Mourinho Is On Top Of The World

FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan

After Jose Mourinho’s triumphant Champions League semi-final victory against Barcelona over two legs, you have to wonder where he goes from here. If he’s able to coach his Internationale team to victory in the final against Bayern Munich, the world is Mourinho’s oyster. New manager at Real Madrid? Sure, if the price is right (and he would undoubtedly command a massive salary). Manchester City? The owner could afford The Special One, but would Mourinho want to step down to rebuild a club that would require 2-3 years of his guidance to turn into a top Premier League and Champions League contender.

If Mourinho can outwit Louis van Gaal and win the Champions League Final in late May, Chelsea will kick themselves for letting Mourinho go when they did. I don’t know about you, but I miss seeing Mourinho in the Premier League. Maybe he would be ready to replace Ferguson when he departs Manchester United? But that could be several years before that happens and who knows what could occur in that time.

Congratulations to Mourinho on being a masterful tactician who enabled his Inter Milan team to play a sound game, which suffocated Barcelona’s attacks. If he can beat Bayern Munich in the final, he will be remembered as one of the best managers in recent times. He could go anywhere, manage any team or country and they would welcome him with open arms.

One thought on “Mourinho Is On Top Of The World”

  1. He’s superb manager and Inter deserve something after all these years, Zanetti has been a loyal for this team for so many years and he also deserve a CL title.

    I support Barca but Inter proof they’re better by capitalized the game in the first leg.
    I hope they do not stumble against Bayern, they’ve come this far beating chelsea, barcelona etc, losing the long awaited final itself would be ridiculous. People remember the team that win the title not the runner up.

    I feel great that Barca has won so many titles in recent years, CL, league, copa del rei, intercontinental etc. So it’s time for Inter to proof that they could break the curse.

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