One Night In Turin: Film Trailer

The definitive book of the 1990 World Cup was All Played Out, the magnificent work by author Pete Davies who beautifully captured the spirit of the tournament and summed up the magical journey that England undertook against all odds and how they tragically fell at the last hurdle on the dreaded penalty kicks.

But the book is much more than that, which is perhaps one of the reasons why the work has been adapted into a new documentary film that will air for one night only, this Tuesday May 11th, in cinemas across England. Whether you’re able to go see the film or not, be sure to watch the trailer above which gives you a glimpse into what the film is about. And shares with you what Bobby Robson’s words were to Paul Gascoigne after that fateful semi-final exit against West Germany.

2 thoughts on “One Night In Turin: Film Trailer”

  1. Brings back memories. Gazza, that last gasp Platt strike against Belgium – the classic comeback against Cameroon – THE GERMANS. Oh what might have been if Waddle didn’t hit the woodwork in extra time. The last time England had a decent kit and a confident manager, till now.

  2. The first World Cup that I can really remember being ten years old at the time. It’s still the best that I can remember. If England were to miss out on holding it in 2018 I’d love Italy to get it again.

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