Congratulations Chelsea, 2009-10 Premier League Champions

Sports News - May 02, 2010

Congratulations to Chelsea on an amazing 8-0 win against Wigan Athletic as they removed any doubts on the final day of the season whether they were worthy Premier League champions or not. They are.

The goalscorers on the final day of the season for Chelsea:

  • Didier Drogba, hat-trick
  • Nicolas Anelka, two
  • Salomon Kalou, one
  • Frank Lampard, one, and
  • Ashley Cole, one.

The demolition by Chelsea negated the result at Old Trafford where Manchester United cruised to a 4-0 win against Stoke City.

Stay tuned to EPL Talk later tonight when the end of the season review EPL Talk Podcast will be released featuring Richard Farley, Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer.

Once again, congratulations to Chelsea FC.

23 thoughts on “Congratulations Chelsea, 2009-10 Premier League Champions”

  1. As hard it is to say this while being a United fan, Chelsea just about deserved it in the end…they have been the better team than the rest in the league and its just reward for them…CONGRATS to Chelsea….looking forward to next season…:)

  2. Why did Fox Soccer Channel think it was so important that we hear Miles, Barton & Costigan’s vebal diarrhea during the trophy presentation!

    Just SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!

    And then they don’t even show the lap of honour ,BASTARDS!





    CEL-ERY CEL-ERY!!!!!

    1. i agree… i don’t want to hear what those clowns say at the best of times, never mind during the presentation stuff

  3. Well done indeed – deserving champions – credit to Manchester United (unlike Arsenal/Liverpool) for being the only side worthy of pushing them to the last match of the season.

  4. I think Chelsea deserve the trophy. Man u tried too cos its a wonderful performance this season its a one point thang very important. All clubs should have a wonderful 40 days rest till we meet in world cup. Also in spain next week will round up also a one point thang. Up barca:-):) up blues:-). Up soccer. Ole ole ole ole

  5. I know Chelsea just broke Manchester United’s goal difference record in the epl (71 vs 58). Did they just beat the top flight record as well? I was thinking Arsenal’s +69 in 1934-1935 and +68 in 1930-31 were the largest. And that was with 4 more fixtures, more goals, and Chapman’s legacy in effect

  6. A pretty amazing season from the Blues and one that, frankly, hasn’t been given the praise it deserves. No team has ever scored as many as Chelsea. A historically high goal difference. A rarely accomplished Prem/FA Cup double (I know I’m jumping the gun, but it’s Pompey afterall)… they aren’t getting nearly enough credit. Their unfortunate draw in the the UCL has led them to be dismissed when, honestly, this is one of the more impressive sides that England has seen in a long time.

    Sometimes the best sides don’t win the biggest prize. Baseball fans will recall the 2003 Red Sox, the best Red Sox team of my lifetime, winning nothing, but an inferior 2004 team winning everything. I feel this Chelsea side is similar, in that they were as talented and accomplished as any Chelsea side I’ve seen, but were dealt an unfair blow in Europe and have been summarliy overlooked with respect to Europe’s elite.

    I’m interested in others’ thoughts on this subject. I truly believe Chelsea are the 2nd best team in Europe – they just were drawn against the best team in Europe in the round of 16.

      1. It was a horrible draw as to the impressive quality of Inter but it was almost no chance in terms of who when you factor injuries. Mourinho coached and/or bought every significant member of our squad except Anelka, Ivanovic, and Bosingwa (and Bosingwa was hurt all season including those CL fixtures). The level of knowledge and feel that Mourinho possesses over Chelsea players from the 3 years of training and scouting them put us at such a disadvantage that we were lucky to have done as well as we did against Inter considering the squad at Carlo’s disposal. If you make Essien and Ashley Cole healthy and match fit for those fixtures then yes we should beat Inter even with the Mourinho factor. But absent of Essien, we are good enough to win the English competitions where everybody has taken knocks

        (Arsenal: RVP, and then eventually everbody, plus they mystifyingly still play without a keeper
        Man U: Ronaldo, and then their back line
        Liverpool: Alonso and then Torres)

        but we not in the same tier as Inter and Barca are in right now. With him, we are. At least we were. I’m scared of our ages for next year (not so much Drogba (32) he looks like he still has 2 maybe 3 in the conversation about best strikers in the world years left

        Anelka (31)keeps getting smarter but there is a limit on how much you can hide with smarts. Assuming we keep him, I can’t see him having more than a year left at this level which is already diminishing.

        Ricci (about to be 32) is not consistently the same player. If we keep him, we’re looking at more injuries and longer durations between being match fit. He’s also going to get slower which is a liability when you are trying to take advantage of Terry’s organizing, his strength and his heart in lieu of pace. I personally favour selling Ricci while he could still command something and investing it in a Simon Kjaer. Backline options of Ivanovic, Terry, Alex, Kjaer, Cole, and Bosingwa (if there isn’t any merit to the Maicon rumours) would probably be the amongst the top 2-3 in Europe if everybody stays reasonably healthy (the top if we could trade Bosingwa and cash for Maicon).
        Essien is our best and most versatile player but he’s only played 40 games in all competitions over the last 2 years (out of something like 114 possible). Mikel is a decent ball-winner but doesn’t offer anything in the creativity and vision that Essien possesses. And Mikel certainly can’t be assigned of just removing another player from a game as Essien can do. Ballack is no longer a consistent answer and appears to either be ready to leave or least settle into fewer duties. I haven’t seen enough of Matic to judge but that is a huge worry. Not having an Essien is why we were so shaky in so many of the games that we didn’t blow out (and initially a lot the games that we ended up blowing out). Lampard is still great but we need to start developing an eventual answer to who can replace him in full time duty 3 years from now. Maybe Kakuta could be bred into that role? It seems like we already have enough talent in his natural position (Malouda, Kalou, & Zhirkov). I’m assuming Joe Cole and Deco are both leaving? So we are probably missing a proper regista as well as much strength from the right unless we force Lampard or Essien to return there either of which would open up more worries in their vacancies than it would seem to solve.

        It’ll be interesting to see who we go after. We don’t need a lot to be the favourites for the next 2-3 years but I really hope we don’t waste a bunch of cash on an Aguero. If we are going to purchase a young very expensive striker, I’d much prefer Pato. He offers a much more diverse skill set and can play any of the positions occupied by Anelka, Lampard, or Joe Cole. My only concern with him is that he looks a bit slight for the EPL and I’m not sure that he wouldn’t spend a lot of time injured.

        Hope we can complete the double, good luck to Mourinho, good luck to Fulham, and then onto South Africa

        1. Josh McEachran in our youth team *could* be bred into sort of a Lamps role. I think Kakuta is suited on the wing, and Miroslav Stoch as well.

          1. Jacob Mellis also gets a lot of high marks too but I haven’t seen him.

            so these are the names that keep coming up that I can think of:

            Chalobah, Bertrand, Di Santo, Cork, Mellis, Lalkovic, Stoch, Kakuta, Woods, Van Aanholt, Knott, Mancienne, McEachran, Borini, Sinclair, Bruma, Hutchinson, Matic, Ofori-Twumasi, Gordon, Deen-Conteh

            Any thoughts on who has a real shot with CFC?

            and what are your thoughts on Sturridge’s potential?

  7. Far and away the best team on the pitch this season in England.

    Even United fans admit that…though they claim the fact that it was close should shame Chelsea…though I don’t get that nor do I think Chelsea fans remotely care. A title is a title….period

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