Poll: Who Will Win the Premier League? Chelsea or Man United?

It was a nerve-wracking Sunday in the Premier League with both Chelsea and Manchester United’s Premier League title hopes on the line, but both clubs came through with their much needed three points. That means that the Premier League will be decided on the final day of the season. Who could ask for anything more?

But with Chelsea’s superior goal difference of +9, Sir Alex Ferguson will have to hope that Chelsea loses or draws against Wigan Athletic on the final day of the season. But, at the same time, Fergie will have to make sure that his United team can beat Stoke City at Old Trafford. The gap in goal difference is particularly important considering that Chelsea scored seven past Stoke last week.

So go ahead and vote and let everyone know who you think will win the 2009-10 Premier League title. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

23 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win the Premier League? Chelsea or Man United?”

  1. The 45 people who voted for United are crazy and I am saying this as a United supporter. If Chelsea were to lose to Wigan, I would single handedly go streaking singing Glory Glory Man United.

  2. Sadly Chelsea will win, I hope that Wigan will take points against Chelsea, but its like 0.1% chance that they will. But anyways, Chelsea did a great season.

  3. Chelsea has been the best team in the PL this season….and you can go to United’s blogs/forums and for the most part see them admit such.

    They deserve the crown and will win it

  4. Who wins the title will depend on which Wigan team shows up at Stamford Bridge. They can play with the best, at times, but all too often they are average to poor. I’m picking Chelsea to win on Sunday and take the title because they will want to avenge the defeat to Wigan earlier in the season. But, again, it depends on whcih Wigan team shows up. I see Man United winning against Stoke so Chelsea must win to lift the title.

  5. Indeed, people voting United are nuts.

    I mean, Chelsea losing to Wigan is not inconceivable. This season Chelsea have dropped 9 points to teams who are going to finish in the bottom half of the table. Man U have dropped 7. Shock losses happen. And if you go to your bookie and place a bet on Wigan, well, hey, more power to you. But you’d better be doing so because you think the bookie’s odds are wrong – not because you’re daft enough to think Wigan are favorites.

    I thought there was a better than 50% chance of Chelsea dropping at least 2 points against Liverpool. But there is a less than 50% chance of them doing so against Wigan, and I think anyone who argues otherwise is just nuts.

    1. “I mean, Chelsea losing to Wigan is not inconceivable. This season Chelsea have dropped 9 points to teams who are going to finish in the bottom half of the table. ”

      All away from home though. At home, Chelsea lost to Man City (with 2 men sent off and the reserve GK having a nightmare) and against Everton with 3 of the freakiest goals ever seen in one match

      1. Sure. So it’s even more remote. But you still can’t really say there’s no chance. Sometimes freaky goals or massive spells of red cards or just plain lousy days happen.

  6. It will be crazy if United win this season. They are inconsistent. Second place is just too good for them.

    Look at the Chelsea’s display against Liverpool, they are strong side but look how Spurs beat them. So Wigan can do it too.

    So anything can happen.

  7. Like SAF says, it’s a crazy game…anything is possible! The chances of Cheslea beating Wigan is probably close to 90% but there’s always that 10%! I’m merely plucking figures from the air but what I’m trying to say is while there’s life, there’s hope and although it looks unlikely that Wigan can get anything from Chelsea, it’s NOT impossible! So… all u Man United supporters out there should put your full weight behind Man U cos this is when they need you the most…yes, it sucks to have to rely on another team to do us a favour but in football as in life, some things are in your hands, others are not and as supporters, the best we can do is well, hope for the best!!!

  8. i don see any playing tactics which can deny chelsea from scooping this seasons title since it has been going through it in the means of experience and courages from like of its players like kalou and the others…so its now or never .big ips to all chelsea fans…mo faya

  9. If anyone can throw away the title, Chelsea will probably give it a good go, they have looked awful at times this season, for example Bolton home, Spurs away , Wigan away, a combination of a strong Wigan team, big match nerves and Sir Alex’s mind games, anything can still happen!

  10. I think Roberto Martinez is not strong enough to defeat Chelsea.
    Wigan defeat Chelsea in DW Stadium 3-1 after Petr Cech’s red card but now
    Chelsea is full strength as there is no injuries accept Essien so it is quite
    easy for Chelsea.

    Note: Carlo Ancelotti has promised he would hold the BPL trophy!

  11. Manchester United is hosting Stoke City that is bad as Stoke City defeat Arsenal in January 24 and they beat Manchester City 3-1 in
    City of Manchester stadium.
    Manchester United may draw in a unpredictable match.
    They may not hold the trophy…

  12. How great would it be if both Chelsea and Man United were to draw or lose. Fergie would get a fit! This is Chelsea’s to throw away and I think Wigan whose away form isn’t very good will have a very hard time getting a result at Stamford Bridge.

  13. Man u is going to win becouse chesea will play with over confident from there error will be commited and joyfull soung will come from united fans. i love united

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