Premier League Season Finale: Live Blog and Chat

With the last weekend of the EPL season approaching the only race yet to be decided is the one at the top. Chelsea sit one point above Manchester United with a superior goal difference and . All 20 teams in the Premier League kick-off at 11 am EST. The Blues control their own destiny, a win at home against Wigan would bring the title back to Stamford Bridge for the first time since 2006. Manchester United must defeat Stoke City at Old Trafford on Sunday and hope for a Chelsea slip up.

Chelsea vs. Wigan will be live on Fox Soccer Channel while Manchester United vs. Stoke City will be on Fox Soccer Plus. EPL Talk will provide live commentaries for both matchups. During the game, feel free to send in your comments, questions or analysis of the game and we’ll see who lifts the EPL trophy.

EPL Talk is also looking for assistance with live blogs as we look to integrate this feature more regularly. If you’re interested in helping out this weekend send The Gaffer an email at christopher.harris[at]epltalk[dot]com with a writing sample and resume.

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4 thoughts on “Premier League Season Finale: Live Blog and Chat”

  1. “All 20 teams in the Premier League kick-off at 10 am EST.”

    they actually kick-off at 11… good try though

  2. Can someone tell me why FSC cannot show their “live” games live?

    Following the BBC live blog, the Chelsea’s goal was posted before we saw it on FSC. We are about 3 minutes delayed.

    And the MU “live” game on FSC+ is at least 10 minutes delayed.

    Why can’t we see these games live?

    Also, I watch them while chatting on MSN with friends in Asia and it is impossible when we get these on a significant delay.

  3. @ CM asia, you took the words right out of my mouth, fox is a disgrace, my phone alerted me as soon as Anelka scored, i did wait a few minutes before actually seeing the goal. And i have no idea why the United game was delayed, i mean who are the idiots running this company, can someone tell them this is unacceptable!?

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