Tottenham Hotspur to Play San Jose Earthquakes July 17

Tottenham Hotspur today announced that the club will be playing a friendly against San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday, July 17 at the Buck Shaw Stadium in San Jose, California.

Yesterday, EPL Talk learned that Spurs will also be competing in the New York Football Challenge against Sporting Lisbon and Red Bull New York between July 22-25 in Harrison, New Jersey.

“The summer camp will be a very important part of our preparations for the new campaign and we’re looking forward to heading out to the United States in the summer,” said Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp.  “I spent some time out there during the 1970s playing and coaching in Seattle and any chance I get to go back there is something I always look forward to.”

In addition to Tottenham Hotspur, both Manchester City and Manchester United will be playing friendlies in North America this summer.

10 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur to Play San Jose Earthquakes July 17”

  1. I think we had to assume with the partnership that we would have a game in San Jose. But two games in NY after a trip to Cali isn’t the worst thing to happen in my life :)

  2. hey gaffer, do you know of any news regarding liverpool’s pre season plans? I had a chat with someone close to the club and told me they were pursuing doing a tour in the US. Have you heard anything? Cheers

    1. No word of Liverpool coming to America. They have a friendly scheduled in Germany. I spoke to the bloke who is in charge of the Liverpool Supporters Club in the United States, and he hasn’t heard a peep from them. It looks very unlikely that Liverpool will head Stateside this summer.

      The Gaffer

    1. Am not mexican but do have friends from Mexico, why you make sound that is a bad thing? If you dont like the idea stay home!!

  3. Geeze of all the teams to have to play within 25 minutes of my house …. All those rotten potatoes in this area …. I don’t think I could handle going and watching these bums — lets hope San Jose beats them!

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