Chelsea v Portsmouth, FA Cup Final: Open Thread

Football - Portsmouth v Chelsea Barclays Premier League

In what is the last big match of the 2009-10 season featuring two Premier League teams, the FA Cup Final from Wembley is always a special occasion especially today with two amazing story lines featuring the rags of Portsmouth against the riches of Chelsea.

Can Chelsea win the double or can Portsmouth somehow find a way to beat the Premier League champions? The game has all the markings of a classic final if only it can be close. We can hope.

Join in the debate about the game in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Chelsea v Portsmouth, FA Cup Final: Open Thread”

  1. These old FA Cup videos were fascinating.

    As a new footy fan, Ive been curious about how the game has evolved. Id love to see match film from 1900 -1930! Yet, it’s the great atmosphere that struck me.

    Is that what it was like when football was a workingman’s sport? Im about to watch the FA Cup finals, so I’ll compare the energy levels vis a vis the old crowds. Does Portsmouth have a chance?

  2. If I was in the business of making predictions I would be a very, very poor man. Or maybe I’d be a wealthy banker!
    I’m predicting 4-1 in favor of Chelsea. Begrudgingly. I’d love to see a classic upset; this one would trump any that I can immediately think of.
    Were Portsmouth to win is there any comparison that could be drawn that would reflect how massive an upset it would be?
    On another note, there’s a pub near where I live that never opens early for matches even though I and others have come close to begging at times. They’re opening up today for the FA cup final! I’ll be watching the match at home, but really? This does not promise to be a very competitive match. Maybe they’re all Chelsea fans. Maybe they’re all elderly and scoffing my youthful irreverence for the FA Cup. There were so many exciting matches this last season that I would have loved to have caught early Saturday morning w/ a frosty pint for breakfast. Why this one?
    Next year in Jerusalem. COYS!

    PS: cheers to the podcast squad, the season review was a good listen, thanks for humoring my Spurs-related questions. My mornings are missing something now. It’s you fools!!!

  3. I’m new to the game as well, but I’m gradually becoming addicted to this sport. I’ve been reading every book and watching everything I can these last few weeks in preparation for the World Cup. I love it!

    As for this game, I don’t see any way that Chelsea falls. I don’t expect a 8-0 beatdown like they put on Wigan, but I do expect a convincing victory.

    Should be an awesome game!

  4. I’m hoping for a Chelsea 7-0 Pompey demolition for the Blues…but my prediction is Chelsea 3-0 Pompey.

    1. I equate to Wembley pitch to Ledley King: you can only play it once a week before it turns to rubbish. Hehehe…

      1. Yeah they were talking about Cole on the TV when I was typing, and I just realized I typed his name instead of Kalou. My mistake.

  5. Portsmouth riding the lightning of good luck right now, but a heroic first half performance, all the same. I’d like to see Papa withdrawn and put Belhadj wide left, get some pace to challenge Ivanovic down that flank. I think Chelsea are susceptible to Pompey’s speed

    Mokoena’s been incredible so far. I definitely fear Finnan in defence on the right. Anelka, Cole and Malouda will most likely fuel a second half goal, if they can avoid the woodwork.

    Can Kanu as a second half sub be our FA Cup hero once again?

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