ESPN get Rangers Assistant Ally McCoist for USA World Cup TV Job

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It seems the planning, preparation and excitement for the World Cup is hitting it’s full stride as of late as we enter into the last two weeks of the Premier League season. In addition to more exciting news from EPL Talk to come soon, ESPN just released it’s World Cup guide on sale everywhere for $9.99, Jurgen Klinsmann has been added to the already fine ESPN roster of studio analysts, and now Rangers legend and assistant manager Ally McCoist is set for a co-commentator job alongside Martin Tyler for the whole of the tournament this summer in South Africa.

Tyler and McCoist will join Derek Rae, Adrian Healey and Ian Darke as match commentators (with more announcements sure to come).

The return of McCoist to TV, his first appearance since leaving ITV almost three years ago to join Walter Smith at Rangers, will only be seen by World Cup fans in ESPN’s American network. Good news for McCoist though as England’s opening round match against USA is sure to conjure massive TV audiences stateside that will most likely make him and Tyler household names.

Does this move of placing the Scot McCoist alongside the Englishman Tyler further infuriate patriot’s who believe an American TV commentator should in someway be involved? As seen on The Gaffer’s story yesterday, the German Klinsmann joins a list of impressive studio analysts a mile long, with only John Harkes’ name included as the lone American for match game analyst.

In my opinion, I think ESPN has made the right decision. I’m not entirely concerned where commentators are from, only that they’re good and bring something of interest and importance to the broadcasts. And let’s face it, there are some damn good British commentators available with plenty of world football experience. I don’t need an American there just because he’s American. I want ESPN to provide to me the best commentators the world has to offer, quality production and stunning HD – not place unqualified, inexperienced commentators on TV that would ultimately put ESPN’s credibility at stake.

As far as McCoist is concerned, I wish him the best. I’ve not heard his match commentary much before, so feel free to leave a comment letting readers of EPL Talk know what to expect if you’re familiar with his work.

28 thoughts on “ESPN get Rangers Assistant Ally McCoist for USA World Cup TV Job”

  1. As long as they leave Tommy Smyth off the air, it’s good by me. I’m thrilled to have Klinsmann and McCoist as analysts.

  2. super ally is a legend, he is mr football, sorry, mr occer lol

    well done ally

    Glasgow Rangers Champions!!!!

    USA for World Cup glory, good luck to the states and in particular, Mo Edu and Damarcus Beasley, good luck guys.

  3. When I first came to the US in ’86 from Glasgow, I happened to see a famous Scottish film on TV called ‘Gregory’s Girl’. To my amusement it was subtitled due to, I assume, the Glasgow patter and strong west coast accents.

    This is how Ally talks…he’s gonnie need sum coachin’ man – an maybe some subtitles n’aw.

  4. Gaffer – been meaning to ask you, any idea why ESPN did not get Jon Champion to do play by play? Figured since he does the play by play for their UK EPL telecasts that it would be a slam dunk. Really enjoy his announcing style and wish he was on the ESPN roster for the World Cup.

  5. i am happy espn is doing this right. maybe america has finally moved past corny commentators who feel the need to explain the rules of the game in broadcast and compare everything that happens in the game to some american sport like basketball, baseball or football. broadcasts for fans, not dummies. 3 hurrahs for espn.

  6. – that is just great news, adding super ally, not sure about his play by play analysis, i think he would be smashing from the studio instead but either way he is a good guy, funny as hell and just another sign of how espn is getting it right for this world cup…

  7. Superb choice to have Super Ally commentating, the man is a living legend! We Are The People….53 and Counting.

  8. The most i’ve heard of Ally McCoist doing color-commentary was from playing FIFA ’03 – FIFA ’05 so yeah, he does have a great tone to his voice so it should go well with Martin Tyler. Would love to know who they’re gonna pair Derek Rae and Ian Darke (esp) since i think they are great play-by-play announcers as well

  9. McCoist has been brought in to do the job that Andy Gray was supposed to have had if he hadn’t gone to Fox

  10. he’s great but no one can understand a word he says outside of Scotland so probably not a good choice for this particular job.

  11. “Jus a li’l bit…” I counted McCoist using this phrase 15 times in the opening game. I thought I was listening to My Fair Lady with Eliza Doolittle’s father singing “Jus’ a li’l bit o bloomin’ luck,” only it was a li’l bit high, a li’l bit long, etc.
    American listeners need non-Cockney announcers. Sorry.

  12. Ally McCoist commentator, wrong career choice!! I cannot understand a word this man is saying. I’m watching the world cup and cannot believe that this person was appointed to comment the games. All the respect for his previous achievements but this is not for him unless you use a translator along with. ??!!

  13. Ally has to be the most frustrating person to listen to. Is he speaking English? He is impossible to understand.

  14. Um…are you guys kidding me? He’s super easy to understand, and I really like the observations he brings, along with a bit of humor. This is coming from an American. Nice duo with Martin Tyler.

  15. McCoist is the worst commentator, I cannot understand a word he says. I turn the sound off as soon as I hear him speak, its unbearable. Please ESPN take him off the air.

  16. i cannot understand a word ally mccoist says. his voice is getting hoarse and just making the matter worse.

  17. He really is a great commentator. He understands the game. He doesn’t miss a thing. And his accent actually adds intensity and spice to the game. I really like the job he has done. He’s a very sharp guy. Trained in commentating or not, he is trained in futbol. His knowledge of the game is superb. I have enjoyed listening to him. Hopefully ESPN keeps him there for games in the latter stages. I had to come on and say something because I just like the guy.

  18. Even if you don’t understand Ally McCoist he is infinitely better than John Harkes whom you can uderstand but talks rubbish.Harkes has got to be the worst commentator in the World Cup.

  19. A bunch of us got together for the England /Algeria game on Friday. You had a commentator with a name that sounds like Ali Macoista – no one in the room could understand what he was saying, so after about 20 mins of the first half a group decision was made to switch to Univision even though for many of us Spanish is very much a second language.
    I really enjoy some of the foreign explayers you have on (like Gullit & Klinsmann) but there really is no point in having someone like Ali that no one can comprehend. I dont know where he is from but he cannot speak acceptable English and on Friday he directly impacted your revenue. Check your ratings and see how the numbers drop when he’s on. I can’t believe that we are the only ones.

  20. @Dave: What’s funny about your comment is that you can understand the English of a German and a Dutchman (for both of whom English is a second language) but are having trouble understanding someone who has been speaking English his entire life. Americans clearly need to hear more Scottish English. To my New York ears it is the coolest sounding English spoken anywhere on the globe. Mike Meyers’ fake Scottish it is not; Ally’s is the real McCoy–I mean the real Mc Coist.

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