Spurs Players Drench Harry Redknapp With Ice Bucket

It’s party time for Tottenham supporters around the world and especially in North London after Spurs beat Manchester City in a thoroughly entertaining game.

In the post match interview on Sky Sports, the Tottenham players crept up on Harry Redknapp and drenched him with the contents of an ice bucket while ‘Arry was being interviewed. Watch the hilarious interview in the video above.

9 thoughts on “Spurs Players Drench Harry Redknapp With Ice Bucket”

  1. I hope Spurs can retain Bentley simply for the depth that he provides the midfield, but I doubt they’ll be able to. He could start on most other clubs and has had a fantastic second half of the season.

  2. At least we’ve solved that old chestnut of a question that everyone was dying to know:

    David Bentley: boxers or briefs?

  3. Congrats to Spurs, what an amazing match yesterday. You could really feel the tension in the air with every oppurtunity each side had on goal. Much credit to Tottenham and ‘Arry for coming out and going for it, they were the better side on the night and down the stretch when most (including myself) thought they would fade away. Going into that three match stretch in the crucial point of the season against the three clubs ahead of them was no small task and to come away with two wins was an immense effort. Here’s to Spurs!

    1. Not to mention going up to your opponent’s ground vying for that 4th spot and taking all three points getting the job done at the first moment of asking instead of settling for a draw and leaving until Sunday even if it was a against Burnley.

  4. LOL at Bentley’s pants and the “sponsor wall” behind Redknapp being interviewed is just a piece of cardboard taped to the wall.

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