Daily Ticker: Hodgson Wants Final Delayed, Championship Playoff Update, More

Football - Fulham v SV Hamburg UEFA Europa League Semi Final Second Leg

Fulham Boss Hodgson Wants Europa League Final Postponed

With the Icelandic volancano rearing its ashy head over the weekend Eurpean air travelers are once again experiencing serious delays and restrictions. Fulam skipper Roy Hodgson has asked UEFA to postpone their Europa League final in Hamburg against Athletico Madrid on Wednesday unless the situation improves.

“If Madrid are also in that situation, UEFA should show some transigence, rather than the usual intransigence, and trying to find a solution which helps us both by postponing the game until we both can fly there,” Hodgon told ESPN Soccernet.

The ash cloud hovering over European airspace caused serious travel problems during the semi-final legs of the European Cups. With many blaming poor performances by Liverpool and Barcelona on lengthy travel times. Even if both clubs were to make it to Hamburg on time it would be nearly impossible for away supporters to attend with air travel shut down.

“You would be placing the game with thousands and thousands of English and Spanish fans not able to go, which I would say is another reason for UEFA to reconsider. It would be harsh, especially on a team like ours who have had to do it once already.”

Blackpool and Cardiff take early leads in Championship Playoffs

Charlie Adam’s penalty on the hour mark sealed a first-leg win for Blackpool in their clash with Nottingham Forest. Chris Cohen silenced the home fans with a volley in the 13th minute. But Keith Southern brought the Tangerines level in the 26th minute before Adam’s penalty gave the home side a victory. Forest will be disappointed with giving up an early lead but are only behind a goal.

In the other semi-final Cardiff nicked a 1-0 away victory against Leicester City. Peter Whittingham broke the deadlock 13 minutes from time with a stunning long-range free kick. The Bluebirds created the majority of the chances during the match and Leicester City is lucky to only be trailing 1-0 going into Wednesday’s matchup.

Grant might stay on as manager of Portsmouth

Avram Grant has told Pompey that he would like to remain manager of the embattled club, but only if he can focus on running the team. Constant scrutiny over the clubs finances have made Grant field questions about a host of issues not related to his team’s performance.

“If I can work like a manager of football, and only a manager of football and not like this year, when I needed to be a manager of football and many, many other things,” said Grant. “I don’t know if you know. I was a financial man, I was a lawyer, I was many other things. This I will not do one season more. I don’t think it is a good idea, not for me, not for the club.”

Grant has won admiration from the southern fans by staying at a club that faces questions on whether or not it will survive.

Brown may return as Hull City manager

After being unofficially sacked and replaced by Ian Dowie earlier in the season Phil Brown is still technically the manager of Hull City. Facing a big financial payout to Brown should Hull fire him, the Tigers simply put Brown on administrative leave and brought in Ian Dowie as a “football consultant.” This means that it’s very likely that Brown could be back managing the Tigers in the Championship next season.

Brown is fueling fire to those rumors by refusing to deny them. “I just want it to be honourable. If it’s closure then give me what I’m due and appreciate what I’ve done for the club in the last three and a half years. I’ve never heard of it before [a manager returning after being removed] but nothing in football surprises me,” said Brown.

Dowie managed only one win in eight games at the helm and the Tigers were relegated to the Championship with two games to spare.

5 thoughts on “Daily Ticker: Hodgson Wants Final Delayed, Championship Playoff Update, More”

  1. What a bunch of babies!! Aren’t there like a billion trains in Europe? Can’t they just take a train to get to Hamburg? Why do they have to fly? Yes, I know it will take like 15 hours by train instead of 3-4 by plane, but suck it up and deal.

    1. Yeah, ok – Just tell the Train companies to redeem the plane tickets of all the supporters too.

      It’s not like the trains have been empty up until now – im guessing they’re packed full without the addition of tens of thousands of fans…

  2. I greatly admire the job that Grant has done under what has to be considered the most difficult of circumstances. However, the club still has a long way to go before it can even think of being a stable, well-run organization. With no potential owners in sight, and any that might be are probably crazy to want to buy into that mess, it’s possible that the CVA won’t be agreed to in time to avoid a point deduction next season as well. With all of the parachute payments going to pay debts to other clubs, and all of the current players on the market, the manager will have no money to bring in suitable replacements. We all deserve better than this, but Grant should seriously consider other positions.

    There is still an outside chance that this Saturday’s FA Cup Final will be Pompey’s last match ever. If HMRC gets there way, the club could be liquidated quickly and cease to exist. That would be a sad day in world football.

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