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The Los Angeles Galaxy are no longer perfect, but they still lead the West after surviving Kansas City, who are now five points behind New York in the East. On this edition of the MLS Talk Review Show podcast, I am joined by Robert Jonas to talk about that, the Earthequakes’ up-and-down start to the season, the floundering Seattle Sounders, and where in the league hierarchy to slot Real Salt Lake and Columbus after their meeting on Saturday. Along the way, we talk U.S. Men’s National Team and WPS.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Review Show: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. Another fine roundup of the weekend action. You have to question what is going on with the Sounders and RSL. I still fear what RSL will do once the playoffs start. Are too many of the Sounders thinking about Europe or waiting till when a DP may join the team.

    You have to feel a bit sorry for Houston. I think only after they left or have been injured did we realize the talent the Dynamo had.

    1. With Cameron now out, I do feel sorry for Dom Kinner and the Dynamo players, as this could be a long season. They weren’t that good to begin with, but now it seems like they’re in real trouble. There is a school of thought that Dom could take almost anybody and make them competitive. I wouldn’t send my kid to that school.

      Re: RSL, I’m not worried about them at all. When Morales comes back, they’ll be on LA’s level. Even now, they’re better than most teams in the league.

      Seattle, however, is in trouble, and Sigi seems to know it. They need to get their players playing better. Once that’s done, they can assess what they need. My thought: they shouldn’t need anything. There’s enough talent there. Sigi needs to get them working, even if that means abandoning some sacred cows (cough, Ljundberg).

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