Chelsea Win The League: A Fans View of the Final Day

Sports News - May 10, 2010

As everyone with more than a passing interest in the game will be aware Chelsea won the Premiership on the 9th of May. For this reason I have decided to tell anyone who wants to listen my match day experiences, rather than regurgitate the match reports and analysis of the mainstream media.

The day started with an engineering works affected train journey to London, coupled with two cans of lager to settle the nerves.

I arrived at the first pub of the day at midday to start proceedings with the boys from the Chelsea Football Fancast.

This was the more reserved part of the day chatting to the podcast crew, musing over what the day had in store and feeling the nerves. However a few pints, a reassuring chip butty later and Chidge’s optimism made me feel as though we couldn’t fail.

Next up was O’Neils an Irish themed bar near Earls Court; this was to meet my Dad, who had the all important ticket and his adopted Chelsea family. I was predictably late and had received a couple of only half joiking texts from him saying he was just moments away from selling my ticket  to his mate Clive.

The banter in the pub as with the fancast crew was one of quiet optimism, although this is where I heard the first songs of the day. The pub occasionally belted out renditions of ‘Carefree’ and ‘Who the F%^K are Man United’ to punctuate the discussion that we couldn’t possibly throw it away, could we?

As game time approached we left O’Neil’s and after a short walk through West Brompton cemetery, I was through the turnstiles, with enough time to get a jet pack beer, and join in’ the liquidator’.

Coming out of the tube earlier and on the approach to the ground it was obvious that this was a huge game, the obvious barometer being the plethora of illegal football touts, whose buy and sell’ whispers echoed through the streets.

I had a perfect seat for the game, four rows back bang in the middle of the Shed End, the atmosphere before the game was electric but obviously tinged with nerves and excitement.

For the first time I can remember the old Shed terrace was back, everyone was stood up and roaring the team on, the whole ground was standing up uninterrupted by safety stewards, or others who seek to minimise the entertainment of football spectators.

This is what every football fan loves about football and we had waited three years for another shot.

The game itself was one of true nerves for only 6 minutes, when Anelka scored, the tension eased significantly, however once Frank Lampard fended of Didier Drogba to make it 2-0, the party began in earnest.

At half time anyone caught asking the Manchester United score was laughed at, we were storming to victory, few people seemed to care what Alex Ferguson’s men were up to a couple of hundred miles to the North.

As the second half got underway and the goals rolled in to extinguish any vague hopes of a Wigan revival, this allowed the party to start early, allowing the fans to run through the whole Chelsea song repertoire. Although to answer one query from the home fans, I think those watching in Manchester may have turned off their TV in disgust, a long time before the score resembled that of a rugby match.

Not that anyone was aware of the time, but all too quickly the the final whistle and pandemonium. After 3 years of near misses the title, was back at Chelsea and there was nothing that the moaning and mind games of Alex Ferguson could do about it.

First of all the crowd swayed to ‘One Step Beyond’ before belting out club classics such as ‘Blue Day’ before bouncing to baggy trousers.

One Step Beyond

Whilst this was going on the youth team paraded their silverware, the FA Youth Cup to a rapturous reception, then one by one the team made its way to the podium for the eruption upon lifting the trophy.

After the trophy was lifted the fans belted out the Queen classic and other champion based songs as the club paraded around the stadium. The music drowned out occasionally by the fans chanting the names of both John Terry and Carlo Ancellotti. One wonders if Fabio Capello is regretting siding against the Chelsea fans assertions that there is infact only one England captain.

At this point I fought my way through the crowds to find my Dad’s seat and give him a massive bear hug as the celebrations continued. As we eventually left the ground we were confronted by the pandemonium of the Fulham road, all the pubs were full so after a quick trip to the off license we joined  the fans partying in the streets.

Chelsea fans party

I however was not as brave as the fans climbing lampposts or swirling their tops around their heads, after over an hour of singing we made our way home, knowing that we could be doing it all again next week.

To the summer transfer rumours, which I will be following here

Champions of England

9 thoughts on “Chelsea Win The League: A Fans View of the Final Day”

  1. Chelsea was 2-0 against United and was the better team all season long. Go on United forums and they grudgingly admit that same thing

    I am not sure why anyone would argue otherwise

    Some have said that the League sucks this season so Chelsea shouldn’t be that happy. It reeks of jealousy so trying to pass that off is pure rubish. Give me the worst title ever over the best non-title year ever

  2. Until yesterday, I had never really thought too much about what I was missing, not being able to see the game at the Bridge. It was fun to think that one day I would make a trip across the pond and catch a match in West London, and maybe even one on the road, depending on how things worked out.

    But yesterday I felt how lonely it is to be a supporter of an EPL team in the States. It was fantastic to watch, and I was in a good mood all day, but there was no one here to share it with. What I would give to have had a chance to be there in person, to sing along with the rest of the blue faithful, to watch the post-game celebration (and I hate post-game celebrations!).

    Thanks for the article. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did (even from here); better, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I would have had I been there!

    Maybe next time we can do it all together…

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Even though I’m not a Chelsea fan I rather enjoyed reading your post. I wish we had more of these types of posts.

  4. This was a great piece. I hope that over the course of this upcoming season we can have more game-day (non analytical) pieces like this.

    Lets not forget how hard it is to sum up our own days spent working or attending other sporting events. Half the time, I couldn’t tell you the flavor of the beer I drank before a game let alone the song that was played.

    Kritian’s fan experience was a fun read.

    I would have liked to have read about the crowd chanting Joe Cole’s name as he played perhaps his final game at CFC.

  5. Hi 2tix4Chelsea

    I will upload a Joe Cole chant video tonight, when he came on and everytime he touched the ball he got ‘HE’S HERE HE’S THERE HE’S EVERY £&$^&&^& WHERE JOEY COLE, JOEY COLE!”

    1. I was at Disneyworld/EPCOT over the weekend and greatly enjoyed sharing my joy with several Chelsea jersey-clad Brits enjoying their vacation.

      My son (3 yrs old) and I wore our own kits on Friday as to not jinx the team when they played. (its an old american football superstition I have)

      What was the “tout scene” like? I have high hopes of taking my son over next season to visit and will need to scalp tickets if we go. Back in 1999/2000 I could call up the box office and get tickets without any problems, but being defending champions it wont be as easy.

      Any word or information on another US Tour?

  6. I have to say all the Chelsea Football Fancast lads are great. They do a proper show of supporters in the manor and often discuss he good bad and ugly situations on and off the pitch. What a year for Chelsea. This year with World Cup Qualifiers and the chasing pack being a lot stronger and more organized actually shows Chelsea did well to win it. We had our typical bad December after losing Boswinga, Essien, Belletti, Joey Cole wasnt quite fit. We actually did great during the African Cup of Nations when the biased media punters said we would fail. Good Article Kristian. Glad to see some Love for the Blues finally.

  7. Nice read Kristian and apart from Wigan losing I was pleased to see Chelsea win the title. First goal was offside (as jugded by Sky) and Wigan had 61% possession to chelseas 39% up until the sending off.

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