Which Commentator is ESPN Adding to its World Cup Roster?

ESPN today will be making a massive announcement regarding the addition of a new commentator to its World Cup broadcasting team. The press conference is scheduled for 2:30pm ET. But the question is, who is it going to be? All ESPN says is that it’s going to be a “marquee FIFA World Cup personality.”

But who is out there that could be picked? Martin Tyler has already announced as the lead commentator. Andy Gray has been picked up by Fox Soccer Channel for its World Cup analysis. Could ESPN be announcing a US commentator to appease the critics? Or is it a marquee name from international broadcasting? Or could it be an American name that everyone is familiar with but he’s from outside soccer?

UPDATE: ESPN press release just out announces the addition of former German National Team Coach Jurgen Klinsmann to the World Cup 2010 broadcast staff as an analyst.

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  1. Guys — it SHOULD be Paul Dempsey to add some gravitas to their anchor team — in the old days he was a great play by play announcer too before he became one of the main studio guys for the money I guess…at Sky and Setanta. But maybe Dempsey is tied up working for Australian tv like he has been for previous World Cups ???

  2. Well, if the choice is indeed going to be “a marquee FIFA World Cup personality”, that eliminates some of your possibilities, i.e. an American or someone outside of soccer.

    Knowing how U.S. sports loves nothing more than hype and glam, Becks could be our boy.

  3. I would have to think Becks.

    But to put a twist on things, it would be awesome if it was someone like John Madden, Marv Albert, Vin Scully, etc. Totally turn the game of football on it’s ear.

  4. Beckham makes sense. He’s supposed to be on Letterman tomorrow night, so he’s likely already in the NYC area. It’s not that far a trip from NYC to Bristol, CT for a press conference.

    1. Becks has been doing the interview circuit in NY all this week. Was on GMA a few mornings ago and mentioned inthe clip on MLS.net, FSC and Sky that he’s been doing other interviews.

  5. If it’s John Madden, I’m going to get very, very stabby.

    “Now on this next play they’re either gonna shoot the ball or pass the ball. You got your full back coming up the left side, then BOOM! *draws on telestrator* Now, see, the thing about that tackle is that he knocked him to the ground, and that’s good, because you want to knock him down if you’re going to make the tackle.”


    1. “Will you be taking diction and grammar lessons before gearing up for a month of speaking frequently on national television?”

    1. ESPN will actually be broadcasting live from South Africa so it’s conceivable that he can make time for their studio shows and also do some matches.

  6. Phil Schoen. If ESPN wanted an American who is widely regarded as the best “American” commentator, they should announce his name at this press conference. Don’t know if his GOLtv contractual obligations prevent this or not, but if ESPN are going down the “we need an American commentator to appease the nationals” road, I hope Phil gets his shot in front of millions. He’s definitely earned it.

    If it is Phil, ask him if he’ll insist on ESPN bringing on his sidekick Ray, for an extra-special, extra-sensational, [fill in your favorite Ray Hudson superlative] show for South Africa.

  7. Ray Hudson is entertaining, obnoxious, and not needed for the World Cup.

    Obviously The Gaffer is actually the new commentator and will be unleashing his mic skills on us.

  8. I don’t think it’ll be Beckham – isn’t he contracted to ITV in the UK?

    I think it’s going to be a fairly small name. Someone like Kasey Keller who has done work with the BBC. He can talk a good game.

  9. I think its going to be Jon Stewart. He’s a soccer fan and he played soccer. Why not have him do the color commentary? He might have a massive knowledge of soccer.

  10. James Richardson isn’t doing much of anything these days other than captaining the worlds most popular footie podcast. Studio presenter?

  11. ESPN press release just out announces the addition of former German National Team Coach Jurgen Klinsmann to the World Cup 2010 broadcast staff as an analyst.

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