Terry Venables Sings And Dreams Of England Winning the World Cup

Watch The Sun’s new TV Ad starring Terry Venables singing Elvis’s ‘If I can dream’ and dreaming of England winning the World Cup 2010, accompanied by Ian Wright and Harry Redknapp.

It’s only April but the hype machine in England is already kicking in to get England supporters, players and officials thinking and dreaming that they can win the World Cup. While they have a good team and finally have a decent manager, I think they’ve got no chance of winning the tournament. There are a few teams that have much stronger squads and have more bottle to win the tournament than England.

4 thoughts on “Terry Venables Sings And Dreams Of England Winning the World Cup”

  1. Gaffer, I will respectfully disagree, whilst the world cup is the one tournament over the years that has kept the laws of Darwin intact in terms of its finalists and winners, it is still a cup competition so anything is possible.

    England’s word cup dilemma has always been the (paradoxical) media induced & the faux “living up to tradition” based pressure of entitlement coupled with the lack of true self belief.

    Yes, there are more teams with bottle and quality but for the first time in 20 years they do have a decent manager, and with the likes of Venables relegated to doing bad Sinatra impressions in a studio (I will never forgive him for that Euro 96 Germany match.) England has a chance, and that is all a team needs.

  2. Hi,
    I am married to Terry More, one of your teammates , from England youth. (Married 41 years)
    Terry has been diagnosed with ‘early onset’ dementia, Probably, according to Dr, by heading water filled leather balls. He is stable now. Brilliant . Long term memory great.. short term memory not good.
    I am wondering if you can say how I can obtain tickets for Cup Final..? Very happy to pay the going rate…
    Tried on line.. no luck… It would mean so much for him. He is still so good natured, with an amazing senser of humour .
    Kind regards,

    Lynne More

  3. Terry you horrible man! You’ve sold your soul to the devil. Call yourself a football man? Then why associate yourself with a paper that tells lies about the type of people that have paid your wages for many years? Its time some of these “football” people told the S*n to stick their 30 pieces of silver and took a stand against this rag! It wasn’t just Liverpool fans it LIED about that day, it was ALL football fans Kelvin Mckenzie thought we was all thugs. Before any idiot says “but its for charity” so just give your money to charity if you feel that strong. Why does it have to say sponsored by the S*n?

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