Birmingham City Home Football Kit 2010-11 Season: Revealed

It’s decided. Birmingham City’s football kit for the 2010-11 season (pictured above) will be blue and white with a large white chevron across the front of the home blue shirt.

It was the Birmingham City supporters who picked the winning design from a choice of four different designs that were presented to fans on the official Birmingham City website.

Birmingham City has dropped Umbro as it’s official kit supplier for next season and have replaced them with a Chinese company named Xtep. The deal is worth £7.8 to Birmingham City over the next five seasons and it’s believed to be the first time a Premier League kit has worn a a kit made by a Chinese company.

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7 thoughts on “Birmingham City Home Football Kit 2010-11 Season: Revealed”

  1. Gaffer, you meant: The “first time an [officially licensed] Premier League kit [is being] made by a Chinese company”

    Nice design, I’m glad they kept some white. Not quite the iconic “penguin” design but reflects the club’s growing confidence.

  2. “deal is worth £7.8 to Birmingham City over the next five seasons”

    Wow – that sounds like a lot… 😉

  3. what was the oint of picking something similar to what we have already. seeems pointless asking in the first place. i wanted the one with the blues logo in the middle of the shirt.

  4. For the benefit of Bishopville Red the kit chosen by us blues fans isn’t a wanna be United kit. It is an updated version of a very early kit worn by the Blues players circa 1913-1923 which was a Royal Blue shirt with a white V running across the front at shoulder level. The first United kit to include a V wasn’t until 1922-1924 and was a white shirt with a red V. So we could easily say you copied us not the other way round……KRO

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