Unlucky Everton Fall Short Once Again

Football - Everton v Portsmouth Barclays Premier League

What a season we’ve had. The race for the title couldn’t have been more interesting. The race for fourth place has even been better this season. In probably one of the most competitive season in terms of the chase for the last champions’ league spot, Tottenham capped a brilliant season by finishing fourth with Man City running a close fifth. Aston Villa and Liverpool were not far behind and while Villa’s all too familiar inability to consistently maintain their form and eventually running out of steam in the final third of the season proved to be their undoing, Liverpool’s mediocre season by their own high standards attributing to endless problems from the ownership right to the manager and players meant that they have failed to build on what looked like a promising season previously.

Up next was none other than Everton who just miss out on European football next season. Who would have envisaged them finishing as highly as they did after the terrible start they had to the season; certainly not me. Make no mistake, for them to finish in eighth place can actually be classified a success although I’m not sure how many Toffees fans out there would agree with me. They finished this season on 61 points, just two short of the 63 points they claimed on their way to fifth place last season. That is no way a bad achievement after all. If there is one thing that I have observed regarding Everton, they have been extremely unlucky with injuries for the past few seasons. At one point or another, they’ll somehow be short on personnel due to the amount of injuries suffered. The race for fourth would have been an entirely different ball game had their key players like Mikel Arteta and Phil Jagielka stayed fit the entire season.

This seems to be a valid argument to me. On paper, Everton’s squad is just as good if not better than the likes of Tottenham and Aston Villa. A 6-1 thrashing at the hands of Arsenal with a disinterested looking Joleon Lescott playing ensured they made a pretty slow start to the season. The injuries started creeping in and at one point they were just about hovering above the relegation zone. It seemed like they were unable to string good results and the season looked like it was going to be a disastrous one for them. Things slowly started to change after with the return of key players and they managed to put in a few good performances with the outstanding Steven Pienaar leading the way but by then, they were already playing catch up with the season reaching the mid way point. A European place still seemed a long way and although they ultimately failed to qualify for Europe, they gave a perfectly good account of themselves and ended the season in imperious form with just two losses in their last 24 league games.

No one could deny the fact that had their season not been decimated with injuries to key players yet again, they would have definitely finished higher up the standings and given the likes of Tottenham and City the run for their money. Another positive would be on how the squad members managed to fill in admirably while their big name players were watching from the stands. Key for them however, will be their ability to hang on to their key players and a fine tuning of the squad by adding a few more quality players next season. Most important of all will be their ability to stay clear of massive amount of injuries so that it will not derail their season like it has done this season and if they manage to do so, there will be something more to cheer about for the fans come next season as there is no doubt of the enormous potential they possess to maybe finish in the Champions League spots.

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  1. I am always sceptical about the “If it weren’t for injuries” argument, since just about any club could make it. Ask any United, Arsenal or Liverpool fan where his club would have been without key injuries. For that matter, would Hull have stayed up with a healthy Jimmy B.?

    We are left to debate the relative seriousness of said injuries to each side, placing them on the shoulda-coulda-woulda scale. It is endless and pointless since proof is unavailable.

    Everton had a great finish to the season. Congrats to them.

  2. I disagree. I don’t think their squad on paper is as good as Spurs or City. Spurs had plenty of injuries to deal with and still had a talented roster. Modric and Lennon, missed large chunks. You had Woodgate not available all season. Corluka, Assou-Ekotta, Krancjar, King all missed at least 1 month of the season.

  3. Was a poor start to the season. Man City didn’t help with the Lescott saga. Injuries have caused problems yet again. I would like to point out that Everton have a smaller squad then all the clubs mentioned. I hope we can get a new owner before the window opens and some cash for Moyes to strenghten his squad.

    My highlights of the season are:-

    Donovan Loan
    Beating Chelsea
    Beating Man Utd
    Beating Man City both legs

  4. Yakubu – 11 months, Arteta – 12 months, Jagielka 11 months.
    Remove the best central players of your team – i.e. the backbone of centre-forward, centre-midfield and centre-half, and replace them with much more inferior players or youngsters – and that for the end of last season and the 1st half of this.
    Yes, everyone has had injuries, none more so than Everton – the amount of times we’ve sat and shaken our heads when viewing the bench full of 16 and 17 year olds.

    1. Gimme a break. EVERY ONE of the top teams had to deal with major injuries or missed time due to the African Cup of Nations. Liverpool played without Torres for most of the season – who is head and shoulders better than Arteta, Yakubu and Jagielka. I’m not even a Liverpool fan! But your comment is ridiculous. Look at Van Persie. With a healthy Van Persie, maybe Arsenal wins the title. Oh wait, that’s an IF!

  5. Regarding the injuries argument-

    Woodgate’s been out for almost a year with a really bad injury
    Cudicini has been out all season after a motorcycle accident
    King can’t play but once a week IF he’s lucky
    Modric had a broken leg for the almost all of the first half of the season
    Lennon did his groin for almost all of the second half
    Defoe and Assou-Ekotto also had pretty significant spells out.

    That all doesn’t take into account short-term injuries.

    But the difference is that other players stepped up.

    Dawson, Niko, Bale, Bentley and Pav were all squad players that got an extended run due to injuries. That’s why it’s important to have a strong SQUAD, not just a strong first-eleven.

    Injuries were not the problem, even team has those. The problem was that Everton didn’t have a strong enough squad. And that’s why they aren’t in Europe and Spurs are in the Champion’s League.

  6. FYI – League table based on last 19 games:
    1. Man Utd
    2. Chelsea
    3. Everton
    4. Spurs
    5. Arsenal
    6. Liverpool
    7. Man City
    8. B’burn
    9. Villa
    10. Stoke
    11. Sunderland
    12. Brum
    13. Bolton
    14. Fulham
    15. Wolves
    16. Wigan
    17. West Ham
    18. Hull
    19. Burnley
    20. Pompey

    Unfortunately, as a Toffee, it’s a 38-game season every year!

  7. It seems Everton is always a very solid team that finishes a good ways away from the 4th

    They need new investment and they need a major upgrade in talent if they are to get the 4th spot. They have the history and team/fans to get big players if they could pay them

  8. “Liverpool played without Torres for most of the season – who is head and shoulders better than Arteta, Yakubu and Jagielka. I’m not even a Liverpool fan! But your comment is ridiculous. Look at Van Persie. With a healthy Van Persie, maybe Arsenal wins the title. Oh wait, that’s an IF!”

    You, Sir, are an absolute Wally – you are missing my point completely – READ the sentence properly…..then comment…..I said, “remove the best central players of your team” – not one – but all 3 central players….numpty!

  9. Im sorry, i couldn’t take this piece seriously after you suggested Eerton may have a better squad than Tottenham

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