Leeds United Home Football Kit for 2010-11 Season: Photo

Leeds United’s new home shirt for the 2010-11 season has been revealed. The Yorkshire club today were promoted from League One back to the Championship.

Leeds’s new football kit for the 2010-2011 season features white shirt, shorts and socks with a yellow and blue trim. Personally, I think this is one of the classiest Leeds United kits in quite some time. The design is clean, simple and attractive.

Leeds wore the strip for the first time during today’s 2-1 victory against Bristol Rovers.

6 thoughts on “Leeds United Home Football Kit for 2010-11 Season: Photo”

    1. I like the more plain kits, ive seen Chelseas new kit and theyve added a bit of red on the collar, its a bit over elaborate! No doubt many people will predict Leeds to push for the playoffs next season because of their stature and they suprisingly the teams going up from league one may have a better chance in the league than the Premiership teams going down due to their financial troubles!

  1. Now then BUTTHEAD,

    A load of tosh is how I would describe your teams performance against a no longer famous United who at the time were 42 positions below your shower of over paid under achievers.

    Nice to know you still think of us as the other United though.

    Unless you were in reference to FC United of Manchester, in which case your backward scum.

    Delayed response I know but only just started using this site.

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