoulder where the head resides. “Il Biscione” was interpreted with a modern look created through the graffiti or tattoo like representation of the historical snake. The rest of the shirt is relatively straightforward, white base with the “Pirelli” sponsor logo in black. The Nike swoosh is blue on the right side and the Inter Milan crest is on the left side. The design will appeal to some, but others may find it strange and maybe ugly.

While the design is something new, it’s not the only thing that has changed, Nike has now introduced low environmental impact shirts which are completely made with recycled polyester, obtained from the plastic of 8 water bottles. This not only helps reduce environmental impact, but it also cuts energy consumption by up to 30%. The Nike dri-fit fabric is now 13% lighter than the previous edition and allows for sweat to rapidly evaporate and keep the players dry along with ventilation areas along the side of the shirt and near the waist keep the players cool.

What do you think about the new shirt? Love or hate the design? What do you think about the technological advancements regarding the shirt? Be sure to comment below.

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0 Responses to Inter Milan 2010/2011 Nike away shirt

  1. John says:

    I like it

  2. free bet says:

    Love it, they should have used it in the Sunday game ;)

    • I think so too, AC Milan unveiled their new shirt last season by using it in their final game, but I guess they just wanted us to catch a small sneak peek by celebrating in it.

  3. andrew says:

    i gonna buy it !

  4. Ayepp says:

    what a nice dragon!!!

  5. Samuel spaho says:

    Ae ae ae
    Ae ae milan

  6. Samuel spaho says:

    Milan the best
    Time inter no best time

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