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Chelsea overcame their largest remaining title obstacle on Sunday, a comfortable 2-0 win at Anfield where an unfortunate assist from Steven Gerrard helped officially eliminate Liverpool’s chances of returning to Champions League. On this edition of the EPL Talk podcast, myself, Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer review the weekend that was in the Premiership, a weekend that featured Manchester City eliminating Aston Villa from the race for fourth place, beating the Villans 3-1 on Saturday.

Question of the Week

In the show’s second segment, the panel debates the choices the Football Writer’s Association and Professional Footballers Association made concerning their awards. Wayne Rooney won each association’s player of the year, a choice one of the show’s panelists thought erroneous.

Who would have been your choice for player of the season? Did you find similar faults with the PFA’s choices for young player, goalkeeper and team that the EPL Talk pundits expressed?

Give you feedback, below, and give us something to talk about on this week’s weekend preview show.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Review Show: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. How is Lampard left off of the PFA Team of the Year? His genius needs no repeating, 25 goals from midfield on the team most likely to win a league/FA Cup double ought to speak for themselves – best box to box midfielder in the game. His omission is disappointing. I’m surprised no one mentioned it.

    1. I would have taken Lampard over Fletcher, definitely, but Lampard’s goal totals are exaggerated by him being Chelsea’s sole PK taker.

      This is also another reason why Drogba, statistically, has had a better year than Rooney. Ronney has 4 PK goals (I believe). Drogba has none.

      Regardless, even if you take away Lampard’s spot kicks, he’s had a great year.

  2. Obviously the penalties inflate the total, but 17 goals from open play is still impressive.

    I also think there’s something to be said for converting one’s penalties at a nearly perfect rate (Lampard has missed one in the last two seasons). I find that people are seemingly quick to dismiss goals scored from the spot, when there is a degree of difficulty in them, though nothing near the difficulty of scoring from open play obviously. I think players who are imperious from the spot (Lampard, Rooney, et al) should get more commendation and less backhanded praise.

    Regardless, I think we’re in agreement that Lampard was a pretty glaring omission. Great discussion as usual.

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