Liverpool v Chelsea, Live Gamecast Starts At 8:15 EST

Chelsea v Liverpool

For weeks pundits have pointed to Sunday as the defining day in the race for the EPL Crown. Chelsea travels to Anfield to take on an always-dangerous Liverpool side. Chelsea hold a one-point lead over Manchester United and Liverpool are clinging to slim Champions’ League hopes. The Blues defeated The Reds 2-0 at Stamford Bridge back in October and Rafa Benitez’s men are looking for revenge. A win for Chelsea puts them in a nearly unbeatable position next weekend while any dropped points gives Manchester United the go-ahead to jump to the top of the table. For Stephen Gerrard and Co., a victory over the hated Blues from London will help take the sting of a horrific season.

Unfortunately for most American fans, Fox Soccer Plus has landed the rights for the fixture and therefore will not be viewable by large portions of the country on their televisions (myself included).

I’ll be providing running commentary for the match starting at 8:15 EST via my feed from  Click on the link below and feel free to send in your comments, questions or trash talk for one of biggest clashes of the season.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea, Live Gamecast

16 thoughts on “Liverpool v Chelsea, Live Gamecast Starts At 8:15 EST”

  1. Liverpool are definitely out of the Champions League so this match is more about Chelsea winning the title or Liverpool doing Man United a favour by getting a result. This could well be Rafa Benitez’s last match in charge of Liverpool at Anfield so that’s another angle to this match. I think with liverpool having nothing to play for, except pride, this could be a very open match. Rafa may just allow his players to go for it to entertain the Anfield crowd by attacking more which is something we haven’t seen much from Liverpool under Rafa’s reign.

  2. Why would they choose to put this on FS+ instead of FSC?
    Dont more homes get FSC?
    Dont get it, they trying to force providers to pick up FS+?

  3. What do you guys think? Should it have been a penalty or not? To me, it wasn’t clearcut and I think the ref made the right decision by not calling a penalty.

    The Gaffer

    1. Watching it on replay again, Kalou was going down before Lucas touched up. Lucas stopped short to avoid brushing Kalou, but there was minimal contact. Still, I think it was a good call by referee Alan WIley.

      The Gaffer

      1. I’m a pool fan, but I can look at these things objectively and I think that’d be a tough pen to give. Wouldn’t have been too shocked to see it though. I agree with you that it looked like Kalou was going down a little too easy.

        From the looks of it though it won’t matter…

        1. Wiley did a horrible job in the first half. Those two yellows were both very cheap, and to not call a penalty was a joke.

  4. No, he’s made contact, knocked one leg onto the other and he’s tripped Kalou, that’s gotta be a pen. I’m with Andy Gray for once, he thinks it’s a penalty too.
    The ref bottled it in front of the kop

  5. As far as the Kalou non-call I thought sufficient contact was made to qualify as for a spot kick. But then again I can’t blame the official for the call. Kalou has made a habit of diving this season (and once earlier in the game) and it comes down to a case of the boy who cried wolf.

    There are negative consequences to diving and divers need to accept that they won’t get calls because of their reputations.

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