Poll: Will Liverpool or Chelsea Win Sunday?

Chelsea v Liverpool

So, it all comes down to this. One game to influence who will be the Premier League champion of 2009-10. No offense to Sunderland, Stoke or Wigan, but the game that can swing the title in the favor of Chelsea or Manchester United is this Sunday’s clash between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield (8:30am ET, Fox Soccer Plus and, call for backup, FoxSoccer.tv).

It must be frustrating for Sir Alex Ferguson to know that the fate of your team’s title chance is out of his control. The title race hangs in the balance and it’s up to arch enemy Liverpool to grab a point (or three) against Chelsea and the tide will then turn in Manchester United’s favor as long as the Red Devils don’t slip up again.

Oh, but the irony of United’s title hopes relying on Liverpool to prevent Chelsea from getting all three points. Both Liverpool and Manchester United have won 18 top flight English titles among them, so if Liverpool loses, the title would most certainly be Chelsea’s unless the Blues slip up on the last day of the season in their home game against Wigan Athletic. At the same time, Liverpool will be hungry for all three points to finish the season with at least some respect and a slim chance of ending in fourth place.

When you look back at Chelsea’s season and that of Manchester United, both teams have had highs and lows. Both teams have looked seemingly invincible at times, too, but then they have both also looked mediocre when you least expected it. You could argue that this was because of stronger opposition that made both Chelsea and Manchester United look weaker, or that Chelsea and Manchester United aren’t as strong as they were last season. I believe it’s been just one of those seasons where teams have been unable to maintain the high standards over such a long period of time. Not a lack of skill. Just it’s tough to be on top all of the time.

But ultimately I have one wish for this Liverpool against Chelsea match. Please don’t bore me to tears.

Too many times in the past, the spectacle of Liverpool against Chelsea has raised my expectations of being a classic match only for those dreams to come crashing down after a nil-nil scoreline. You can blame part of that on Jose Mourinho and the tactical game of chess between him and Rafael Benitez.

But deep down, I’m hoping the match will be much closer to the incredible 4-4 game of April 2009 when the two teams met in the Champions League quarter-final. With Chelsea winning the game 7-5 on aggregate, the match featured everything a neutral soccer supporter could hope for.

The 2009-2010 Premier League title race has been one of the most exciting finishes in years, so let’s hope for the season to end with a bang rather than a whimper. I still feel that Chelsea has what it takes to win the title and their 7-0 win against Stoke City on Sunday will definitely boost their confidence going into the final two matches of the season.

But what do you think? Can Liverpool beat Chelsea at Anfield to help Man United win the title? Are there more twists and turns ahead of us that we’re overlooking? Who will win the title? Click the comments link elow to share your opinions.

44 thoughts on “Poll: Will Liverpool or Chelsea Win Sunday?”

  1. Chelsea will demolish Liverpool, if for no other reason that the simple fact that the Mersysiders have absolutely no motivation whatsoever to rise to the occasion and beat the blues, especially if it allows United to pass them on the list of championship wins. I don’t think they’d deliberately throw the game, but with nothing left to really play for and the thought of a win helping out their bitterest enemy, I simply can’t see why Liverpool’s players would feel the need for a do or die effort, because that’s what would be needed to beat Chelsea on their current form.

    1. timbo..I hear what you’re saying but disagree that Liverpool FC have no motivation to go for a win. Mathematically, they can still make it to the Champions League next season by taking 4th spot. Besides the huge financial rewards of competing in CL, it would also entice the unsettled Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard to stay with the Reds.

      Regarding the prospect of United exceeding Liverpool’s haul of 18 League titles, that is, of course, a matter of professionalism and personal integrity for the players. All sports fans have the right to expect their team to put personal/team rivalies aside and perform at 100% though in reality I suspect all Chelsea and some supporters of Liverpool might be content with a Chelsea win.

      Based on current form, I’d expect Chelsea to take 3 points at Anfield and from there lift the title but matches between these two have been very competitive in the recent past. For that reason, I doubt this will be a demolition job.

      1. Well, with exception of few games Liverpool have played this season as if they didn’t have anything to play for. It is hard to expect from them to show up in the match in which for all practical means and purposes they have very little to gain. I just hope it will be another exception…

  2. Chelsea players must work hard and should be champions this year. As we all know there were the best at the beginning of the season. They need to continue striving for a win in the two if the upcoming games.

  3. Chelsea players must work hard and should be champions this year. As we all know they were the best at the beginning of the season. They need to continue striving for a win in the two upcoming games.

  4. Liverpool have the Europa league to play for and they can’t make champions league now pretty much, wouldn’t be suprised if they rested a lot of their top players against Chelsea so they could focus on the Madrid game

    Although I know they won’t want to lose to a rival like Chelsea I think priority of their only competition will take over, so a Chelsea win

    1. Why would Liverpool rest anyone? Their Europa League semi final is on Thursday before the Chelsea game and the Europa League final is not until May 12.

  5. The staff at the pub I go to is mostly made up of Irish Liverpool fans and they are hoping they play the academy side so they don’t have to hear all the shit talking from the ManU fans.

  6. A lot depends on what happens on Saturday. If City and Spurs both pick up 3 pts, then it would take a minor miracle for Liverpool to get fourth spot, even if they beat Chelsea on Sunday. They’d need City and Spurs to draw against each other on Weds and then both lose (to Burnley and West Ham) on the last day. Even then, they’d be relying on goal difference.

    Not going to happen.

    If they make it to the Europa final, I’d be very surprised if Rafa didn’t rest key players against Chelsea.

  7. Is there anyone here living in the West Palm beach area that knows a good pub that will be open this coming Sunday for the Chelsea v Liverpool game at 8:30AM. Some of the sports bars I have called open late on Sundays. Awaiting your earliest response.

    1. Stewy, you came to the right place to ask the question, but I don’t have a good answer for you unfortunately. In a city which has a metro population of 5.4 million, there isn’t one good pub that’s open that will show the game. Your best bet is to drive down to Fort Lauderdale and watch the game at the Fox & Hounds Pub (which is a Liverpool bar) at 4812 N. Dixie Highway, Oakland Park, FL 33334. Or if that’s too far, try calling the Blue Anchor Pub in Delray Beach to see if they plan on showing the match.

      The Gaffer

    2. Is there anyone here living in the West Palm beach area that knows a good pub that will be open this coming Sunday for the Chelsea v Liverpool game at 8:30AM. Some of the sports bars I have called open late on Sundays. Awaiting your earliest response.

      Try the Blue Anchor in Delray Beach. Its a Chelsea Pub (I believe they are only open that early for Chelsea games).

  8. Thanks Gaffer. I called and they confirmed that they will be open in the event that anyone else is interested. Have you actually been there Gaffer? How would you rate it? Do they have large screens there? I also saw this other pub called Lion & Eagle English pub, have you evber heard of it?

    As for the liverpool club I wouldn’t want to hang out with that lot. thanks for your response.

    1. The Blue Anchor is small but cozy. They don’t have any big HD TV screens, but I would recommend the place. The Lion & Eagle is even smaller, very smoky and a bit crowded — and it’s a bit further away (in Boca). If The Blue Anchor doesn’t open up, the Lion & Eagle is OK as a last resort.

      The Gaffer

  9. Shocking to me that Fox would not put this matchup on FSC instead of FS+. With all the problems they’ve had, and the fact that there are more people that get FSC, seems like a no-brainer to show the match on FSC.

  10. A well-rested Chelsea will win. Liverpool will be going all out for a win on Thursday against Atletico Madrid and I can see some of those who play in that match being rested. Should Liverpool overturn the 1-0 deficit and reach the Europa league final I think it is more likely that Rafa will rest more of his senior players on Sunday.

    While I think Liverpool will go for a win on Sunday, the biggest reason I think Chelsea will win is that Liverpool have been very poor all season. Torres has bailed the team out on many occassions and without him I cannot see Liverpool winning against a Chelsea side in top form.

  11. Any takers on the following poll question?:

    If Chelsea win, what are the chances that Ferguson will claim that Liverpool lost on purpose?

    I’d be shocked if Chelsea won and Ferguson didn’t disparage Liverpool’s integrity, Chelsea’s skill, and (of course) the referees.

    1. Without a doubt Adam…and when his old mate Steve Bruce’s Sunderland side roll over and take it up the ass from United the next week, you can bet there’ll be no questions asked by Ferguson.

      1. Adam..I sense from TV interviews and backroom news here that whilst there will be a certain amount of “winding up” of Benitez’s team pre match, Ferguson will be more wary of post match comments after the Bayern fiasco. We all know the odds are against United retaining the Premiership this time around but the greatest certainty now is the uncertainty. Compelling stuff right?

        Jerry..I can see why you might think this and perhaps United might just get 3 points from this one but it is by no means a given is it. United will be without Rooney again and Darren Bent is scoring for fun hoping to be selected in the World Cup squad. I see this game as United’s banana skin.

        I think back to the Blackburn V United game where it was assumed big Sam might do Fergie a “favour” but as we know United dropped 2 points that day.

        1. Devil’s Advocate, I would love to believe you that “Ferguson will be more wary of post match comments after the Bayern fiasco.” He seemed back to his old unsporting self just days later in the Chelsea fixture, however. We shall see!

  12. For a Liverpool fan, it’s simple mathematics.

    First, to have any shot in hell of fourth,Liverpool needs a Man City-Tottenham draw. So for purposes of analysis, let’s put that on the board as if it has happened.

    That puts Tottenham three points ahead of Liverpool and Man City and Villa two points ahead of Liverpool with two matches left for all four teams.

    City has Villa and West Ham. Best case scenario for a Liverpool fan: four points, putting City on 68

    Villa has City and Blackburn. Blackburn’s been better the second half of the season, but the best case scenario for a Liverpool fan again is four points, putting Villa on 68

    Tottenham has Bolton and Burnley. Probably six points, but for the purposes of the analysis I’ll hope fate intervenes and one of the two draws with Spurs. That puts Spurs on 69

    The best Liverpool can do is 68.

    Changing Man City-Tottenham to a City win doesn’t help. It drops Spurs to 68 but puts City on 70

    Changing Man City-Tottenham to a City win and City-Villa to a Villa win doesn’t help. It puts Spurs on 68, City on 69, and Villa on 70.

    Since Liverpool can’t realistically make fourth, for week 37 I’m a massive Chelsea, Villa and Spurs fan.

    First time ever that I’ll be rooting against the Reds, but it’s for a good cause.

      1. No chance.

        Steve Bruce will probably knee Darren Bent in the nuts just before kick-off. Anything to help Lord Fergie towards title number nineteen.

        1. Bent and Jones probably just get subbed off in the 60th-65th minute of a scoreless game, leaving Sunderland with no firepower when United inevitably scores in the 80th minute.

          To be fair, there’s a term for these type of tactics.


  13. I have a hard time treating Chelsea as favorites here. Certainly they’re a better squad than Liverpool this year. They are more likely to win than Liverpool, yes. But I’m hard pressed to see them as enough better that they are more likely to win than they are to either lose or draw.

    If I were a betting man, I’d put 40% odds on a Chelsea win, 40% odds on a draw, and 20% on Liverpool winning, and thus 60/40 odds on United winning the league.

    1. I agree with Phil’s assessment of the Chelsea-Liverpool result but not his math. Surely there’s at least a 10-20% chance that United will drop points too, and if they do, Chelsea will still lead on goal difference. (Let’s just assume that the week 38 fixtures, MU-Stoke & Chelsea-Wigan, are probably about equally likely home wins, so they’d cancel each other out in terms of probabilities.)

      So even if Sunderland are, say, 10% to nick a draw and 5% to win, this means that the odds of United winning the league are even.

  14. I am huge United supporter, but I rested my hope on Stoke. They did not pull it off, I think United are dead and buried. Liverpool will have something, but not much, to play for. Despite that, I just do not think that this team is good enough to get anything against Chelsea having given their all on Thursday to get into the Europa League final.

    United supporters probably realized the title chances took a serious hit when Torres was declared unfit for the rest of the season. On another note, I would have to laugh if Liverpool fielded an Academy side against Chelsea. Regardless of my allegiances, you would have to tip the hat to someone willing to give the finger so publicly.

    I would also laugh to because it would screw United and Liverpool because it would ensure no European football, Torress, Gerrard, Benitez (this could be positive), or Mascherano at Liverpool next year. The carcass would be picked to the bone and while United would not enjoy the title this year, Liverpool would not for another 20. Win win situation I geuss. United get 19 within the next two to three years, then over the next 17 years amass one or two more, Liverpool fights for that last Europe league spot.

    1. “United get 19 within the next two to three years.”

      Dear Daniel,

      Take nothing for granted.


      The Kop, 1991-2010.

  15. More or less same situation in 94/95. Liverpool were expected to not try against Blackburn, but won, and United then failed to beat West Ham to take the title.

  16. @Raatzie I have a lot of faith in the team, but your signature, and the actions it reflects, speak words of truth. Consider me in check.

  17. Tend to agree with that Kevin, Liverpool with Torres in the side would have worried Chelsea, without him I think Chelsea will go into the match far more confident.

    Even so, wouldn’t surprise me if it ended a draw. Gerrard showed a bit of form against Burnley as well.

    A lot could also depend on Thursdays Europa League result, as to which Liverpool turn up.

  18. I think thursday’s match will absolutely decide which Liverpool side show up. If they fail to overturn the deficit, and thus lose the possibility of a guaranteed spot in the Europa League next year, they will need to play for something. The way I see it, there is a far greater chance that Liverpool fail to qualify for any european competition next year than it is for them to make the champions league. Everton have been closing rapidly in Liverpool’s rear-view mirror. They are only five points back with two extremely winnable games on the final two weekends of the season, putting them on 68 points. Besides this clash on sunday, Liverpool have a trip to the KC on the last day of the season, where Hull will be playing their final premier league match for at least another year. That should be enough incentive for Hull to play at least a decent match. They cannot fail to see the opportunity presented to them at Anfield Sunday morning.

    Liverpool just need one point to guarantee Europe next year. They will get it on sunday.

  19. A combination of Thursday’s and Saturday’s results will determine how L’pool will play on Sunday. If L’pool passes to the EL Final and any of City – Villa – Tot’ham wins maybe Benitez will rest some of the players. In anyway, I dont believe L’pool will sit and loose just like that because of Man U’s 19th possible title. I believe though that Fergie would have done it if L’pool was to win the league! Well I couldnt care less about Fergie! If the above scenario takes place then L’pool – if they rest some of the players – it will be for their own reasons and not for preventing Man U. And who says that Chelsea will not have a bad day on Sunday? As for Steve Bruce, he has done it in Wigan for 2 seasons so I guess we know what to expect from Sunderland! Thank God football in England is “clean”… My prediction: 1-0 for Chelsea.

  20. Drogba will score the winning goal against liverpool,DOUBLE DD.Up Chelsea.IN Chelsea i belive,IN Chelsea I born,IN Chelsea I Die,Up chelsea.Chelsea win liverpool 2 @ 0

  21. This could be one match where Liverpool might just go into it without pressure to win and play open football. I know it will be very un-Benitez-like but he might just let the players attack instead of trying to stifle Chelsea. So I predict a very open match and will depend on which goalkeeper plays best to enable his team to win. I think Reina is the better goalkeeper but I’m not sure where Liverpool’s goals are going to come from so I’m going for a draw. For the conspiracy theorists Reina could pick up a slight injury and Rafa will rest him and play backup keeper Cavalieri. Then Chelsea wins and Fergie goes beserk.

  22. I find it amusing how many of you lament about fergies rants when it was benitez last year who had a keegan like rant when his team was in first and playing extremely well, Only to watch his team implode over and over again at home dropping points against clearly inferior competition.

    As a united supporter i certainly hope for a draw but i have no issues congratulating Chelsea if the defeat United, stoke, Liverpool and wigan. If they do that then they deserve the championship.

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