BBC Unveils Incredible TV Promo for 2010 World Cup


Some of the words that come to mind when I view this video are stupendous, incredible and goosebumps. It’s BBC’s promo video for the 2010 World Cup that it’ll be airing across its television channels to get everyone excited about the Beeb’s coverage of the tournament. And, as usual, it’s incredibly well done and leaves me wanting more!

BBC promo’s for World Cups (in a sense, they can’t be called commercials) have always been a ritual of previous World Cup tournaments. They’re usually well done. And this one has got to be considered one of the best. Brilliant work!

Mobile app users, watch the video here.

Hat tip: 101 Great Goals


15 thoughts on “BBC Unveils Incredible TV Promo for 2010 World Cup”

    1. If you can call it that I had to go frame by frame to see that was him heading the ball in for goal.

  1. Not bad - still prefer the ESPN one as well with U2 :) Also love the
    Martin Tyler line , Italy defend while 31 nations attack. Genius that.

  2. Great advert but nothing tops this one. Blimey, this is inspiring if you support England.

  3. Who said the ESPN's promo is better? You got to be kidding! U2? Hardly original. Where's the African flavor in the promo?

    The BBC promo was fresh and rocked. The BBC wins this one easy.

  4. Check out ITV's promo here (UK's other World Cup broadcaster). Some Jimi anyone? I still prefer BBC's.

    1. Here is the link to watch them all:

  5. I enjoyed the ITV promo, the concept was creative and I liked how certain cultural elements from the various countries were infused.

    I also enjoyed the Power of 10 ESPN clip...not to the level of those mentioned above, but the celebration closing the clip made me wish it was June already.


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