Fox Gets Chelsea and Man Utd Season Finales

Fox has just revealed the Premier League season finale matches it’ll be showing on its soccer networks Sunday. They’ll be showing the two most important games. Chelsea against Wigan Athletic (11am ET) will air on Fox Soccer Channel, while Fox Soccer Plus will televise Manchester United versus Stoke City (also 11am ET). The United game will also be available online via, Fox’s broadband soccer channel.

Both games are must-see to determine who will end the season as Premier League champions. As of press time, ESPN hasn’t announced which game it’ll be showing on its network. And hasn’t released its schedule but the site will presumably feature many of the Premier League games live on Sunday.

In related news, the following Football League games will be shown this Saturday, May 8:

  • Blackpool v Nottingham Forest, 7:40am ET, Fox Soccer Plus and
  • Leeds United v Bristol Rovers, 10am ET, Fox Soccer Plus and

ESPN3 will presumably show many of the other Football League playoff games that Fox Soccer Plus (and aren’t showing. But, again, as of press time, ESPN’s schedule hasn’t been announced.

31 thoughts on “Fox Gets Chelsea and Man Utd Season Finales”

  1. I guess this means ESPN2 will show either the Burnley-Tottenham or West Ham-Manchester City, since those would be the key matches depending on tomorrow’s result. Of course, neither would matter if Spurs won.

    Can ESPN wait until tomorrow night to pick one?

    1. Spike, correct. I think your assumption is correct. They’ll see what happens Wednesday night and will then make a decision which Sunday match they’ll show.

      The Gaffer

      1. Question is, if Spurs win, what match will they show? I suppose the only race left then is the one for 3rd place :)

    1. I have the same problem man. I live in southwestern CT and have Cablevision and they wont make a deal with ESPN to allow Optimum Online users to use ESPN3.

        1. I called Cablevision 2 months ago requesting it and they said they would put a note on my account so they could keep a tally of the request so they could let what ever department decides what stations get added know.

          I also requested online through for them to add ESPN3.

    1. Thanks Ric. I’ve fixed that now. With the Championship playing their final regular season games last week, I forgot that League One has one more week to go.

      The Gaffer

  2. I love the fact that my mate in Tampa gets FSC+ free of charge on Brighthouse but over here on the east coast of Florida we can’t even get a sniff. Benders!

  3. I canceled because of the poor quality, and the fact that when there are streaming issues, etc there is no customer service phone number, just email and online “dialogue.” Then they had the cheek to charge my credit card again, and because of some suspicion behind the third party company involved with payments, my credit card company warned me of potential fraud transaction. I sorted it out but only after a lot of bother. If Fox Soccer Plus isn’t available in the New York metro area next season, there is no way I will spend a dime on, even if means I miss seeing my beloved Man U.

      1. David—You may have it on TimeWarner, but that doesn’t mean anyone else does (for instance, me). Each regional manager gets to decide whether or not to carry it based on his particular take on the economics of the situation. It will never be carried here in eastern NC.

        Good for you, though. Where are you located?

        1. Good point. I was replying to the specific statement that “if FS+ is not available in the NYC metro area”; yes I had heard that TWC was making it a market-by-market decision. I live in NYC and we didn’t get it immediately but we’ve had for the last 6 weeks.

          It’s funny, the picture on the FS+ HD channel is 50x better than the FSC picture, so (selfishly) I would vastly prefer the FA Cup Final to be on FS+ rather than FSC. But in sympathy with you all who still can’t get FS+, I’m glad you get to see on FSC. It’s still very strange to me that TWC in NYC was able to roll out two channels for FS+ pretty quickly (FS+ & FS+ HD), but still doesn’t have an FSC HD…

          1. Actually, I too wish the FA Cup were on FS+, because then it would be on also. For me the picture quality on is ten times better than FSC’s and fortunately I have had very few problems with

            If’s line-up is as good next season (I’m also a rugby fan) I will resubscribe in a heartbeat. It is *my* FS+.

  4. I actually heard this news yesterday from a dude at Fox Soccer, but it still baffles me. If ESPN has the first pick of games and they have not picked a game yet, what’s to say that they don’t pick Chelsea v Wigan. Have they waived their rights for the first pick by dragging their heels? It doesn’t make sense. Why would they not want to show the potential trophy lifting match?

  5. FSC has 1st pick of any Sunday games beginning at 10:00 ET or later (normally they air the 11:00 game unless a 10:00 game- which is typically postponed from Saturday because of Europa League commitments- clearly stands out). The only question was whether they’d take Chelsea’s opportunity to clinch the title over Man U’s typically higher ratings.

    FS+ normally airs the early game on Sunday, but since all of the games on the final day are at 11:00, and NewsCorp is the master rightsholder, they probably defaulted to 2nd pick- the other game affecting the title race. FWIW, Sky Sports will carry both games on Sunday in the UK/Ireland.

    ESPN is then left with 3rd pick, which should be whichever team enters the final day in 4th place. The other game would likely air SDD on FSC or FS+ in the early afternoon. I agree that Arsenal-Fulham is ESPN’s alternate pick if Tottenham wins on Wednesday to clinch 4th place.

  6. What about Leicester v Cardiff in the Championship playoffs. Will this be live Sunday on Fox Soccer+?? I switched to DIrecTV this week for this game….

    1. I see the Championship Play-off schedule as:

      Saturday, 8 May 2010 Blackpool v Nottm Forest, 7:45 am (BBC says the match is at 12:45pm London time, but Fox Soccer + shows it as live at 12:30 pm NY time): Fox Soccer +. Phil Dowd to referee.
      Sunday, 9 May 2010 Leicester v Cardiff, 8:15 am,, Alan Wiley
      Tuesday, 11 May 2010 Nottm Forest v Blackpool, 2:45 pm,, Mark Clattenburg
      Wednesday, 12 May 2010, Cardiff v Leicester, 2:45 pm, FS+, Steve Bennett

  7. Oh, I just checked and it looks like the FA Cup Final will be simulcast next Saturday on both FSC & FS+. (I think the original deal was simulcast on FSC and Setanta, so Fox must not have a problem with their advertisers.) Therefore, those of us with FS+ HD (but no FSC HD) can still watch in HD! Thanks, Fox.

  8. Update: will be showing the Man U – Stoke City match, the Arsenal – Fulham match and the Tottenham – Burnley match live this Sunday morning. ESPN2 is showing Man City – West Ham.

  9. David the Yank, Thanks for telling me about Fox Soccer Plus in the NYC area. I didn’t realize. Pity the season is over but it’s good to know for ’10/’11.

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