Liverpool's Woes Compounded; Chelsea Almost There

Football - Liverpool v Chelsea Barclays Premier League

Out of the Europa league, out of the Champion’s League next season, trophy-less this season, and with key players and manager looking likely to leave, Liverpool’s season of agony is coming to a close. An outstanding contrast to the way they finished last season, the question on all Pool fans’ minds will inevitably be “what went wrong?”

As the team trudged back onto the pitch to say their final farewells for the season with what must’ve been very heavy footsteps, the imminent fate of the club seemed reflected on all their faces. Indeed, from the minute Steven Gerrard provided Didier Drogba with his 26th goal of the season, Liverpool seemed certain of their destiny. The silence emanating from the Kop seemed to confirm that the sentiment was not shared amongst the players alone.

A start as sluggish as you’d ever see from a supposed top four club, Liverpool never looked like they would stand a chance. It didn’t help that Liverpool supporters all over the globe were torn between potentially allowing Manchester United to surpass their record, and retaining what’s left of their pride. Ultimately, sloppy defending and listless attacking made that decision for them.

As for Chelsea, they go up against Wigan, a team that despite their humiliating 9 – 1 defeat against Tottenham, beat Arsenal, Liverpool and, Chelsea. While it is true that the title is theirs to lose, Chelsea must be wary to avoid complacency, lest they suffer a similar fate as Arsenal.

Interesting fact: 75% of Liverpool fans in Singapore wanted Liverpool to lose.

11 thoughts on “Liverpool's Woes Compounded; Chelsea Almost There”

  1. Amazing to see how close behind Everton are after their horrible start. Liverpool are lucky they can’t be overtaken and miss out on Europe altogether (although I’m sure UEFA would remember that 8th place in in England ALSO qualifies for the Champions League, just this one time).

  2. The Liverpool kits say “Betfair offers best odds on 2-0 Chelsea win!” in Chinese.

    There’s a good chance my head will be under the pillows next weekend, but my team is going out on its shield. What a gutless performance, headed by Carragher calamity Gerrard, trying out for his new bosses next hear by proving he can hit Drogba with a through pass. He’s either crooked or incredibly stupid. Considering he’s done this before, I’m leaning toward stupid.

    If I were a ‘Pool fan, I’d be beyond dismayed with how my passion for the club was sold out today. Pride? Tradition? More like “we’ll bend over like a ten cent whore.”

    Only thing sadder were the fans in the stands cheering their team’s loss. How pathetic is it that you’re reduced to cheering the near misses of others instead of the success of your own. Hopeless.

    1. Jealous about who’s going to be hoisting the trophy much?

      Why did it matter to you that Liverpool won? It’s sad that you cared more about Chelsea losing than ManUre winning.

  3. Rafa has legitimate gripes with the Yank owners but his team is so consistently under-prepared that it blows my mind how he can just blow that off and blame owners.

    His team is NOT that under-funded or under-talented to play like they do

    He has talent and he doesn’t use it whatsoever

  4. The reason for Liverpools woes is a manager that does not have a clue how to manage in the Premier League and the type of player that will succeed in England. Rafa’s buys haven’t been that great. Yes, he has bought Torres, Reina, Mascherano and a few other decent players but more frequently he has bought mediocrity. Rafa does not know how to motivate his players. As bad as the owners have been to the club they do not prepare the team to play on the field, that responsibility belongs to the manager. Once Rafa is replaced with a manager that will motivate his players and allow them to express themselves things will improve for Liverpool.

  5. F!@# off Liverpool FC/ What have you done recently /No Premeirship Titles / No Champions league/ What have you done recently !! Come on Chelsea !!

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