Year End Review Show: EPL Talk Podcast Open Thread

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftWe have one more podcast left in the Premier League season, and Kartik Krishnaiyer, Laurence McKenna, the Gaffer and myself need your help, as we make Monday morning’s podcast our Year in Review show.  As we talk about whether Chelsea got their title or Spurs were able to pass Arsenal, we will be looking back at the players, clubs and coaches that made the 2009-10 season special.

But the EPL podcast crew has had all season to express their views of the season. Over the next three days, we want to hear yours.

Use this thread to tell us what you’re going to remember about this Premier League season:  the good; the bad; the Gary Neville?

The podcast staff will be interacting with you throughout the weekend to help develop the best review show possible, as we use Monday’s podcast to share all of our best memories of the season.

What will be your strongest memories of the 2009-10 campaign?

Remember EPL Talk will be hosting a Live Blog/Chat on Saturday during the season’s last matches, and the EPL Talk Podcast distributed its Weekend Preview Show in the lead-up to match day 38.

17 thoughts on “Year End Review Show: EPL Talk Podcast Open Thread”

  1. Top of the drunken too many shots thoughts:

    (Recently) Renowned anti-footballists, Chelsea unleash a goal threat unheard of since 60-61 Tottenham and they do it with an Italian manager in his first PL season.

    Stoke’s immediate ascendancy/certification as a mid-table club. What does it portend? What should we make of Pulis?

    Is there a sea-change in attitudes about English tackling (Shawcross, Terry, et cetera)

    Birmingham appears to be something different than the yoyo of previous years. Why? What does it mean?

    An evaluation of Owen Coyle? What will Bolton be in the near future? What does Owen Coyle mean?

    The economics of Spurs making CL? What does this mean to Spurs and what does it mean to the rest of the league?

    Drogba scores more top flight league goals than any Chelsea player since Jimmy Greaves. Statistically, Drogba has had one of the finest seasons in Chelsea as well as PL history. Barely noticed?

    If Torres makes the jump to Chelsea or Man City, what does that mean?

    Manchester City. Thoughts?

    If Chelsea and Manchester United do not significantly refresh, they euphemistically possess doddering senior citizens. What is the horizon?

    Chelsea lost their best player, Michael Essien (as well as but to a lesser significance Ashley Cole). Arsenal lost their second best player, Robin Van Persie. Liverpool largely played without Torres and sold their Xavi, Alonso. Manchester United sold Ronaldo. Thoughts?

    What impact have the added fixtures of the African Cup of Nations and the World Cup Qualifiers had on the league?

    Alex McLeish. OMG. Wow! Clint (wonder goal) Dempsey. Bobby (Career Revaluation) Zamora

    Rooney is apparently the best English forward since and maybe with (maybe even beyond) Alan Shearer.

    Ferguson appears to be (with Rooney’s full enthusiasm) constantly rushing Rooney back in a way that might not be good for the national team and might not be good for Rooney in the long run.

    Gianfranco Zola?

    Thoughts on the Champions League?

    Which players would you really enjoy coming into the Premier League?

    Which targets do you think might be flops (Aguero)?




    Who is going to buy Liverpool? What does this buyer mean as opposed to that buyer?

    What to say about Everton?


    Phil Brown.

    Worst managers.

    Not necessarily best managers but who has done a great job and why.

    What podcasts/radio programs have been excellent this year. Do you have any other suggestions to expand our mania for the sport.

    thanks… I quite enjoy your site and podcasts (even when I vehemently disagree with some of the opinions some of your authors/commentators express).

    Go Chelsea!

  2. Going forward, does a more balanced EPL mean less success in Europe? I say this because of if a team like Tottenham can keep their players, the very top teams like Man United (Berbatov, Carrick) can’t just buy players off teams shooting for fourth (Villa, Everton, Man City).

  3. Best memory of the season:

    The unforgettable first Manchester Derby of the year at Old Trafford. 4-3, this game had everything. Rarely do these big games ever live up to their hype, but this one had goals, drama, great atmosphere, Fergie time, I even seem to remember Craig Bellamy punching a fan who had ran out on the pitch.

    Easily one of the best games of the season as Manchester City looked to break into the top 4. Now that they’ve missed out, how important was that late winner scored by Michael Owen to deny City a point? Maybe not a lot, but an incredible day for football.

    A match I won’t soon forget in yet another fantastic Premier League season.

    1. Where there really any better matches this season?

      I’m not trying that hard to remember. No season would be lacking should this type of game be the match of the season.

      Can anybody think of better?

  4. All Questions about Tottenham Hotspur:

    Who do Spurs offload in the summer?
    I think we will keep our most coveted players: Bale, Lennon and Modric. Do you agree?
    Pavlyuchenko was decent off the bench but should move on.
    Bentley was the greatest deputy of the season in the absence of Arron Lennon. He is not as fast, but tricky to defend and a talented crosser of the ball. Do you think he should stay/what kind of value does he have as a transfer?
    On the role of Bale: Should he stay in the left wing position in the coming season or return to left back? He’s been so powerful as an attacker I hesitate to draw him back, but if Spurs improve overall perhaps it would spread the talent across the pitch to do so. That’s a decent problem to have I guess.
    Spurs need one striker of the highest quality to replace Pav. It’s not Robbie Keane. Defoe, Crouch and even Gudjohnsen add to a diverse attack, but there needs to be one more striker around which these three could be rotated. Who should it be?
    I rate Assou-Ekotto and Corluka highly, Kaboul is a better deputy than I thought. Dawson and King could be the English starters at the WC and we might see the return of Woodgate. Bassong is a decent deputy. How should the back line be bolstered, if at all?

    I’m curious about the future of Dimitar Berbatov, a player I loved to watch when he was the highest goal scorer w/ Spurs under Martin Jol. I’m a huge fan of his technique and skill, the ‘languid’ style, it’s just a horrible mismatch for the preferred style of Man U. He would thrive in Spain, though I’d rather see him in the Premier League. Berbatov at Everton could be deadly. Thoughts?

    I’m a big fan of the podcast, it’s what’s drawn me to opine on the website. I know you guys usually keep the review show around 40 minutes but this one might deserve a little more time. If you spend the whole show talking Spurs, this listener will shed few tears.
    Up the Spurs!!!!! And epltalk!!!

    1. Thanks, Gary: I’m’ sure we’ll be talking about Spurs (and your feedback, in particular). Tottenham was one of the three or four big stories this season, and I’m thrilled for all Spurs fans who have got to enjoy this ascendancy.

  5. Just FYI, comment jockeys: The review show will start taping in an hour-or-so. I would love to get any feedback you have on today’s action or you memories of the season that just finished.

  6. I think both Liverpool and Manchester City are interesting cases. They didn’t make the Champions League, so it might be tough to draw in players without overpaying (a lesser problem at City anyway).

    I thought Mourinho would move to City if they made Champions League, and if not, Liverpool, but without CL, he may end up at Real Madrid. Can Tottenham hold their position in the Champions League and stay in the Top 4? How many players would they have to get to have a big enough squad? Can they even get through the qualifiers?

    Is this the year Chelsea overhauls their roster? But how? Of the veterans, Ballack and Deco may go, but it seems Drogba, Anelka, Lampard, and Terry will all stay.

    Meanwhile, at the bottom, the fight for relegation will be much better next year. I think anyone in the bottom half could go down (even a team like Fulham or Birmingham could be in some trouble if they rest on the plaudits they got this season and don’t improve).

      1. thanks. I posted my thoughts on my beloved Chelsea elsewhere as well but I once again think that the big key for Chelsea is fortifying the right midfield and finding an insurance plan for Essien which might be the same thing as Essien, as Essien can do both roles at world class levels. Anelka is waning but I doubt we could get close to what he is still worth to us so it seems unlikely that he would leave. The same thing could be said of Terry. But for all Terry has done for Chelsea FC it would seem strange if we ever sold him. What an interesting wrinkle it would have been if Man City had bought him? How different this season would have been. Would Man City have been better or worse if that implosion was all in Man City? Drogba and Lampard haven’t waned but aren’t they too old to command the transfer fees that could cost Chelsea of another couple of shots at both Premiership titles and maybe Champions League? I think that they are all staying.

        My guess is Ballack, Deco, Joe Cole, Ferreira, Belletti, and maybe Carvalho go. I could see Bosingwa being sold as well due to the emergent brilliance of Ivanovic.

        The Manchester derby was great but my vote would be for the north London derby. Tottenham’s victory was riveting

        Fulham and Birmingham should be fine as long as they keep their managers.

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