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ESPN Releases Second World Cup Commercial

With South Africa vs. Mexico only 49 days away ┬áthe promotional machine at ESPN is in full swing. Their first TV spot titled “Robben Island” was released a few weeks ago and highlighted the history of South Africa along with the importance of 2010 being the first World Cup to be played on the continent. Yesterday ESPN released their follow-up, “United.” The 60-second commercial shows the uniting power of the tournament and how people come together regardless of politial or socio-economic differences to cheer on their team. The song in the ad is “Magnificent” by U2 and narrated by Bono. Check out the video embedded below and be on the look out for more commercials from ESPN before June 11.

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12 Responses to ESPN Releases Second World Cup Commercial

  1. The Gaffer says:

    Thanks John for sharing. In a word, that video is A-MAZING! I don’t think I’ve gotten goosebumps like that in a very very long time. Brilliant stuff and the U2/Bono angle will definitely sweep Americans off their feet — even those who aren’t bothered with soccer. Kudos to ESPN for a brilliant campaign thus far.

    The Gaffer

  2. gothamgunner says:

    I love U2 but can someone explain why ESPN makes every footie commercial revolve around them? I don’t get it.

    • The Gaffer says:

      U2 is one of the biggest rock bands in the world and has a massive coolness factor especially in the States. Even people who aren’t interested in soccer will watch a commercial featuring U2 music or Bono speaking. It generates interest in the coverage. Every show during the World Cup will feature music from U2, so you may want to get used to it if you want to watch the World Cup on ESPN this summer.

      The Gaffer

    • Allen says:

      And, U2 with their grandiose arena-rock style of music are perfect for uplifting commercials. The sheer nature of their music seems grand and overwhelming, perfect for the biggest, greatest sporting event in the world. Just listen to the official WC2010 song by K’naan, Wavin’ Flag. It’s equally uplifting.

      I think that ESPN want to convey the whole, “whoa, I feel totally awesome/happy/uplifted” idea that is present in Coldplay’s “Fix You” video (where Chris Martin and the band are actually performing at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton!).

  3. ovalball says:

    Color me….meh.

    Clever footage, but is this really going to make anyone who is not already a soccer fan want to check out the WC? Not that I have any better ideas.

  4. sam says:

    what’s funny is that the World Cup is _absolutely_ about every one of those things that Bono said it wasn’t about. You are completely naive if you think otherwise.

  5. chris says:

    Horrible commercial, it didnt drag you into being a fan. Just the same thing the whole country is tired of being mentioned : The Economy, Energy, Nuclear issues, disputes. Terrible.

  6. Brad says:

    I’m with The Gaffer on this one — I got goosebumps last night when watching it on tv and the same thing happened again when I watched it a minute ago. This is brilliant work…though I was always bound to love it as a huge U2/Bono fan who is counting down the minutes until the World Cup!

  7. I can’t watch it, it says this content is blocked in your country, not happy

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