Video: Noel Gallagher on His World Cup Memories

English bands have been as important in my life as football has been. Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to The Clash some 15 years ago, the plethora of bands to emerge from the UK that have affected my intellect and overall well being have been staggering.

Minus godfathers like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, which, seemingly, everyone grew up with, bands like the Clash, the Smiths, the Jam, Joy Division, the Stone Roses, Radiohead, Oasis, Elbow and the Arctic Monkeys, to name just a few, are bands that are immensely important to me on a personal level.

I’ve spoken about the parallel between music and football before and the power and ability to inspire when combined, which is why I wanted to share the following video from former Oasis member Noel Gallagher. Whether a football fan first and musician second, or the other way around, I always find it interesting when musicians I admire speak on their involvement with, love for and memories on the beautiful game. First, a little background on Gallagher.

Having emerged from the Madchester scene in Manchester in the early 90s, Oasis were a band that would go on to define the sound of a generation and dominate the Britpop scene from the mid to late 90s – all the while attempting world domination. Love them or hate them, Oasis were a force to be reckoned with. The Manchester City supporting brothers Gallagher would continue on with Oasis crafting some of the best and highest selling rock records of the past twenty years until their recent break up in 2009.

Taken from Football Focus on BBC1, this impressive video features Noel Gallagher sharing some of his memories from the World Cup throughout the years. From his early memories of the tournament, to Archie Gemmill’s incredible goal against Holland in the ’78 Cup, to Gallagher’s supposed effect on the outcome of the 2006 competition, it’s all here to be been seen and heard.

My earliest memories from the World Cup came when I was 12 years old from USA ’94. Orlando, FLA was picked as a city to host a group stage match, which at that time was less than an hour from where I lived on the east coast.

Although I didn’t attend the match, I remember being in Orlando on match day for Mexico’s 2-1 defeat of the Republic of Ireland in June. I remember seeing hoards of Irish citizens and expats dressed from head to toe in support of their team. Even at that young age, I remember the profound effect that the Republic of Ireland supporters had on me and the subsequent dominate effect that football would soon have on my life.

Feel free to share your earliest memories of the World Cup in the comments section below.


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