ESPN 2010 World Cup Guide

ESPN’s 2010 World Cup Guide is now in stores nationwide and provides a great collection of articles, statistics and more to become your reference guide throughout the tournament.

I just received a copy of it in the mail, so I thought I’d share it with you and show you a glimpse of what you can find in the issue. It’s available for $9.99 in bookstores throughout the United States.

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12 thoughts on “ESPN 2010 World Cup Guide”

  1. Nice review of sorts. I picked it up in the drug store while waiting for a Rx. Was thrilled by the concept of ESPN doing a WC Mag (in regards to content) but I actually like it.

  2. Is the ESPN guide an actually insightful look at the 32 teams and storylines, or is it a dumbed down guide for “new” American followers that finds it necessary to try to explain the basics of the game?

    Anyone know if Four-Four-Two’s guide is out yet?

  3. Thanks for this, Gaffer! I think I’ll pick it up – even if I’m not in need of a glossary 😛 For $10 it seems like it’ll be worth it. Definitely want that game time schedule…so I can put in my requests for days off from work!

  4. The magazine is a preview. The actual ESPN definitive guide to the World Cup is released in bookstores a week from tomorrow. I’m told that book will blow our mind. This ESPN the Magazine is for beginners- saw it at CVS and thought it was not at the same level as World Soccer’s preview which is even better than it was in 2006 or 1998! (World Soccer’s best years were in the late 90s when they put out a football yearbook- I still have most of those)

  5. The ESPN 2010 World Cup Guide is a guide and is also being promoted as a bookazine. That’s the one that’s shown in the above video.

    The book that Kartik mentions will be released May 4th which is entitled “The ESPN World Cup Companion: Everything You Need to Know About The Planet’s Biggest Sports Event” and is a beautiful hardcover book. More info at

    The Gaffer

  6. I look forward to the book, then. My son and I want a wall chart, and maps, and to learn more about the geography and culture of the countries involved.

  7. agree that it is excellent. the sections on each of the individual teams is particularly strong.
    this is the fifth world cup since i moved to the states from england in 1992 and the amount of attention soccer now gets from mainstream american media outlets is a joy to behold.
    the new york times devotes an entire page of it’s sports section to the game every tuesday and sunday, and does it very well. i learned from this website that half a million people are tuning in to espn to watch top premier league games.
    i think the generation of americans that grew up playing the game are now becoming serious fans. used to be that most if not all soccer fans that you met would be immigrants. no longer the case.
    great that this my adopted country is finally catching on to the beautiful game!

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