Grant Best Interview: MLS Talk Podcast


Grant Best’s long career at Sky Sports eventually enabled him to join ESPN, where he is one of the network’s main directors for soccer coverage. On this edition of the MLS Talk podcast, the man who was responsible for the coverage of this fall’s United States-Costa Rica World Cup qualifier joins us to share the details of life in the director’s chair as well is the evolution of television’s soccer coverage.

6 thoughts on “Grant Best Interview: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. Great interview. Loved hearing his story and what he goes through when deciding on what to show the viewers. These are the types of podcasts that keep me coming back for me. Nice job Richard.

  2. Really enjoyed this podcast, Grant’s passion for the game is obviously as great as any fan, and i believe that he wants us to feel like we are actually there in the stadium, not missing a single moment. A very professional and exciting attitude and i want to hear more from this directors chair….

  3. Lucky man – gets to watch football for a living! Great perspective from the man who is the fans’ eyes during the matches – very original – well done!

  4. Grant is very knowledgable and passionate about his football and you can hear this in how he describes the sport. Great Interview!!

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