Year End Review Show: EPL Talk Podcast Open Thread

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftWe have one more podcast left in the Premier League season, and Kartik Krishnaiyer, Laurence McKenna, the Gaffer and myself need your help, as we make Monday morning’s podcast our Year in Review show.  As we talk about whether Chelsea got their title or Spurs were able to pass Arsenal, we will be looking back at the players, clubs and coaches that made the 2009-10 season special.

But the EPL podcast crew has had all season to express their views of the season. Over the next three days, we want to hear yours.

Use this thread to tell us what you’re going to remember about this Premier League season:  the good; the bad; the Gary Neville?

The podcast staff will be interacting with you throughout the weekend to help develop the best review show possible, as we use Monday’s podcast to share all of our best memories of the season.

What will be your strongest memories of the 2009-10 campaign?

Remember EPL Talk will be hosting a Live Blog/Chat on Saturday during the season’s last matches, and the EPL Talk Podcast distributed its Weekend Preview Show in the lead-up to match day 38.


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