6 thoughts on “One Goal: Part 3 – Road To South Africa”

  1. The goofy hats, the flags as capes, the star-spangled shorts and broad-striped socks.

    They’re trying too hard. And they’ll never be taken seriously as long as they do. Most sane people, in fact, will avoid them.

    Would you exchange email addresses or pose in a photo or wish to converse with any of those people?

  2. Every time one of these videos come out i get douche chills. These guys try way to hard to be “fans” and its screams, “i just discovered soccer when i studied abroad”.

  3. I wish that whoever is putting these together would focus on the actual road to the World Cup, rather than the fans that rooted for them.

    I do appreciate the crazy fans. Maybe I don’t exchange emails with them, but I don’t need to either. It is just the game is more interesting to me.

    Thanks for the video. One final thought….where did they get the scoreboard ? Didn’t they just build that stadium ? I am not sure if I love it for its old school simplicity, or hate it because it looks like you are attending a high school game.

    1. As mentioned back when these videos started, these videos were meant to document the USA supporter experience, not the matches themselves.

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