ESPN2 TV Ratings for Man City v Man United

Nedum Onuoha Manchester City 2009/10

A few weeks ago, ESPN2 achieved a record high TV viewing audience for a broadcast of a Premier League match on US television. That game on April 3, 2010 between Manchester United and Chelsea drew an audience of 526,000 viewers. And now with this past Saturday’s derby between Manchester City and Manchester United, ESPN2 scored an equally impressive viewing audience.

The Manchester derby generated a 0.3 rating and was seen by an estimated 420,000 viewers in 316,000 TV homes. While the list of ratings for 2009-10 Premier League matches on US television is not comprehensive, it appears likely that the TV audience for the Manchester City against Manchester United game was the second highest of this season.

ESPN2’s recent luck with quality fixtures continues this weekend when they’ll be showing the live game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday at 7:45am ET.

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  1. This is really great news because people were tuning in for the game, not to see the Wayne Bridge/John Terry drama. I think close to a half a million people watching an EPL match at 7:30 am (4:30 for our friends on the West Coast) is great sign of the emergence of the Premier League in the U.S.

    Thanks for the update.

      1. The whole circus around Terry’s affair with Bridge’s ex-girlfriend and how Bridge refused to shake Terry’s hand. It was the focal point of the pre-match buildup, which is kind of regrettable because it was an entertaining game.

        1. thats not the match referenced in the story. The high viewing figures were for ManU v Chelsea, not Chelsea v ManC

  2. Also ESPN2 has the highest Quality digital and High Def. broadcasting of EPL matches. And their camera angles are many. I wish ESPN had more broadcast rights for EPL in the USA. I would gladly subscribe for an “EPSN – EPL – and Championship (Coca-Cola) league” package.

  3. I agree about ESPN’s HD quality, it knocks FSN/FSC’s out of the water. But as far as camera angles, etc., all the Saturday morning games are direct feeds from over there anyway, so it shouldn’t matter. (Except for the weekday afternoon games ESPN produces over there and runs here.)

    As an American EPL fan I do try to catch most 7:45 am games, but I definitely make more of an effort to watch the better matchups, and that’s what the ratings to me seem to reflect.

    1. When you compare the video quality of ESPN2HD to FSCHD (or any two HD channels) you need to keep in mind that the data stream allocated to each channel is different and in all likelihood ESPN/Disney has negotiated a larger data stream for their channels than the red-headed stepchild of the News Corp. media holdings. This means that the ESPN2HD feed is less compressed and has fewer digital artifacts that screw up the picture. It’s more about your cable/satellite provider and less about the technical people at the respective channels.

  4. As an American West-Coaster, I will say that getting up at 4:30 to watch a game is a tough task. I don’t know of any way around the time barrier, maybe tape delay, but there are so many potential viewers on the West Coast who just can’t justify getting up at 4:30. Maybe the viewer numbers double, maybe they only go up to 600,000, but there’s a large audience being left out.

    1. I like the early game too… when your team wins the early Saturday match is sets up the entire weekend perfectly

    1. Viewership is up because ESPN is part of basic cable and satilite packages where as FSC is usually part of sports packages or high tier cable/sat packages and FS+/Setanta are/were premium channels in the US. Also ESPN is really pumping the World Cup for this summer and are pretty ticked off at FSC for stealing the Champions League from them. I wouldn’t be supprised if ESPN steals the EPL from FSC and sublicences to FSC/FS+ when the rights go up for bid again.

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