11 thoughts on “A Brief History of the U.S. Men’s National Team: Video”

  1. USA Soccer and its fans need to stop focusing on beating individual giants (Upsets) and winning trophies. For almost a year you can read post that state, “we beat Spain so that means we have arrived”.

    1. Are you saying the US should stop focusing on winning it all ?
      Are you a commie ?
      Of course we should focus on winning it all, it is what sports is, especially in the US.

      I agree beating Spain does not mean we have arrived. We beat England in 1950. We will have arrived when MLS games sell out like NFL games. The Ochocincos of the world will make an actual choice between other sports and soccer.

      1. Charles, you have no idea what your talking about. did you not read that USA has to focus on winning trophies? MLS has nothing to do with our countries success. As long as our top talent gets enough playing time and paid what they deserve, then i am fine with that. Argentina’s entire national team does not even play in Argentina because those clubs can not afford them

      2. I love how “Commie” has become some bizarro catch-all insult in America, even in a context (like this) that has nothing to do with politics, let alone Communist politics.

        FYI, the definition of Communism has nothing to do with whether somebody values sporting success.

        On the contrary, I think Communist nations (and people) have often placed great value on winning sporting events. Maybe do some research into the performance of USSR and China at the Olympics to back this up.

  2. hey gaffer gotta say i love the fact that you throw in The Death Of Optimus Prime from The Transfromers The Movie (1986) that fitted perfectly with the tragedy of 2006 world cup performance.

  3. The USA may very well get a rematch against Germany this year if they(the USA) end up 2nd in group C and Germany win their group.

    Best of luck USA!

  4. I would love to see a bit more balance in videos like this. Everyone seems to forget that going into the Egypt game last summer, our drubbings by Italy and Brazil made getting to the Spain game one in a thousand. Isn’t that almost as big or bigger than getting to play Spain? Or what about Kasey Keller’s performance in that 1998 Gold Cup game against Brazil? Details, folks, details. The good and the bad. I’m American as they come, but I’m sick of rah-rah, Go USA and all that. For me, the results THIS summer (not last summer) in South Africa will tell where we are.

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