Yahoo Wins Exclusive Online UK Highlights Rights to Premier League Matches

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In a massive show of power and future earnings, Yahoo has won the UK rights to show online highlights of the Premier League for the next three seasons. Virgin Media, the former online rights holders, will end their three year partnership with the Premier League when Yahoo takes over. 

The 5-minute highlights of matches will be available starting in August, 2010 and will be available online at midnight each Sunday. Another key factor in Yahoo’s acquisition, is that they’ll also be able to sell on rights to other online providers, thus allowing their earnings and revenue to increase.

This move is sure to increase the involvment and power of Yahoo as they constantly strive to compete with Google. In the US, Yahoo has already made similar deals with success where US fans can view highlights of the PGA, NHL and NBA.

Over the next few months, I’ll be interested in seeing who else Yahoo sells online rights to as third parties in the UK and elsewhere. The influx of some of the biggest companies in the world as advertisers are sure to splash cash upon Yahoo to gain a spot near the highly viewed Premier League highlights, and are sure to line the pockets of Yahoo suits and make them a force to be reckoned with in the online sports world.

Chief Executive of the Premier League Richard Scudamore added, “The way fans access Barclays Premier League action is growing ever more diverse and sophisticated. The online highlights package is an important medium for supporters of all our clubs to be able to follow match action”.

Note to US readers of EPL Talk –

As of press time, this news doesn’t seem to effect any US rights of online Premier League highlights. As always, check back with EPL Talk for all the news and analysis of Premier League television and online coverage.

So, what are your thoughts on Yahoo gaining the exlusive Premier League online UK rights? Is there anything specific you want or don’t want to see in August?

3 thoughts on “Yahoo Wins Exclusive Online UK Highlights Rights to Premier League Matches”

  1. 1. What does this mean for footytube?

    2. Interesting to see Scudamore finally found out what the internet is.

    3. Who will commentate on the games?

    4. Will Yahoo manage to mess this up?

    5. Hail to the Chula!

  2. This is great news. Yahoo has long had a far superior sports product than Google and this will only serve to increase that lead, as well as help provide us soccer fans with a better and more accessible product.

  3. This is rubbish at the end of the day. The first match finishes around 14.30 (GMT) – early kick off, and the majority finish around 16.45 (GMT) on Saturday.

    So, check it out:) You have to wait at least 31 hrs and 15 minutes to see the highlights. It’s only impressive for the pockets of Yahoo.

    I long for the day when every match will be available at the touch of a button. Mass net audiences for say $0.80 per click:)

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