Leonardo leaves AC Milan

AC Milan and coach Leonardo part company

It was recently confirmed that AC Milan and the Brazilian coach Leonardo will part, while in the press conference Leonardo was calm and seemed happy with his decision, it’s strange to see the young manager leave so quickly.

AC Milan have an aging squad, but within the team there are three young stars to build upon: the first is Alexandre Pato, the young Brazilian striker, the second is Thiago Silva, the promising center-back, and the third would be Leonardo. But with recent rumors and news, it seems like AC Milan don’t care about their future. Pato is rumored to leave for Real Madrid and Thiago Silva could go with him, and these rumors are circulating while Leonardo is resigning.

The press conference was strange, Leonardo along with the AC Milan sporting director Adriano Galliani both said it was a consensual decision by both the coach and the team. And as Leonardo leaves the rossoneri bench, he leaves a hole which will be difficult to replace. While Van Basten’s name has been circulating around, the most possible replacement is Filippo Galli, who is already a coach at the club and should be cheap for Berlusconi.

And so the Milan circus continues, no set plan, no promising future, and a penny-pinching president all remain for next season as the club prepares to play Juventus on the final day of Serie A.

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