Stoke City Home Shirt, 2010-11 Season: Photo

Stoke City unveiled their new home football shirt for the 2010-11 season Sunday night. The design by Adidas is the first of a four-year deal with the German kit supplier.

The three white stripes down the shoulders and arms of the Stoke City shirt are a good complement to the stripes on the front of the shirt. Amid a lot of controversy, the back of the shirt is a solid red color instead and does not feature stripes. This may not seem like a big deal for most soccer fans, but if you’re a Stoke City supporter, it’s part of the club’s tradition.

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14 thoughts on “Stoke City Home Shirt, 2010-11 Season: Photo”

  1. What ever happened to the good ol’ number plate? Striped or hooped teams with solid backs look stupid.

    I understand the need to be able to read numbers, and names are trickier again, but if UEFA employed a patch instead of a full solid back, it wouldn’t look like three teams on the pitch.

    It’s not like Stoke is off to Europe anyway. poor uniform.

  2. Stoke’s new strip it was unveiled last night and has gone down like a lead balloon. It’s on sale for £40 which is the going rate, but you can buy the same red and white striped shirt for your Sunday League team to wear (minus the logos) for £15.95! It seems to me that Adidas and the club have scored a massive own goal.

  3. The new kit is rubbish! Adidas and a suprisingly weak board have let Stoke fans down. Why are there three shades of red when we always only have one? Why are Adidas unable to get the badge in the cetre of the stripe or half and half? I will not buy this and will continue to wear this seasons, till the stripes on the back return and the kit looks like a Stoke kit and not a cheap and nasty sunday league kit!! Shame on you Adidas and the Board!!!!

  4. Stoke from the front, ManU from behind, not good enough Stoke. I’m a Stokie not a hybrid, unlike the kit!!

    Retro next season for me, or at least until the kit changes to R&W stripes all round.

    Stoke forever.

  5. Stripes from back to front, that is what stoke is all about. I am not giving them up ever.

    Young Stokie

    Stoke all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I LOVE the new Stoke top!!!

    Massive Stoke season ticket holder and i think it’s been the best shirt ina long time!!

    up the Potters


  7. Stoke Have Had the striped Back since 1863
    To change it messes it up
    I Know Sund have a simalar Strip but We’ve had it much longer than them

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