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The races for first and fourth places in the English Premier League took unexpected turns this weekend. On this episode of the EPL Talk podcast, myself, Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer reconvene to discuss the weekend that was in the EPL, moving from Manchester’s Derby to Chelsea’s disappointment at White Hart Lane, back to Wigan stunning Arsenal before taking inventory of an ever-clearer relegation battle.

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  1. What is Mr. Krishnaiyer valuing the players of Arsenal and Tottenham with? Wouldn’t the market squad value be a better tell? not what they paid for them when were transferred. Cesc Fabregas alone could be sold for half of what Tottenham is playing with.

    I think that the numbers are a bit off (Chelsea values their players at £150 million less than transfermarkt whereas Barca seems a bit low, they’ve only got Messi at £72 million where I would think that he would dwarf CR if Barca were to (for some lunatic reason) sell him) but I’m curious about
    what your thoughts on market trackers like transfermarkt.de or it’s English portal transfermarkt.co.uk



    maybe a better (if flawed) framing device to discuss squad values and wages when they face each other?

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