Why Nearly Everyone is a Tottenham Hotspur Supporter

Football - Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea Barclays Premier League

Any club in the world that currently employees a top class player and wants to keep hold of him will for the next couple of weeks be avid Spurs supporters.

Currently the north Londoners hold a two point lead over Manchester City with four games to play. Should that be the case at the end of the season, it will deny City a place in the Champions League.

And that’s crucial. Money will be no object this summer for City. They can and will spend what it takes to assemble the best squad possible. They put me in mind of a slightly sleazy sugar daddy, hanging around your girlfriend’s house in a flash car, trying to chat her up and convince her that she’d be better off with him.

But without Champions League football to offer top players, they will be restricted to buying players who are either too old to care or young enough to wait. The creme-de-la-crème only want Champions League football and no amount of money will persuade them to move to a club that doesn’t have it on offer.

There’s talk of 50 million on the table for Torres but Torres has no reason to leave Liverpool for Eastlands if like Liverpool they are in the Europa League. It’s like for like. However, if they’re in the top four, it’s a different prospect all together.

It’s often said that modern football is all about the money. That money buys you success. While that is obviously true to an extent – though Real Madrid do a good job of showing us the folly of always assuming it will – ironically, because players are so well paid anyway, a few thousand more doesn’t make that much difference. For the best, already wealthy players, the money has become irrelevant, its now about winning trophies and earning their place as one of football’s winners, not one of the also rans.

City could offer the 250 million Euro buy-out clause in Messi’s contract and it would make no difference if they were not in the Champions League, and probably no difference even if they were.

City should realise that they risk buying in second tier players who are motivated more by money and less by the football when they don’t have the top European prize to offer prospective players. They risk buying in aging internationals that are looking for one last big pay day.

Big money buyers want results and quickly. The only way they can think to do this is to throw a shed-load of money at a problem. It would be a delicious irony if the richest club in the world found itself unable to spend its money on the best talent.

All managers and chairmen right across Europe, will be hoping that Harry Redknapp doesn’t blow it for Spurs and throw away their lead. If they do and in doing so let City into that top four, it could be a real game changer for the Premier League. It will allow City to attract some of the best and thus make them stronger and pushing out one of the long-time top four for good.

They are trying to create a powerbase from which to become one of the biggest most successful clubs in Europe. The next four games will decide whether they can or whether it’s been postponed for another year.

41 thoughts on “Why Nearly Everyone is a Tottenham Hotspur Supporter”

  1. City can go to hell.. their model is un-sustainable I hope they lose big time and continue to be the joke of a club that they are !


    1. Oh another bitter rag, hope you enjoyed your cup final last week cos city will finnish above united next season guaranteed. THE CITY IS OURS THE CITY IS OOOOOOOUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRSSSSSS F**K O** BACK TO NORWICH WITH YOUR GREEN AND GOLD SCARVES

      1. Wow, what a plastic. You couldn’t tell from the YNWA that the post you’re replying to is from a Scouser?

        Where were you when you were sh*t?

  2. When other do it is ok, but when city tries is not. Everyone has a right to start somewhere if they can afford it let them have it.

  3. This is as much the leagues fault and UEFA’s as it is City’s. The complete imbalance that this would create should they get 4th would be even worse than the last two years of transfer activity. It prices clubs like Fulham, Everton, Aston Villa etc. out of doing real business.

    Call it jealousy, lack of passion or whatever a City fan would say, but it’s just not sensible to use a football club as your personal spending spree with no boundaries.

    Shame on City for being retards with blood money, and shame on the league and company for allowing it.

    1. Well what do you want us to do not spend it shut up you fool city will spend what they want there will be no inbalance. City will balance there own books how let me tell you. When this new law comes in from uefa that your books have to balance what will city do. They will have the most expensive box offices on the planet lets say 40 million a season and guess who is going to buy them you have guessed it the sheik monsoor go back over to salford my little rag friend and start doing a collection to wipe that 760million of debt you owe go on jog on…

      1. Sorry to disappoint you but I’m no United fan. And regardless of what club I support I support the idea of a little parity in the league. Your owners throwing a billion here and a billion more there over a few seasons isn’t exactly healthy to anyone, is it?

        Not that I expect a coherent response from you…

  4. Well if city dont make it this year under Mancini next year the will defo be in the champions league and possible contenders for the league. Within 1 year they have already assembled a squad which is the envy of the rest of the premier league. They have now started to gel and with some new additions in the summer which i think will be big signings this club without a shadow of a doubt will be the envy of europe within the next 5 years, put your money on city next year each way for the league with that manager who in italy was known as the chosen 1 are capable of anything. Money is no object for this club and they will be a real threat next year.

    1. you forget that tottenham turn a profit. they acutally sell players too. city just bought a bunch of big names without selling big names to recoup money.

    2. While some fees are disclosed, it’s safe to say that Tottenham have a ridiculously smaller margin than City. They made roughly 8 million in transfers this season after spending roughly 33 million the season before.

      City on the other hand spent at least 100 million this season and 80 million the season before. It doesn’t even compare sir.

  5. It’s is a good thing changing the subject a bit the for the first time in ages there is another team in the top for four instead if the usuall top four. I’m a yid and yeah it would be great if we did it but if not fair play to city. Honestly in the next few years the top four as we no it will be diffrent with maybe two of the original top four still being in it. This is a good time to be fans of the EPL. The best league in Europe an the best league in the world then envy of every country world wide. We just new to encourage more home grown tallent an hope that the top clubs with the money to spend invest it in grass route football to help develope young children in to the next Rooney, messi, Defoe, torres etc…

  6. Anybody but the Spuds…

    most self important fanbase in the world. The sun revolves around Shite HArt Lane in that world.

    Why not release a DVD, Why Spuds should be CL… Harry RedKnapp a man who knows/goes where the money leads him.

    If this was about Villa or Everton I’d buy it, but come on… Spurs?

    to that I say LASAGNA.

    1. well just look at the rabid city fans. they think they are the greatest thing in the world now. and most of them weren’t even fans 2 yrs ago.

      1. Not true. I am not a city fan but i know that they are some of the most loyal fans in the prem. They were getting 30,000 plus fans when they dropped down to the 3rd tier of English football and very few clubs could do that.
        I think city and their fans deserve the success they will surely get

        1. some of them do. but the number of “fans” they have is growing and i don’t want some tool who doesn’t know a rock from a football to get the satisfaction of seeing “their team” win.

      2. City still has a core of long suffering fans… Who have lived in the shadow of United and remain true to the cause…

        Spuds had a decent team in early 60’s and a few decent squads in the mid 80’s. Yet the support have always firmly believed they where and are bigger then Arsenal, and a top club in the world.

        This is clearly why after finally beating a North london rival they rushed to release a dvd of the 2-1 win over Arsenal. Really. Does a big club do that?

        Fickle. Spuds.

    2. I am shocked, deeply shocked that you could harbour such negative feelings. Where is your love, your inner self? Be a Spud. Come out. You know you want to.

    3. Self important? All you have to do is read this site’s comments to see that you scientoligists are the most self important clowns in the prem. Still bitter about last week, eh?
      How’s that trophy case in the Emirates treating you these days?
      By the way, which one do you prefer, Ars*nal or Ar2ena1?
      Or is it Ar5ena1?

  7. People seem to forget that it wasn’t that long ago that chelsea sucked, They were a very average team and it took a wealthy man throwing shed loads of money at them to make them into the team they are today.
    The only real long standing powers in the prem (or div 1, going back) are man utd and liverpool. Is what city are doing really that diferent to what chelsea did? I don’t think so

    1. People seem to forget that in the years prior to Roman Abramovic’s purchase of the club, Chelsea were FA Cup and Charity Shield winners in 1997 and 2000, FA Cup runners up in 2002, UEFA Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Super Cub holders in 1998, Champions League Quarter-finalists in 2000, and Champions League qualified for the 2002/2003 season. I’ll agree that they don’t have the history of an Arsenal, Liverpool, or Manchester United, but to say they did f*ck all in the years before Roman’s purchase is plainly untrue. And this is where there IS a difference between Chelsea and City. What has City won in the past 10 years?

      1. I never said that they had not won anything, i said they were average, which they were. Before Roman took over when was the last time chelsea won the top flight? I remember watching them in the 80’s and early 90’s when they were shit and they played on a shit pitch in a crap stadium. They were a mid table team then at best. They are not a traditional Powerhouse, in fact going back Tottenham were a lot bigger club than they were, let alone Man Utd and Liverpool

    2. “People seem to forget that it wasn’t that long ago that chelsea sucked, They were a very average team and it took a wealthy man throwing shed loads of money at them to make them into the team they are today.”

      are you talking about Gullit or Zola?

        1. We were yoyoing relegation promotion but we were still a pretty good side until Sexton sold Osgood to the Saints . My point was only that Abramovich wasn’t the reason that Chelsea rose up again. He solidified it and we would probably be Leeds or Portsmouth now without him but Gullit led the revolution.

        2. Honestly, i could care less about “history”. i wasnt alive back then, so who gives a sh**. Seriously, if your like liverpool is, then i feel sorry for you. Liverpool can have all the history they want, but if they dont win anything now, well, they suck.

          1. Liverpool very recently won Champions League. I saw CFC play in a shit smelling Bridge in League one as a kid. The Bridge was filled with thugs, it smelled like death, and they where playing in what is now the championship.

            so maybe you need to get yourself a CFC yearbook that does the year by year, yeah.

          2. I don’t have a problem with what chelsea did and i don’t have a problem with what city are doing, I was just trying to point out that buying your way to the top is not a new thing.

  8. No complaints with City spending into contention but I’d rather Spurs take the spot so we’d have 5 maybe 6 teams able to battle for the title the next few years. The danger is that city merely replace Liverpool and we are stuck with a new version of the big four. The league would really benefit from more competitive teams than CL spots. Since they introduced coefficients for CL spots, Newcastle qualified in 96-97, 01-02, & 02-03, Leeds qualified in 99-00. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and most especially Man U have reaped the massive riches of CL otherwise. Just to reach the knockouts is an extra £30-45 million for an English side. Getting to the final is an extra £75-110 million for an English side.

    “Any club in the world that currently employees a top class player and wants to keep hold of him will for the next couple of weeks be avid Spurs supporters.”

    Hindsight being Hindsight, most Chelsea fans would now have welcomed the cash for Terry despite the fact that we would have probably lost the league if we would have sold him last summer.

  9. City missing out on the UCL may be the only way Liverpool keeps Torres, so if Liverpool can’t pull the inside straight of results they need to make the UCL (and they can’t), I want Villa or Spurs (in that order) to make it.

    Interesting next two rounds. This week:

    City fans will be (or at least should be) pulling for United

    Spurs fans will be (should be) pulling for Arsenal (and vice versa for any Arsenal fans who think they still have a shot at the league)

    Not speaking for all Liverpool fans, but as sick as it makes me, I’m pulling for United (Spurs drop points), Arsenal (City drop points) and Chelsea (because Chelsea’s 19th on the list of teams I want winning the league, but United’s 20th).

    And depending on this week’s results, next week, in the ultimate Catch-22, A Liverpool defeat of/draw with Chelsea could hand the league to United.

    Dogs and cats living together. To sum up, the bizarro Prem.

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