Poll: Who Deserves To Win The Title? Chelsea or Man Utd?

Frank Lampard Chelsea 2009/10

It’s hard to believe that the Premier League season is almost over. In my opinion, it’s been one of the better one in years and, deservedly so, the race goes down to the final day of the season to determine the champion. Both Manchester United and Chelsea have been sensational for most of the season. But what’s different about this season than others is that both clubs have been human and have lost more games than usual. For me, any time that predictability goes out the window, it’s refreshing.

But judging by their performances over the entire season, which team deserves to win the title this Sunday? Chelsea or Man United? The easy answer is the one who ends up having the most points at the end of the season. But if it was to be awarded to the team who deserves the Premier League trophy, it could be a different team in your opinion.

Go ahead and vote in the poll below and share your feedback in the comments section regarding who you think deserves to win the 2009-10 Premier League title. I look forward to reading your responses.

30 thoughts on “Poll: Who Deserves To Win The Title? Chelsea or Man Utd?”

  1. Gaffer…It has been a roller coaster of a season for sure and this can only be good for the EPL as a whole. I would like to think that there is a shift in the power base of the EPL leading to ongoing “unpredictability” but only time will tell.

    I believe Chelsea are deserved winners of this years title based purely on the overall quality of play, results achieved, goals scored (remember they put 7 past three different teams) and the number of players on the scoresheet.

    In most positions they have players of high calibre and both Florent Malouda and Frank Lampard have had exceptional seasons. This is not forgetting the goal scoring prowess of Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka. (Funny how we expect 30+ goals from Drogba nowadays)

    Although Man Utd have leap-frogged Chelsea from time to time, they have, by their standards, had a “poor” season albeit having silverware in the trophy room. There has been an over reliance on the marvel that is Wayne Rooney. I feel United’s wins have been less emphatic than those of Chelsea and the team, as a whole, has played less well.

    This is clearly a United side in need of rejuvenation with the likes of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville entering the twilight of their careers and Dimitar Berbatov seemingly unable to score even at close range. They have played good rather than “great” football this season with Valencia and Nani achieving prominence. United are in real need of the return of Michael Owen, Anderson and, of course, Owen Hargreaves.

    The plus side, EPL 2009-10 has seen the “cartel of four” breached with the inclusion of Spurs and loss of Liverpool and I believe next season we will see a further change with Manchester City’s huge financial resources providing fruit. Arsenal and United beware!

  2. Sucka99’s got it right. If you’re not on the top at the end, you didn’t deserve it. Every team has taken shifts off this year and can only look at themselves if they’re empty-handed in the end.

  3. Are you guys kidding? Should a game v. Wigan or West Ham carry the same weight as one v. Arsenal or Liverpool? Chelsea swept the other ‘big 4’ teams (the only actual CL team to beat them was Spurs). That’s why Americans like playoffs – you have the teams competing for a title playing against one another.

    1. That’s what league play is all about! If you don’t like it, you’re probably following the wrong sport…

    2. Do they give you more points for a win vs. the big 4? Just what have you proven if you beat Arsenal on Saturday and turn around ad lose to Wigan the next week? If you’re that good you have to be that good all along.

      Funny you should promote NA playoff systems. All the big talk in Canada right now is asking if the NHL playoffs just made a mockery of the league, when a team 33 points below the league winners can get lucky 4 times in a week and knock off the best team of the last 9 months. All that work blown in 8 days. Why should fans bother to go watch a league game when over half the league makes the part of they year that really matters? How did an NBA team that can’t get over .500 for the season still manage to earn a chance at the title?

      But really, the playoff vs. table / promotion & relegation debate is one for another day.

      1. 4/7 playoff series do a pretty good job of evening out a hot streak. Hockey, however is prone to upsets because of the outsized role of goalies.

        I thought the question was who we thought deserved the title? Shouldn’t I be allowed to give more weight to wins in more difficult games?

        1. You can do what you want, just don’t expect everyone to agree with your reasoning. Using the playoff method as part of that reasoning is completely at odds with the league system.

  4. Chelsea def deserve to win the premier league so far this season they have being first in the league 31/37 games. They have beaten the so called top three other teams united, liverpool and arsenal twice this season. They showed on may accasions that they dont have to rely on any one player like united-rooney or liverpool-torres they have a quality team and can play without the big names in the team and still get a decent result. In my opinion man utd are a lucky team 11 own goals in one season how many games did them own goals win for them. This year united didnt show quality they scrapped through most of there games were yes chelsea scrapped through some games but for a team to score 7 goals in 3 games against decent enough teams in a great achievement so CHELSEA deserves the title this year so good luck to them?

    1. Nice post, conya. ManUre has been very, very lucky this season…the most telling stat is definitely the fact that Chelsea have been undefeated versus the big 4. Chelsea also beat Man United in the Community Shield match back in August 😉

  5. I agree with sucka99 that the table doesn’t lie and the team at the top of the table deserves the title. That being said, the consensus here seems to be that Chelsea fielded a more complete team this season, however if Chelsea slips up this week and United wins, United wins the league. In light of the comments, it would seem that this result would be converse to the “best team” argument, which itself is admittedly subjective. Is is possible that having the best player on a team can translate that team into being the “best” team as well? The notion of best, while left to conjecture, is sorted by the reality of total points at the end of the year. While Chelsea may have fielded a solid squad throughout the year, United’s ability to gut out wins throughout the year still has the squad with a chance to win the title, albeit a slim chance.

    So in effect, the end result may not be that different from a huge upset in a playoff style competition. You could end up with a result where the most complete team doesn’t win the title. Sunday will be interesting…

  6. Hmmm. Doesn’t take too much to challenge the “beat the big 4, everyone else is lucky” claims. Chelsea played United three times. All three times, a significant goal (winner in the two league games) came from a highly controversial play. It’s pretty lucky that a linesman was the only person on the planet who didn’t see Drogba offside when he scored the winner at Old Trafford. If both teams grab 1 point from that matchup, United is 2 points ahead going into round 38.

    It’s not quality vs. luck. It’s quality AND luck that win you titles. In the end, you can’t do much about luck, so you need to focus on the things you can change. After 38 games, whoever handles that task the best is the deserving champion.

      1. Ugh. Thank you for missing the point. That being, everyone has a bit of luck on their side to combine with ability in order to win the title. Every team has a litany of “ifs” that could have won them a title, got them into Europe, or kept them in the Premiership. In the end, you end up where you belong. if Chelsea lift the trophy, they’re the right men for the job. If not, those six wins agains the big four lose lustre in the light of the seven losses against “minnows”.

        Everybody’s got a hard-luck story and another they hope others don’t remember to bring up when the griping begins.

  7. Is there a game Sunday that will challenge the excitement of Wednesday’s Spurs-City game? Or the Chelsea – United game from over a month ago? Having teams directly competing for the trophy brings a different level of excitement.

  8. How anyone could vote for United is beyond me.

    Didn’t Chelsea beat United…twice?
    Hasn’t Chelsea been leading the PL for like…95% of the season?

    Chelsea is the better team this season…period. End of story.

    1. Actually, three times if you count the Community Shield. United fans just need to get over the fact that Chelsea has beaten them every single time this season.

      1. UpTheBlues..That Chelsea have been the superior team this season is not in doubt and I would agree that United have had more than their fair share of luck generally. What would worry me as a Chelsea fan however, is that for all United’s shortcomings and reliance on Rooney, they are just a single point behind with one game to play. I believe both teams will not have the luxury of such a points cushion this time next season.

        1. I think the small point difference is an indication that United have had more luck than normal (own goals, favorable calls, etc.) and Chelsea less (John Terry scandals, Essien/Cole injuries, etc.)

          But United didn’t get those points with a ski mask and a gun. Like you said later on, they pressured their way to that luck.

  9. Hmmm, I will go out on a limb and say: The team that has the most points and the best goal difference after the last match should be crowned champions.

    It is not a beauty pageant.

  10. No one deserves anything. Whichever team ends up finishing the season at the top of the table is the only one that can lay legitimate claim to to the trophy. End of story. I’m sick of hearing “what if?”s, gripes, and excuses.

    That said, if the season ended today, Chelsea would be champions for a reason. They swept the rest of the Big 4 and have been class most of the season. Chelsea is a complete team; they never rely on one player **cough**Rooney**cough**. Also, United’s luck has been ridiculously good. Just ask their second best scorer, Own Goal. I really wish Liverpool had signed him…

    Yes, I realized it takes some skill to score an own goal. But you can’t honestly tell me that it has more to do with superior offensive play than defensive misfortune.

    However, the table doesn’t lie at the end of the season. I’m supporting Chelsea, but if Manchester United ends up winning the title thanks to a Chelsea choke, more power to them. Trust me, that was painful to type. But it’s true.

  11. Lolita…Just had to respond to this if only to suggest you choose a slightly sweeter brand of grape :-) There is no doubt Chelsea deserve the title based on the quality of their play, results, number of goals etc. but you will know as a follower of Liverpool that strikers are paid big bucks to consistently hit the target, be they Torres or Rooney (try not to choke!)

    Yes, United have ridden their luck this season and been over-reliant on “you know who”, but in fairness, goals (own or otherwise) only arrive as a result of pressure by the attacking team.

    Chelsea have been the most complete team but true champions fight for their crown don’t they.

    1. Ah, fair enough. I just wanted to make the point that they’ve been extremely lucky and very reliant on Rooney. We have the same situation back at Liverpool with Torres, I’ll be the first to admit. We’ll see who ends up victorious today…

  12. So you call Utd Manure, okay if Utd are shit what does that make the rest of the premiere league who have a real long way to go to catch up with Magnificant Utd.


  14. Honestly, I have 2 friends(STUPID) that support man utd. They have been posting shit onto facebook saying WIGAN, DO US A FAVOR, or whatsoever. But personally, they are lying to themselves. By the end of 2day, one of this friends actually said that if Chelsea won the title(which is 99% true) he would stop his studies. This is stupid. End of story.

    Stoke and Wigan aren’t very strong so i think that Chelsea and Man Utd both will win(OF course, i would hope Man Utd lost). As i have said, by the end of 2day, we shall noe hu is really the better team.

    Chelsea has the better team, played better this season so that is why they should win the title.


  15. Chelsea deserve to win the title as they have been the best team in the PL this season. The fact that they could go on and win the FA Cup as well shows you that they have a terrific squad and a very good manager. Manchester United have been reliant on Rooney a bit too much (the same with liverpool’s reliance on Torres). let’s hope both today’s title-deciding matches have twists and turns till the end, something like Chelsea losing at half time and United winning at half time. In the end I still believe Chelsea will win it.

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