Ghosts of Liverpool Succumb to Chelsea Defeat

Football - Liverpool v Chelsea Barclays Premier League

Sunday’s Liverpool match against Chelsea was a perfect reflection of the dire situation the once proud red half is in.

It was a hapless, abject performance from Liverpool who floated around the pitch like ghosts. Lacking inspiration, desire and spirit, the 2-0 scoreline to Chelsea was a fair result.

While the Liverpool team of this season has shown some signs of life (such as their games against Atletico Madrid), the uninspired performance against Chelsea on Sunday summed up a season of massive disappointment. This is a once proud club who are on its knees. It’s time for Benitez to leave. It’s time for new owners. It’s time for someone to clear the Anfield house and start all over again.

What a poor, lifeless performance by Liverpool. It’s a bad sign when the best player on the pitch was Jose Pepe Reina. Based on the soulless performance by Liverpool today, you must wonder what the atmosphere was like in the dressing room before this match and at half-time. Judging by how the Reds performed, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was an uncomfortable silence.

The only positive that Liverpool supporters can take from this game is that they may have prevented Manchester United from winning the title.

It was only fitting that Steven Gerrard was the one who gave Chelsea the gift of the first goal when his errant back pass was served up to Drogba, who knocked the ball into the net.

After that went in, there was still no spark from Liverpool. And Chelsea’s second goal courtesy of Frank Lampard was the icing on the cake for the Blues. For Liverpool supporters, it’s going to be a long and slow agonizing summer. Liverpool supporters deserve better. They deserve a team that is proud to wear the red shirt of Liverpool. They don’t deserve these ghosts.

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  1. Yes, it was quite disheartening to see Gerrard make that pass – in spite of being a Chelsea fan. While the result is what I was hoping for, I did expect Liverpool to put on more of a show.

    Liverpool’s form has been poor this season. And my expectations from the team have been hinged on some really memorable games that they have played. That being said, I am afraid that Liverpool has truly outgrown Rafa. The players he has bought in never inspired trust neither have they truly worked. Point in case – Redknapp and Spurs.

    So, do Liverpool need to let go of Rafa? Yes.
    Will they change remarkably in the next season? Doubtful.

  2. This season might prove a mixed blessing for the reds. Lack of Champions League and Anfield ire will have forced Hicks and Gillett out and could get Liverpool much deeper pockets. If Man City end up with Liverpool’s spot then they will be able to get some £100 million for Torres which should help freshen the squad dramatically. If it ends up Tottenham, it’ll seem easier to rejoin the European party and more of a reason to release funds. Provided they get an owner who understands buying the club as also pumping in another £100-200 million in players, this year will could be regarded as the primary reason for 19,20, and 21 much in the way that Chelsea making Champions League in 2002-2003 was probably what enabled 2,3, and maybe 4.

    1. oh dear — that’s really pie-in-the-sky thinking, scott. A few things to chew on:

      1) When (not if) Torres is sold, City will pay 40-50m for the injury prone genius, not a penny more.

      2) Hicks & Gillette owe over 200m from their purchase of the club, and currently value it at 800m, an unrealistic 4 times what they paid for it a few years back. **NO ONE** is going to take that on. Not having Champions League football makes Liverpool unattractive to investors, and almost excludes the possibility of a desirable sale with investment to follow.

      3) No one is going to inject 100-200m for players at anfield, but that’s probably about what’s needed for the squad to compete for the title. See point #2.

      3) Stevie G looks nearly a spent force, and is pushing 30. Reina and Masch are the only other players with any true class at liverpool, and even they may leave post-Rafa

      4) Again, no CL footy this year is a killer. The club is budgeted to have those tens of millions of pounds coming in each year. To miss out is a disaster, and also makes attracting players who can improve the side very difficult indeed, even if funds existed.

      At this rate, it’s a foregone conclusion ManU will beat us to 19 titles. Even Chelsea may accomplish 19 titles before we do…

  3. Good points, K.R.A.P. There is no way anyone will pay more than, I’ll say, 60 million for someone as injury-prone and fragile as Torres.

    Gillette and Hicks have come as close as humanly possible to destroying one of the greatest sports franchises in history. They may as well have signed George W. Bush as their president (oops, I forgot that Hicks actually did that with the Rangers). Gerrard — gone. Torres — gone. Benitez — definitely gone. It’s a good thing for Pool that they’ve already re-signed Gomes or he would be gone. I can’t see them signing anybody of the calibre they need to immediately bounce back without the Champions League. And let’s be honest — as Springsteen would say, “Is there anybody alive out there” who actually believes that they can rebuild around Aquilani? I think not…..

    Liverpool is in for a rough few years. The only good thing for them this year was that they had Gomes in goal instead of, say, Almunia — otherwise they might have been facing relegation!!!

    1. You’re an idiot. They have Reina as a ‘keeper, not Gomes. He plays for Spurs.

      Kinda lose your credibility after something like that.

      1. You’re right…it was early in the morning and I don’t know what I was thinking….of course it was Reina — the comment still stands, just substitute Reina for Gomes. For some reason, I guess I was thinking about Tottenham when I wrote it.

      2. By the way, I may be an idiot, but you are certainly rude. You could have just corrected me instead of resorting to namecalling. Doesn’t do a lot for your credibility either.

  4. “For Liverpool supporters, it’s going to be a long and slow agonizing summer.”

    Understatement of the year, Gaffer.

    If Liverpool does not quickly get new ownership willing to inject money into the squad (and they won’t because of G+H’s ridiculous overvaluation), at this time next year the seventh place finish will be cherished nostalgia.

    One nitpick: 2-0 was not a fair result. 4-0 was a fair result. Reina (and the games Torres played – all three of them) remain the sole bright spots of the season.

  5. You might well be right on all of your points however I’d argue that if Hicks and Gillett do still end up indeed selling, it’ll be because Liverpool did miss Champions League. Otherwise, they’d just continue to bleed the club. So there might still be some blessings in this year. On the other hand, they might just sell it to another vampire leech or a well intended but comparatively poor millionaire.
    Secondly, I agree that no one will pay more than £40-60 million if City aren’t in the Champions League. However, City have shown a willingness to offer what seems ridiculous to anybody else. Look at the Kaka offer. Secondly, Torres might actually be worth £100 million to City. Winning a European title to an English club is probably an £80-120 million depending on which club. Add an extra £40-50 million for every year of contention in Champions League. Combine this with the kit sales, tickets, brand, and foreign rights that will dramatically increase for 5-6 years afterwards and you have at least a good argument considering that we know City is going to go for it anyway. Torres might not be the best player in the EPL, but he is the deadliest goal scorer in the league and he has been just that since he got here. Rooney, Ronaldo, and Messi are the only players worth more and City would gladly pay more than £150 million for any of the first two.

  6. Liverpool was not going to win 4th place thus they knew that they do NOT want United to over-take them for something that they value BIG TIME

    If I was in their position, I would be hoping to lose as well

  7. Hilarious transcript snippet of BBC Sportsweek Gary Richardson’s interview with former Liverpool Great – Ian St. John, on the Crisis at Anfield.

    Gary: He [Benitez], has talked again this week about wanting to sign five [more] players, he’s already signed 76 [players] – He has already signed 7 teams – how many more does he want?

    Burst of laughter.

    Ian: Maybe he wants to start up his own League.

    More laughter.

  8. benitez is a total clown. i realise the america owners have been an absolute disaster but the way he has used that situation to blind us all to his own incompetence is cynical at best. his player investments have been dire and what little money we do have has been poured down the drain on dead wood. are his signings the fault of the americans? i think not. any liverpool fan out there who still supports this man is obviously insane.

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