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Chelsea Wins the 2009-10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

 Chelsea Wins the 2009 10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

The above photographs feature Chelsea celebrating their third league title in six years. The Blues won in triumphant style and now look forward to this Saturday’s FA Cup Final against Portsmouth where they have the opportunity to win the double.

More pictures after the jump.

 Chelsea Wins the 2009 10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

 Chelsea Wins the 2009 10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

 Chelsea Wins the 2009 10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

 Chelsea Wins the 2009 10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

 Chelsea Wins the 2009 10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

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17 Responses to Chelsea Wins the 2009-10 Premier League Title: In Pictures

  1. Luca says:

    Up the blues! You made me proud and all the red armies are stunned! Let do it next season.

  2. Bishopville Red says:

    Congratulations to Chelsea. MAke sure you keep our trophy in good condition. We don’t want to see any nicks in it when we get it back next year.

  3. Eious says:

    Good to see on United’s forum that even they admit that Chelsea deserved the title

    They were the best team all season long and deserved it

    I am not sure I understand where people think they will NOT be very good next season as many of their players will be a year older yet still VERY capable of winning again

  4. frankie says:

    if essien were healthy all season, the title would’ve been decided long ago. and despite his infantile reaction to lamps’ pk in the first half, good job to drogs for the golden boot award despite missing about a month to the african cup ‘o nations.

  5. Patrick says:

    I really HATE John Terry. I can’t believe that 稘† gets to hold up a trophy and be the name to the champions. Karma will catch up with this guy somehow.

    and how is it that Lampard has become the CFC poster boy… just bizarre

    • scott alexander says:

      he’s been with the club for 9 years and been one of the best mid-fielders in the country for most of that time?

      • patrick says:

        Frank is a great player, but did you read his book? and he’s a Tory.

        and he wears fur, and as a West Ham supporter it took a lot for me to call him the poster boy… its all about context isn’t it.

        I really hope he has the World Cup of his life, England needs it. I’m actually mellowing on him as are most West Ham, he just needs to just stop attacking/ responding to vitriol from his old club like he had. He moved on, he won cups, he’s better for it, get over it. end of. and stay off the gossip pages.

    • ZiggerZagger says:

      Patrick –
      If you’re an adult, you need to put your big girl pants on now. Your spiteful little comments above are the mark of a small man. No idea what your football loyalties are, and it doesn’t really matter. If you’re disappointed that Chelsea were the best team this year and are now Champions, suck it up. That’s what all non-Manure supporters have been doing for the last 15 years or so.

      John Terry’s life has nothing to do with you, so you needn’t be so concerned about his karma, his soul or any such cosmic thing. He and his wife and kids seemed to be enjoying the trophy celebrations on the pitch today in spite of your ill wishes. Given that he’s the world’s first ever Adulterer, I know he’s a bit of a curiosity… but try to keep your focus on the football.

      • patrick says:

        I couldn’t care less about his personal life, I hate him for his on field act… You know surrounding refs, late kicks, and general bully act.

        I’m not alone on this, he was stripped of the captain’s armband after all.


    I love chelsea.carlos ancelloti has made us proud.drogba remains the king of premier league.

  7. kajal says:

    congo championzzz…!!! chelsea rockzz….!!!!
    blue is the colour.. football is the game…
    we love you chelsea……… ^__^

  8. henry says:

    am happy this season for chelsea but i hope that next season will be more interesting than this, first will must try and bring home the chanpions league trophy the cup finalchampions league will be played in wembly in england and that field is for drogba and ore perhaps chelsea ground will should start calling the wembly stadium chelsea home

  9. Gilbert Chelsea Manyonge says:

    The colour is blue,chelsea is the team,ancelloti is the coach,terry is the captain,drogba is the top scorer and cech,carvalho,zhircov,ferraira,alex,lampard,malouda,kalou,ivanovic,a.cole,anelka,mikel,essien,sturridge and the departing ballack,cole are great players.bravo the blues-forever your fan.

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