Manchester City Looking To Bid On Buffon, And Why They Shouldn't

Juventus keeper, and Italian World Cup hero, Gianluigi Buffon is reportedly looking for a way out of Serie A and Manchester looks to be his destination. The only question is whether he’ll end up in blue or red. Juventus is reportedly asking for around £30 million and both clubs seemed poised to make serious offers. City has shown over the past few off-seasons their willingness to throw around cash to bring in big-name talent while United desperately need someone to replace the rapidly aging Edwin van der Sar.

But the question is should City really be shelling out the cash for Buffon? He is one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world, that can’t be argued but current City goalkeeper Shay Given has shown to be more than capable between the pipes. City have the highest payroll of any club in the Premier League but as we have all seen with Real Madrid wealth does not always equal results. This constant switching of players does not build the sense of community so vital for a side that wins year in and year out.

Some will say the constant rotation of players in and out of a squad is “just football” but if you look at clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona and Inter Milan, they grow their players and make them part of a psuedo family. A player needs to feel like they belong and won’t be replaced the second a bigger name comes available. All-star teams have been tried for decades in almost every sport and never live up their promise. That’s because a great team is greater than the sum of it’s parts. That extra little bit generated by the chemistry and trust between players is the difference between scoring or conceding that late winner.

But the simplest reason to save money on Buffon is that City need help in several positions, and goalkeeper isn’t one of them. Midfielder Martin Petrov will likely find another club next season, Carlos Tevez is the only consistent scoring threat and Mancini has yet to show he has command over his players. These variables add up to a side that show flashes of brilliance, such as their thrashing of Chelsea or the 6-1 defeat of Brunley, but can also lay an egg like they did Saturday against United. This disparity is not even Mancini’s fault. When a club puts out money for players like City is right now it creates the idea that the player is more important than the coach. Do you think anyone at Old Trafford feels that way?

Speaking of Old Trafford, that is exactly where Buffon should end up. Sir Alex Ferguson likes players that are not only talented, but hardworking and keep out of the tabeloids. Buffon brings leadership and stability once provided by Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville. Despite being 32 the Italian Captain has at least four of five years ahead of him and can United really expect another keeper to come available in time to replace van der Sar?

Regardless of which Manchester club wins the bidding war I’m excited to see Buffon in the Premier League next season. Not only is he a fantastic shot stopper but one of the most charismatic and  entertaining personalities in the European game.

27 thoughts on “Manchester City Looking To Bid On Buffon, And Why They Shouldn't”

  1. The team that should really be bidding for Buffon is Arsenal. If they had a keeper, they might be on top of the table right now — instead, they’ve got Almunia and Fabianski, which the rest of the PL loves!

    1. Exactly what I was about to say. I can’t remember where I heard this, but a quote that applies to Arsenal is this, “it’s said a good keeper is good for 12 points a season.” This sure says boatloads for the keeper situation at Arsenal. Alumunia and Fabianski have easily cost the Gunners points. Buffon would be great but a little out of Arsenal’s range in my opinion. I personally have hoped for a while now that Tim Howard would move up to Arsenal. It’s incredible how many teams have better keepers than Arsenal. I’d take Robert Green, Paul Robinson, Craig Gordon, or Mark Schwarzer over Alumunia of Fabianski any day.

      I do agree though that Given is possibly the best keeper in the Prem and shaking up the chemistry would be a horrible move for City, but I don’t see that stopping them. United would be a great move for Buffon seeing as Van Der Sar is near his end and Buffon could step in and the team wouldn’t miss a beat. Maybe if City get him Arsenal can get Given.

  2. this isn’t happening, trust me I know from the source. There are 2 areas City do NOT need to strengthen, 1 – keepers, 2 – strikers

    1. Mark, you know the “source?”
      Do you work for Man City? Or the Billionaire that owns the team?
      WHO exactly is it that you ‘know’?

      1. I know what i happening at City and trust me, there will be no changes to the current keeper situation. In Given (and Hart depending on what we decide re Birmingham) we have 2 of the best keepers in the country.

        Expect to see changes in defence and an overhaul of midfield

  3. i’d say City don’t really have a clue of what kinda team they wanna have…as soon as a big name player is available…they go all guns blazing trying to sign them…in this case…it’s a massive insult to Shay Given…he’s practically kept them in games more than any other player….Tevez might be banging the goals but its Given who’s really holding it up at the back…Chelsea has done it..Real always do it…but i’d say success has been mixed in terms of both this club…Man utd,Arsenal and even Liverpool to a certain extent have shown that proper balance and a proper blueprint is needed to takes more than just to signing big name players…so this move by City is baffling…they should be focusing on strengthening on others areas…i winder if its really Mancini who’s running the team…it could be Garry Cook

    1. 2 Things –
      1. I would imagine the Billionaire that owns the team wants to have a team that competes for if not wins the EPL & not just goes on to CL play but deep into if not win the CL.

      2. Why would it be an insult to Shay?
      & a “massive” one?
      Come on you’ve just insulted Mr. Given.
      Is he a “Little Mary” who is afraid of some serious competition?
      This is PROFESSIONAL soccer, not AYSO, IF a team can afford to add one of the top 3 players in the world at ANY position what’s the problem?
      If he gets insulted, so what, he can either suck it up & stay & try to beat him out for the starting nod or go back to Newcastle where he can try to win another Intertoto cup.
      City want to go on to higher things. (see point # 1)
      Did they worry about Robhino’s feelings when they brought in Ade or Tevez, or the other fwds?
      Again, this PROFESSIONAL sports & if you got the doe…

      PS, Gigi is also almost 2 yrs younger & has played in MANY MANY MANY more BIG Games… Games SG has only watched on the tele & dreamt about like you & me.

  4. If United are going after a Serie-A keeper, they ought to go get Frey from Fiorentina. He’s a hell of a good shot stopper, loves to play the counter, and could probably come in for a few million less.

  5. Can’t believe this, Shay Given is probably the best keeper in the EPL right now, why the hell would they want to bring this clown over.
    City need to buy a top quality midfielder, better fullbacks and maybe another top class central defender. That would be money better spent

    1. His name may be Buffon, but he is NO clown on the pitch…
      City does need the things you state, & may be “$$ better spent” as you said, but rem, he ISN’T spending your doe.
      He has plenty of cabbage & can buy all you said plus Gigi… I don’t think budget is an issue.

  6. Can’t believe you lot are falling for this bollocks. City, Buffon, get real. They have Given and Hart, why would they, I mean, why would they????

    Kishore. What blueprint have United or Liverpool followed? Could that be the “invest in youth policy” Er wrong. Liverpool buy any player in sight as long as he speaks Spanish and United just buy anything, have been doing for years, probably can’t afford to do it so much now. They will probably be extolling the virtues of their youth academy now they are skint.

    How times change eh!!!

  7. How can you people believe this?? As soon as mancini came in City are now linked with every player in Italy. No way would city ever buy buffon. He’s old, past his prime and city have exceptional keepers already.

    1. Evan – What is your problem?
      Too many headers at a young age perhaps?
      You need to get a grip, I’m sure, or at least hope, that reality is right around the corner from where you are…
      Whether or not Gigi leaves Juve is one issue…
      Whether City need or want a GK or will go after Gigi or someone else with his resume` is two or three more…

      But, if you think that 32 for a GK is “old, & past his prime” you’re showing your complete lack of knowledge (IGNORANCE) of football. A top quality GK is either in or just coming into his prime at 32, (I suppose that Van De Sar had been stinking up the joint & was past his prime when ManU signed him at what, 34 or 35 & that they haven’t gotten any quality milage out of him except as an advertisement for their new MU rocking chair.)
      GB will anchor Italy this summer at the WC between the stix. Whether or not they get out of the group stages won’t matter, he will still be one of the top (& I’ll be generous) 5 GKs in the world & there aren’t many teams that wouldn’t LOVE to have him IF they could afford him & IF he wanted to be there!
      I mean, come on, IF your knowledge of football is that limited then you need to go & post on a kiddie site.

      Also, did you know that Shay Given is actually OLDER then Gigi? & IF Gigi is past his prime WHEN will Shay ever reach his? He is almost 2 yrs older & doesn’t have 1/4 the resume` as Gigi.

      Look, CITY wants to go to CL & play in big matches…& garner some major silverware…

      Look at the resumes of both Given & Buffon & tell me who is more experienced at the highest levels of the game…
      IF they go after him this is a major reason why, he’s been there & done that, SG as good as he is HASN’T, you can add yet if you want to, but fact remains GB has much more experience at big games then under his belt then SG.

      Let’s see,
      Shay has won a Intertoto Cup!!! (Strike up the band & throw the confetti)
      Gigi has at LEAST won 4 Scudettos & a WC…(World Cup, incase you didn’t know) where he was named to the 2006 FIFA World Cup All-Star Team as the Top GK & oh, BTW, he’ll have a chance to do it AGAIN while SG will be watching him on TV like you & I will be.

      GB was also on the UEFA Euro 2008 Team of the Tournament, along with an old aged & decrepid 37 yr old Edwin Van De Sar…

      How about the “International Federation of Football History & Statistics” Top Gks of the year?
      They given a top 10 list since 2004 & Given has NEVER been on it, whereas, Gigi only fell as low as 3rd ONCE!
      He finished 2nd to Casillas the last 2 yrs & 1st 3 other times…
      I guess those last two 2nd place finishes to Casillas means he is really past his “prime.”
      In the words of Bugs Bunny, “What a Maroon!”

      I hope facts don’t confuse you & am a tad curious as to how you handle it when someone points out reality to you.
      I’m sure it is a common (daily) event in your life that you never realize because it probably Whizzes right past you at 7-8 MPH.

      The more I think of what you wrote the more I realize you should stop talking, stop reading, stop thinking & go ice your skull because obviously it is quite num.

  8. Well done everyone. You’ve all read this and proved your inability to think for yourselves. Anyone who believes this story is really pretty stupid. After all the complete lunacy the press prints, you STILL believe everything you read? Fail.

  9. dave@shepton…apparently the youth policy at Man Utd have been going on for some time…and it has worked as well…if you’re overlooking tht….then i say you’re as clueless as City are…

  10. I think it would be a great idea for City to sign Buffon…. United could then pick up a quality keeper like Given on the cheap.

    1. ManU wants more then just a ‘quality’ GK…
      They have one that has been in the TOP 10 for the last few yrs in EDVS
      IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper has listed Edwin at
      2009 #4
      2008 #3
      2007 #4
      2006 #5
      2005 #8
      Shay Given has NEVER been on the list…
      ManU wants to Win EPL & CL silverware & ONE of the ingredients you need to compete at that level is a TOP TOP level GK.
      Edwin Van Der Sar has been & IS a TOP TOP levek GK…
      Gigi Buffon has been & IS a TOP TOP level GK…
      Shay Given hasn’t been nor is …Good, yes, TOP level? No.
      When the BIGGEST games are being played Edwin & Gigi are involved in them whereas Shay watches them on TV …

      1. Hey Keith, there is 11 players on a team. Look at the defenders in-front of VDS and then look at what Given had in-front of him at Newcastle & City.

        1. ManU – I agree with you completely about the players in front of the GK, I’m not disputing that. But at the very worst Buffon is on par with VDS & barring injuries could keep ManU with at least one of the world’s top 5 GKs for the next 6-7 yrs, one who has Big Time experience at the very highest level of the game. There won’t be any Big game jitters that someone who hasn’t been there yet may have.

          I’m not saying that SG isn’t a quality GK, as he definitely is. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t do a bang up job for whoever he plays for. But IF he was at the level of VDS, GB, Casillas, ?ech, & Júlio César he would have already been playing for one of the “Big” clubs for a few yrs now … perhaps as he is now in his prime, maybe he can be considered & will crack the Top 10 GK list this year… but those others have been there & except for VDS are all younger.

          There MAY only be one level above SG but GB is on it & is 2 yrs younger & you can’t can’t compare their resumes…

          Another point about playing with great talent in front of you…
          You know how it works, IF you are on the TOP shelf, the TOP clubs go and sign you. Why wasn’t he snapped up 5-6 yrs ago by a Top club? These other GKs play on those clubs, behind those players because they are the best at their craft…

          Because of his body of work, which helped SG get to City, he can parley that to something bigger, whether he stays with City or moves on…all the best to him!!! It would be a bummer for him IF City qualify for CL & he has to move to a smaller club.

          It’s the old be careful how good you club gets because if you get real good & move up they sign somebody to take your place to play at the new level you’ve gotten them to… lol …

          On another point…
          I’m curious as to who will go after the younger Akinfeev.
          He would fit in with AWs ‘younger’ is better ideas & MAYBE would’ve made a few points difference this yr.
          I’ve only seen him 2x in CL play & he looked pretty good & I notice he was #8 on the 2009 top GK list & # 5 on the 2008 list & is ONLY 24 yrs old…IF he could make a move to a big club. He would be similar to VDS, GB, Casillas, César & the others who all started with Top clubs while young (for GKs) & didn’t have to wait till they were 34. ManU or whoever could sign IA & be set for 12-14 yrs.
          & (Who does Juve want if Gigi goes? Will they stand pat with Manninger?)

          Oh, to have Billions & buy whoever your little heart desires… lol …

  11. Do you know how many seasons Buffon has been linked with a move away from Juventus? The British press just publish crap all the time

    If he didn’t leave Juventus when they got demoted to Serie B why would he leave now? Only reason I can think is that Juve would tell him he needs to go for money reasons, and they’re not exactly a poor club. As far as I know Buffon loves life at Juventus, he’s a hero there and he’ll probably end his career there, i’d be suprised if a) City buy another goal keeper when they’ve got Given and b) if Man Utd spend £30m on a a player this summer

    And also to Evan who said Buffon is ‘old and past his prime’, a goalkeepers prime pretty much is when they’re 32, like Buffon is, hes the best goalkeeper in the world and has been for some time, he’s got about another 5-7 years in him

  12. Shay has hardly put a foot wrong this season has he? Maybe Arsenal should hope Man City gets Buffon – and being the cheapskates the Gunners are, they can then get an unsettled Givens at a “modest” price.

  13. Stability is important in a team…u don’t fix something that’s ain’t broken…the more stars u bring…the more you’re gonna cause discontent and disharmony in the team…at the moment…signing Buffon would be the least of their worries…coz face it…he’s hardly put a foot wrong this season…and to be honest he’s hardly put a foot wrong for the past 5 or 6 yrs or so….he’s not in the top goalie’s list thanks to the defenses put in front of him….put Buffon or even VDS behind the newcastle defense and i bet u wont see them in the top list as well…basically what im tryin to say is they should focus on improving other areas of the team…

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