Ghosts of Liverpool Succumb to Chelsea Defeat

Football - Liverpool v Chelsea Barclays Premier League

Sunday’s Liverpool match against Chelsea was a perfect reflection of the dire situation the once proud red half is in.

It was a hapless, abject performance from Liverpool who floated around the pitch like ghosts. Lacking inspiration, desire and spirit, the 2-0 scoreline to Chelsea was a fair result.

While the Liverpool team of this season has shown some signs of life (such as their games against Atletico Madrid), the uninspired performance against Chelsea on Sunday summed up a season of massive disappointment. This is a once proud club who are on its knees. It’s time for Benitez to leave. It’s time for new owners. It’s time for someone to clear the Anfield house and start all over again.

What a poor, lifeless performance by Liverpool. It’s a bad sign when the best player on the pitch was Jose Pepe Reina. Based on the soulless performance by Liverpool today, you must wonder what the atmosphere was like in the dressing room before this match and at half-time. Judging by how the Reds performed, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was an uncomfortable silence.

The only positive that Liverpool supporters can take from this game is that they may have prevented Manchester United from winning the title.

It was only fitting that Steven Gerrard was the one who gave Chelsea the gift of the first goal when his errant back pass was served up to Drogba, who knocked the ball into the net.

After that went in, there was still no spark from Liverpool. And Chelsea’s second goal courtesy of Frank Lampard was the icing on the cake for the Blues. For Liverpool supporters, it’s going to be a long and slow agonizing summer. Liverpool supporters deserve better. They deserve a team that is proud to wear the red shirt of Liverpool. They don’t deserve these ghosts.


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