OneGoal: Part Two – US Soccer Fans

The second part of the OneGoal video documentary series has been released. The first one focused on the US men’s national team. The second part concentrates on the US soccer fans who follow the men’s team.

It’s definitely recommended viewing both for US soccer fans and for supporters of other countries to see that the US does have a passionate group of fans who are brave enough to walk into the home of Mexican soccer at the Azteca Stadium for the heated rivalry between Mexico and the United States.

15 thoughts on “OneGoal: Part Two – US Soccer Fans”

  1. Those guys are crazy. The one guy must have gotten hit on the head bad, as I heard him say the US should have won that game. He was knocked silly, obviously.

    1. LOL oh man that was a funny comment Charles; I just pictured a fat lime wedge, heavily infused with Corona, splatting on that dazed guy’s dome!

  2. Luckily for US fans, It’s not like Mexicans are known for soccer hooligans, they have little if any organized violence. Theres no way in hell I would take the subway like they did, in say………Serbia.

  3. can we please get some new representatives that aren’t dorks? none of them look like they can even kick a soccer ball.

  4. You’re kidding yourselves if think that those who presume to grow the game in the land of the free are not holding it back. No one wants to be around them. No one wants to listen to them. That video was painful.

    1. Joey, please turn in your Sam’s Army card, your membership has been revoked.

      Do you think that is true in other areas too ? The non-coolness factor is holding the game back ?
      For instance, calling it at nil-nil game on the pitch. Wearing scarves. The team names like Real Salt Lake, DC United and FC Dallas.

      I absolutely do. In Seattle one of the few place the game has taken off as a spectator sport, they tried to name the team the Seattle Alliance, there was a big enough base that management realized that was stupid. What if they did, would they have a LOT less spectators ?

      They took a color that was popular already in Seattle ( it is the same color as the eye of the Seahawk ). Did that translate into more jerseys sold ?

      These things are VERY overlooked in my opinion. Anyone else agree ? disagree ?

        1. Yeah, he’s a bit all over the place, isn’t he?

          Seriously, WTF? Wearing scarves and saying nil-nil is holding the game back? Seriously? LOL

          As for the Sounders name, it was preferred by the fans because it had SOCCER HISTORY in Seattle, and not because it was “anti-poser”.

          Seriously, WTF? Real Salt Lake and DC United are doing great (apart from DC United’s stadium problems) and their names did not hurt them one bit.

          Get over this “thing” some of you people have about “posers”; it’s moronic.

      1. I was there, too. What impressed me was the reaction of the 40,000 Colombians after the game: they stood up, watched the Americans celebrate, then left the stadium in an orderly fashion.

        There’s a reason why Colombia now stands tall in Latin America.

  5. I think the reason the game isn’t taking off is a lack of our own American culture in the game.

    And the fact that the sports monopoly aka espn, doesn’t really give it any “talk time” on tv or the radio.

    It’s like the talking heads refuse to acknowledge the game, because god forbid they need to learn something new…

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