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World Cup 2010 Fantasy Football: Sign Up Today

world cup fantasy challenge World Cup 2010 Fantasy Football: Sign Up Today

Today marks the launch of EPL Talk’s World Cup 2010 Fantasy Football game which it’s free to register and you have the opportunity to win big cash prizes.

The concept is simple. Pick your best 11 from the 32 competing teams and see how they do in the 2010 World Cup. And then enter a public league so you can compete against 11 soccer fans from around the world. Thankfully this is one of those competitions where you can pick and choose any players for your eleven rather than limiting yourself to certain players to fit into a certain budget.

There are four levels of competition to choose from. You can practice and play for free. But if you have the skill to win, why not play in a competition to win some cash? When you’re ready to play in the competition, you can sign up for the silver level at $29.99, you’ll be eligible to win up to $240 if you beat your 10 opponents in the competition. When you sign up for the gold level at $99.99, the winner will get up to $800. And, if you decide to sign up for the platinum level at $199.99, you can win up to $1600 for coming in first place among your group.

This is definitely one of those games where you’ve got an opportunity to make some serious money. Plus there’ll be an iPhone application coming soon so you can play the World Cup fantasy game on your phone.

As you can see from the above picture, the graphics are sleek and the game is easy to understand and use.

There are plenty of other features too such as the ability to follow fantasy scores live. Plus you can build a new team through each round.

Register today for free to join EPL Talk’s World Cup 2010 Fantasy Football Challenge!

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10 Responses to World Cup 2010 Fantasy Football: Sign Up Today

  1. [OPTI]Madschester United says:

    Hi Gaffer,
    not to be a buzz kill, but the 3 non-free Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are poorly structured. In all levels the reward is 8 times the cost.

    The chance of winning either level is about the same so why would anyone spend more than 30 dollars (for Silver level)?

    Spend 30 – win 240
    Spend 100 – win 800
    Spend 200 – win 1600

    If someone truly had 200 to play with it would make MUCH MORE SENSE to spend 30*6 = 180 dollars on 6 separate Silver teams and compete in six leagues.

    It would make more sense if:
    Spend 30 – win 210 (7 times cost)
    Spend 100 – win 800 (8 times cost)
    Spend 200 – win 1800 (9 times cost)

    Now there is a financial incentive for someone to spend 200 over 30.

    Just wondering.

    Good luck!

  2. Allen says:


    Could we do an EPLTalk league on the official FIFA World Cup site? The above costs money and we could do one with the FIFA/Coca-Cola site fo’ free.

  3. Gaz says:

    Great, great idea!

    Any chance of doing this for the 2010-2011 EPL?

  4. patrick hogan says:


  5. wezza8 says:

    this website is really good its better than any other website

  6. mohammed says:

    hello i want to join a team please

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