Fact or Fiction: West Ham United Wage Bill Leaked

Football - West Ham United Press Conference

Someone from the Daily Star has either gone to a heck of a lot of trouble and has a fair bit of time on their hands, or West Ham United, more specifically, Sullivan and Gold, have a good bit of cleaning house and cutting wages to do this off season. Unsure if this “alleged official document” is fact or fiction, but the 2009-2010 West Ham wage bill has been leaked and is sure to raise a few eyebrows from Hammers fans.

Take the link above and see for yourself, but if there’s any truth to the document, Hammers boss Gianfranco Zola makes under £37,000 per week, which is less than at least seven current West Ham first team players. Seriously, is Kieron Dyer really worth £70,000 per week? And what of the supposed £70,000 for Luis Boa Morte?

When tallied up, West Ham’s wage bill approaches the annual sum of £37m. Which of course is a staggering number for a club who’ve barely stayed up this season.

West Ham United haven’t gone quietly in the night, which of course, we wouldn’t expect them to. The club have released an official statement which contains pretty much the PR-corporate speak one would come to expect in a situation like this. Words like “hoax”, “alleged” and “inaccurate” are used to make a point.

West Ham United can confirm the newspaper article published this morning in the Daily Star, relating to alleged player and staff wages is not based on any club document, the figures contained within it are totally inaccurate and the document is a hoax”.

Again, although it makes for some interesting reading and comparison, we’re not 100% sure if this document has any validity. The wage bill does however seem like a fair bit of work and design for someone to go through for just a hoax. On the other side, West Ham would say exactly what they did in the press in attempts to cover up this embarrassing story – there’s no chance they’d admit it’s real.

I’m glad West Ham have stayed up this season. They’re a smaller East London club with a great history and fantastic, passionate support who have done well in the shadows of other London rivals. As they enter into an off season which is sure to see numerous changes take place at Upton Park, the Hammers will look to strengthen their squad as they hope to maintain the services of Scott Parker, Robert Green, Carlton Cole and others and build upon a lackluster and difficult year.

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