ESPN Releases "Power of 10" World Cup Ad

ESPN has released its third commercial for its “One Game Changes Everything” World Cup Campaign.  The video above titled “Power of 10” has hit the airways today showcasing all the best players to have ever worn the number, as well as those looking to impact the tournament this summer. Two weeks ago ESPN released the second ad titled “United”  which followed the first commercial in the campaign titled “Robben Island”.  With the tournament now less than 35 days away, be on the lookout for the final spot, “Passion”, to hit ESPN in the coming weeks.

Who is your favorite number 10 of all-time? Which number 10 do you think will make the biggest difference this summer and become a World Cup legend?

14 thoughts on “ESPN Releases "Power of 10" World Cup Ad”

  1. Nigeria’s #10….Obi Mikel

    i guess every where else it’s reserved for their Best Player or Play-Maker

    1. You don’t see him as a player, but he’s in there, 11 seconds in. And I guess Zico is sort of in there, with the guys watching TV.

  2. It has always intrigued me why the Anglo footballing world never quite adopted the same reverence for the number 10. In England and Scotland the number 10 was traditionally worn by the second centre-forward (Number 9 being the main striker – think Shearer). In fact, the number 7 shirt was often a more iconic number (think George Best, Eric Cantona and Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool or Jimmy Johnstone at Celtic). In fact, William Gallas is the current number 10 for the Arsenal team (although Denis Bergkamp played the role brilliantly for several years).

    I think it probably does stem from a more rigid view of team formations in the English game (4-4-2, 4-3-3) and also less of an emphasis on a creative midfield force in the style of football.

    Personally, the best I’ve seen in the flesh have been Maradona, Georghe Hagi and Lubomir Moravcik but there are so many to choose from.

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