Buy USA World Cup Home Jersey: Now Available

Nike today officially launched the new US home shirt for the 2010 World Cup at a media event in New York City which featured Walter Bahr, the legendary American soccer player who played in the 1950 match against England when they won 1-0 in the biggest shock in World Cup history.

The USA World Cup home shirt is now available to order. The shirt is beautifully designed and features blue and red trim, as well as a diagonal stripe across the first in honor of the 1950 USA World Cup team.

Interestingly, to make the 2010 USA national team kit, Nike’s fabric suppliers sourced discarded plastic bottles from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites and then melted them down to produce new yarn that was ultimately converted to fabric for the jerseys. Between 7-8 plastic bottles are been used in the creation of each shirt.

You can order the United States World Cup home jersey today by clicking the banner below:

For more pictures of the new United States home World Cup shirt, here they are:

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5 thoughts on “Buy USA World Cup Home Jersey: Now Available”

  1. Yes, change the crest. I’m so tired of seeing the flying soccer ball on crest. Whats with the three stars in the crest? we haven’t won shit!

  2. At least your logo doesn’t look like a cell phone company logo(AT&T I think you’ll see the resemblance:)) When can we get kits with the World cup iron on patches like the players will wear in Seth effrika 2010? I want the whole deal, not a plain, number, WC sleeve patches etc…anyone know?

  3. Im guessing the stars refer to the “stars and stripes” theme, Im also guessing this is why they are the stupid looking pin wheel stars rather than the gold ones, also they are different sizes. I guess official FIFA rules are that they can use some kind of symbol( not necessarily a star. The tradition seems to be set in stone. The only other team with more stars than World Cup wins is Uruguay because they won championships before there was a world cup. Here is my source. The USA should change their crest. I think The colors should stay the same. Use the red stripes then the blue and instead of a star or stars use a soccer ball of course along with the intials. A World Cup champ should be the only star.

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