Why Paul Scholes Should Be In England's World Cup Squad

Manchester United's Scholes challenges Tottenham Hotspur's Palacios during their English Premier League soccer match in Manchester

If Fabio Capello is in the mood to talk players out of international retirement as seems to be the case with Jamie Carragher, perhaps the Italian could go around to Paul Scholes house for a cappuccino and one of those nice little almond biscuits and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Ask him to go to South Africa in England’s 23.

Scholes is 35 and incapable of playing a whole tournament, we all know that, but he could quite easily be a significant substitute or good for an opening 60 minutes.

We do not have a player who does what Scholes does as well as Scholes does it.

Ok, so we know for some reason he is incapable of tackling but his vision for a pass and his experience and comfort on the ball would be ideal for England in this World Cup. Too many English players are prone to panic when the heat is on; too prone to kick it long. Scholes is old enough and wise enough to put his foot on the ball slow play down and dictate play more. He’s probably better than ever at doing this in his advanced years.

Add to that his habit of getting into the box unmarked with impeccably timed runs and you’re looking at a significant addition to the England squad. With an under-performing Garry Barry possibly out or not fully fit, we need cover in central midfield. Carrick has been picked by Capello for that central midfield pass and move role but Carrick has had an ordinary season and simply isn’t in Scholes’ class.

We don’t need him to play in every game. It’s not even as though it will be hot and sunny for the wee fair-skinned ginger fella. I remember in the heat of 2002’s World Cup in Japorea he looked like an iridescent pink thing that was about to spontaneously combust with there hat. It will be familiar cool, rainy Manchester style weather.

Even at 35 Scholes is still one of England’s best at his trade. Why take a player like Carrick who isn’t as good? It wouldn’t be much of a commitment for him. It’s not like he’s expected to play in every game for United next season. So come on Fabio, go ginger. You know it makes sense.

14 thoughts on “Why Paul Scholes Should Be In England's World Cup Squad”

  1. Sorry, I disagree. England always makes the mistake of bringing experienced players, or just coach’s favorites when they are in sharp decline or out of form, and to me, Scholes is in decline and not at all what he once was. I would much rather see an in form, 90-minute effective player like Huddlestone or Carrick. Or even Barry, although I think he is overrated and I would leave him out.

  2. The problem with Scholes in the England setup has long been where he’s played. He’s not a left-sided midfielder, yet he was buried out there for years and he walked away from England. If properly played centrally, he’d be perfect for a late-game role. Even at 35, he still oozes class, has a deadly long range shot, and knows how to make the right pass to start an attacking move. Plus, the game-winner against City shows he can still make the run when it’s needed. I think Carrick is a fine player (yes, I’m a United fan) but I’m not sure he can fill the role the same way Scholes could. I don’t think he’ll come out of exile, but it would be a huge boost for England’s chances if he did.

  3. Playing him on the left side and vilifying his performances didn’t really help his case…say what u want…2 Carricks or even 3 Huddlestones will nvr come close to Scholes class….so yes…if Capello can coax him out of retirement…he’s definitely a welcome addition to the squad…however, we all know the real reason he quit England and I doubt he would wanna be the scapegoat again if England fail this time around

  4. It was such a shame he retired because we badly needed him at times, we spent years desperatley trying to work Lampard and Gerrard in the middle to no avail

    Still though, Lampard and Barry in the middle suits me if thats the two first choice!

  5. Managers have been trying to get Scholes back for years, Capello has never bothered because he knows there is no point. Scholes should still be starting for england, he would do great in the 4-2-3-1, and if Capello were able to get him out of retirement it would be a feat. Thats just not going to happen though.

      1. Carragher is easy to explain. He wants to make up for his abysmal season at Liverpool. He wants the bad taste out of his mouth. He’s depressed about his season and thus Capello pounced and convinced him that Englands time in South Africa will hopefully allow him to forget about the woes of the previous season.

  6. Yes, the main factor here is that Scholes in no way wants to come out of retirement. He’s left England and only Manchester United is keeping him playing…If you saw in recent interviews Fergie had to practically force his hand to keep the Ginger Ninja from retiring. Scholes’ time at the Three Lions has been done for quite some time, and he won’t return…no matter how great England’s chances are of winning the World Cup. You might as well put in an addendum to this asking what you think England would’ve been like had Giggsy capped for the team when he had the chance!

  7. I don’t think scholes would be a bad additiion by any means. The man regularly features for United, which is challenging for honors every season.

    I like scholes as a substitute, or as stated, playing 60 minutes…problem is, you need to slot a player into the midfield triangle (if rooney is alone up front) who can protect the back four as well as freeing up lampard and gerrard. Scholes works brilliantly when playing w a player like fletcher who is hard in te tackle..much like pirlo, scholes needs a player to protect him in midfield.

    based on form and grit, I think huddleston may provide the best option for england.

    1. agree. as great a player as scholes has been, referees in england have always allowed him to get away with some shocking late, high tackling. i’m surprised he hasn’t ended a few careers.

      as we found out in 98 and 06, we struggle against quality opposition with ten men.

      in barry’s absence, i’d play carrick in the holding role, backed up by the fast-improving tom huddlestone.

  8. lol, in ya face to those who had sour grapes (not only in this entry). as much as i’m surprised carragher was picked ahead of the more reliable and experienced gary neville, there must be a reason scholes is not picked, that is capello is the real coach (not the armchair type) and the one that knows what he’s doing

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