USA World Cup Home Shirt: New Photos

New photos of the USA World Cup home shirt have been revealed in advance of the upcoming official release by Nike.

No new surprises here, but it’s interesting to see new close-ups of the shirt as well as different pictures to see if the shirt design grows on you. For me, it does. It’s clean, simplistic but unmistakably US of A.

For the complete collection of World Cup shirts for all 32 teams in this summer’s tournament, be sure to visit our sister site World Cup Buzz.

UPDATE: You can now buy the shirt from this banner:

Another close-up of the shirt is after the jump.

7 thoughts on “USA World Cup Home Shirt: New Photos”

  1. not suprised! with al the leaks that came out months ago.. i still think the Sash should have been red or blue.. I will still Buy it cause im a fan hopefully there is a XXL or XXXl

  2. I agree. The thick Sash should be blue, the outer trim should be red and the inner trim remaining white.

    I have already purchased my BLUE! World Cup USA Shirt.

  3. Still fugly no matter how quality the pics. I do like the idea of playing in a white top–perhaps we should go with a blue short and call simplicity our best jersey option (our Penn State/Spurs look).

    The idea of a water-mark sash seems weird–either put it in a different color, where it really looks goofy, or take it off the shirt all together. Again, my problem is more with the idea that we will be wearing a throw-back jersey and obessing over a single past victory, and allowing ESPN to do more canned soccer coverage, rather than allowing our talented group to play with a jersey that is uniquely designed to merit their skills and work.


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