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Manchester United Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo

man united new home shirt Manchester United Home Shirt for 2010 11 Season: Photo

A photograph of Manchester United’s new home shirt for the 2010-11 has been leaked on the Internet.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, the new Manchester United shirt has been completely redesigned. It now includes the name of their new sponsor on the front of the shirt (previously AIG). The shirt also features an old-fashioned v-neck collar and white trim.

The shirt design is simple but classy.

What do you think of the new design? Leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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Source: Todo Sobre Camisetas

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109 Responses to Manchester United Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo

  1. Jonny says:

    Don’t care how it looks. I won’t be buying one, doesn’t match my green and gold scarf. Love United hate Glazier.

  2. thomas says:

    it look nice

  3. brn442 says:

    Not bad – nice to see a Manchester shirt with a collar again – however, I’m not a big fan of Nike putting that annoying stripe down the sleeves once more.

    • Patrick says:

      I agree but, I still think the stripe down the arm is better than the big “V” they have now. I personally am a fan of any kit with a collar over the expensive t-shirt look.

  4. Sage says:

    Too ugly. . .i hope its not i’ve seen better jerseys than these even though photoshopped

  5. Dools says:

    Arm stripes? I don’t like how close it looks to this year’s Arsenal kit.

  6. Falcao says:

    Erk! Ugly shirt.. What happen? They should put some good design.

  7. iZy says:

    come Nike, can’t you do better than this??

  8. Keith says:

    Never mind that, what about the Villa shirt behind it? Looks pretty “back to basics” with no shoulder embellishments. I like that.

    (that said, I like the ManU home design too; seems like they’re designing it to call back to the old 90′s Umbro designs)

  9. Macca says:

    Who on earth cares about man utd’s shirt? Boring.

    If you can dig out the new Villa shirt it would be much appreciated.

  10. Hate United Love Glazer says:

    It looks cheap and nasty and is therefore very appropriate for Manchester pauper team.

  11. ChefOggy11 says:

    I like the collar and agree with PATRICK about not liking spending £60 on a bl##dy Tshirt!!
    All my favourite shirts are pre-Nike anyway because of that and they just seemed to have something more about them? I never bought this years “V” shirt coz of green and gold campaign but actually it has grown on me and I would have liked that idea developed more…but no it seems to be back to plain red Tshirt again.
    PLeeease keep the collar at least when this goes to the shops!!

  12. francisa says:

    its not gOOd

  13. The Gaffer says:

    The more I look at the shirt, the more I like it. It reminds me a lot of the classy United shirts from the 1970s. See an example of one of them here:

    The Gaffer

  14. Dan says:

    Love it can’t wait for it to come out sold already

  15. Raysoc says:

    Any idea when we can expect these to go on sale?

  16. Hisham says:

    Nice shirt like in the 80′s, hope the team performance also become like the 80′s…YNWA

  17. Bernard says:

    Yo united fans all over da world pls why dont we come 2gether n tell nike 2 give us sumtin better dan dis jersey coz dis is very,very,very horibble

  18. deanno says:

    Better than this season’s big ugly mismatched colour V design jersey!

    IMHO though, I like Arsenal’s choice of lowercase name badge for this season and Chelsea’s next season’s design maybe it is just my fav colour red, blue and white but come on Nike and Man U… you could do better than this. Get rid of the backing plate of the Man Utd badge and scale down the AON logo and while you are at it, change the font style too. If they do go ahead with this, just make sure the v collar is not too big/revealing… That’s all I want to say. Kudos for leaking guys.

  19. David Lafford says:

    lovely kit almost the same as the 80-81 kit by adidas which was stunnin

  20. bose07 says:

    love united hate glazer….. d vodafone shirt looked best….

  21. ahmed says:

    nice and not nice i don’t know

  22. kenn says:

    this jersey is very very horrible. please United to bring this jersey out. its shameful for a big club like united to wear a rubbish like these.


    What is this?! come on nike! you can make way better shirts than that!

  24. sone says:

    the shirt is not beautiful but I love You ManUTD

  25. ian cryan says:

    if this is the jersey that they are going to wear its not too bad. anything is better than the horrible jersey of the season just gone. it was the worst jersey design ive ever seen for man utd. a club of their size should have the best design possible.

  26. abiola says:

    it is a stupid jersey i am a man u fan but this is stupidity my name is alqosimy

  27. Grant bentley says:

    They Are Trying To Re-create The old Adidas Kit, BIG FAIL!! . If You want to Do Something Liek That I Sont kNow.. Change Your Sponser to Adidas, Instead of trying to reinteprit the stripes.. Just Shows Nike Have No Unique Designs, Adidas Have The Stripes, Dont Bloody Take That Away from Them U Thieving Bar***ds

  28. some portarican guy says:

    i reckon this is a fantastic shirt id definitely buy it

  29. Bazz from Mk says:

    I like the kit. See David silva in it!!!!! Come on fergie £25m

  30. alex says:

    nice kit.
    my picture!!!!!

  31. Adam says:

    as a united fan i am disapointed…. this is not a nice jersey. it looks like an old one. i think united need to make more modern jersies. more fans wud buy them…

  32. Peder says:

    I gotta say I’m a bit disappointed, I just love the recent shirt, it’s stylish and looks good, the retro look belongs to the olden days!

  33. Paul says:

    Looks like a rugby shirt. Naff. I prefer the fitted one from this season.

  34. tommy says:

    hate it last seasons is better );

  35. adam murphy says:

    i think the jerseys great looking the collar looks great and the white stripe

  36. chefken says:

    come on Nike you can do better than this design or you all are runing out of ideas in design so you all have to go back to the 70′s???????

  37. Yanakiss Tsouvallaris says:

    I am Not a fan of Collars on football Shirts! and its Not very Impressive to the eye, Last Seasons Black V Shirt was better! I Live in hope that they modify it and take that Collar away! It is far to Plain and Belongs back in the era! of No Taste! that was the 70s and 80s also! smaller logo and more black trim!..really Disapointed Who Designs these shirts? let me have a go…

  38. Gugi says:

    This is not good!!! They should have come up with a better design! This looks so old and very much like either an Arsenal jersey or a Liverpool(scouser) jersey :)

  39. Niall says:

    has anyone been able to dig out the new villa shirt – looks like villa behind the united one

  40. Aaronaldo7 says:

    its horrible, i prefer it with AIG on the front. The 07/08 one was the best

  41. mimi says:

    half good…. looks like an old fashion..

  42. Henry Chungu says:

    I don’t like the jersey, why can’t they design something fashionable?

  43. lawie says:

    the jersey is not nice, i want something im proud to wear. we are the best team why cant we have the best jersey?

  44. Tunde says:

    United should find solution to this jersey, before d begining of dis season.

  45. Hammed says:

    We have no option,we have to take it as it is,manutd 4life…

  46. Sully says:

    It’s ugly and it’s looks does not represent it’s £45 price tag, to say the truth. But sooner or later we’ll get used to it.

  47. Bob Cat says:

    It’s great – cant’ wait to purchase one.

  48. NIGGA~PLEASE says:


  49. DevilTillDeath says:

    I hate it. It shows a total lack of creativity because that shirt screams of so many shirts that have been worn before. Why not go for something totally unique? 1 out of 5 there Nike.

  50. hasan hussain says:

    its nasty come on u could do better boring shirt no design but man u are the best

  51. angela says:

    it’s awful and looks cheap. Mind you cheap is what they need now, typical paupers !!

  52. sajan says:

    stupid……. dats wat i can say abt this….

  53. scott says:

    looks decent, im sure they will tweak if this in fact the real deal..I say bring back the collar, classy and old school

  54. henry says:

    this united jersey is da bomb……….

  55. subham says:

    well,it’s not as good as the previous season’s jersey

  56. Oliver says:

    I dont even feel anything 4 this mighty only chase me from being Man-U fan…itz so hilarious even league two jersey they are 20 times better than this funny stuff…plz improve…i love man-u …i hate the G family

  57. Avisoo Media says:

    Great Shirt for a great team, lets hope the Glazers Go, Ronaldo comes back and Fergie buys some new midfielders, as scholesy is on his last legs. lol ;0)

  58. carl says:

    so is that definatly the new Man UTD top??

  59. htd says:

    it is rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. peter says:

    MU u can do better dan diz

  61. Connor says:

    i think its horrible looked at are last seasons it was so much nicer wat is goin on i BLAME the americans sort it out united

  62. Marc says:

    a like it and will defo get it for ma birthday.retro tops seem to be becoming more popular all for bit of change.Mon the Man Utd !!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. what kind of shirt is this. its old school man change it look ugly with the aon and put the strip back on

  64. Colin says:

    This shirt is absolutley horrible!!! it’s not as bad as last season’s but it’s still horrible! C’mon United!! I wanna actually be able to buy a shirt! This stupid thing comes out 15 July 2010

  65. manutd says:

    this is the new home kit!!!!!!!

  66. Patrick says:

    To be honest, i dont care what it looks like cuz at the end of the day if your a true fan then youll buy it anyway,

  67. Peter says:

    I can’t believe the Glaziers have got a cheek to bring out another home shirt what happened to every 2 years!!!!

  68. Asif says:


  69. Sarvavid Pradhan says:

    Crapp! wat kinda kit is that .dn’t know wat glaziers upto. its getting cheap to cheaper year by year

  70. Nah Man says:

    Red is just a shit colour for a shirt really – maybe if it was a very light red it would look better but this full bloodied crap is just rank, too obvious and undiscerning for anyone with taste.

  71. me says:

    check this out… the new kit for USD$17… i must say im impressed with the chinesse.. on how immediate they copy the new kit… hehe

  72. Jason says:

    Ugly shirt. The 08/09 design was the best! This style is too old fashioned!

  73. ahmed.q says:

    i hope that this shirt is not the new home kit but if it is the new i will bye cause i am the biggest manutd fan

  74. Moz says:

    Really really nice, simple, classy, much better than the last few, though last season’s wasn’t terrible. I really hated the one before last with the masking tape down the back! Ah that’s a point, ain’t seen the back yet, hope it doesn’t have masking tape again. I hope the away kit is black not blue nor white.

  75. muktar says:

    it always thier way of my some one look smaller. old jersey

  76. babyfingers75 says:

    as long as it has the United logo on the front of it i’ll wear it


  77. unitedfan says:

    …. what the f**k is this?.. this is just nike design FAIL.

    08-09 design was the best. it was simple and looked modern.

    I really hope this won’t be the official kit.. ESPECIALLY the away kit.

  78. Gani says:

    although i am a united supporter am not impressed about our jrrsey for 2010 the only jersey that i’ve planned is tottenham jersey or real madid’s own n use last year united jersy to suport united when ever we have match also pray for next season jersey to be impressive like that of tottenham or realmadrid.

  79. Jammoh says:

    What the F***k!!!!!Was the designer blind or are the glaziers so old,the training kit is so much better…………What the F***K!!!!,AON is screwd up and they expect ppl to buy thier services….WHAT THE F***K!!I HATE THIS KIT,looks like santas old door mats…………

  80. akshay rajke says:

    old simple but classy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    however jersey dosen’t matter game matter

  81. shand0 says:

    vile! just about right for man ure

  82. mcfc4life says:

    hate united love glazier!!

  83. chad says:

    yow manu u guys gone crazy there is no way i’m supporting u guys again not with that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. lawrence "paedo" beynon says:

    It makes me horny!

  85. im a man.u fan and this home kit is absolute gaeit looks like its ancient even a could make a better kit than that hope the away kit is a lot better or am not a fan anymore

  86. Uzo says:

    I love the jerseys..And i am willing to have one of it for myself..because manchester is the best in the world..yes i say so

  87. DANOO says:


  88. it looks perfect on p. scholes

  89. Manuel says:

    this shirt is very horrible it is getting on ma nerves

  90. mehrdad says:

    very , very , very good

  91. Shuvro says:

    This kit is simply horrible………!how can a man design such kind of KIt?

  92. Jaq says:

    The kits this season don’t look too good don’t they??

  93. pratzz says:

    worst jersey i hv ever seen….

  94. bids says:

    it looks like as if it’s made in 70s. should have been a little more dashing

  95. smith says:

    we are going 2 clinch d EPL title dis season


  96. omar says:

    the new manchester united top is crap

  97. omar says:

    manchester united is gona take home the premiur ship this year

  98. Ali Muhammad says:

    It looks awful, the first point is that it should not have the AON symbol on the front ,it should have the AIG symbol on it and the worst thing is that it doesn’t represents the team of Manchester United and it doesn’t represent the $45 price tag or it should be of $20.

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